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  1. Yep, I run an SVP-Pro too. It's a great pre. I used to have an SVT-IIP, which is the front end of SVT II, and that was okay, but nothing like as alive an SVP-Pro. And I use fairly clean settings on it. It's just nice and musical. I also have an Alembic F1-X, which is a Fender Showman clone, that's cool too. I sometimes run the Ampeg through the FX loop of the Alembic, there's some real deep, fat and glassy overdrive down there.
  2. Joe Cocker innit? This is good though. If only for the keyboard solo.
  3. You couldn’t intonate them. It’s just idiocy
  4. Rush was the first Rush album I heard. I still have a soft spot for it. Especially Working Man. My favourite album is either Moving Pictures or Signals. Signals is the Rush CD I have in the car at the mo. I find the synths too harsh on Grace Under Pressure. I do like the live albums and have probably listened to Exit Stage Left more than I have any other album of theirs. Show of Hands is ace too and reminds me so much of being a 15/16 year old. So much of it needs remastering. I too like Presto. It's the only Rush album I've bought on release. Much to my regret, I've never seen them live.
  5. I don’t mind lending gear under supervision, strict instruction and implicit threat of proportional violence. Never had any trouble, but it is a PITA. Glad all is sorted.
  6. I have a few different habits. So long as I'm not driving. Playing a new venue I might not drink. If I do it'll be one early, like soundcheck early. If all's going well or not so well I'd maybe have one at half time. I'm a bit more free and easy with it once I've played somewhere a few times. There's a local venue we play (which happens to be the only place we play unticketed and free) where I get a taxi there and back and they've got a good bar. I've been playing there twice a year for about 10 years and I'm VERY free and easy there
  7. I sometimes get nervous. I find smaller crowds are worse and empty rooms. And when I know people, especially if they’ve never seen me play. Knowing someone is coming can sometimes make me nervous in a run up to a gig. Its easier to play to 1000s than to less than a hundred I've found. Most often I forget about all that once were going. I agree with the associated stress too. Others being late or messing about can sometimes get on my wick a bit, which sometimes doesn’t help. Eating properly on the day of the gig is key for me. And not drinking too much the night before. If I do that, The nerves aren’t so jangly and are somewhat part of the fun.
  8. I think I joined a “band” that was just one guy about 12 years or so ago. Still in a band with him. We’ve gone through some drummers and guitarists but been the same lineup for about 8 years. So don’t write them all off!!
  9. It's good advice for life to be honest. Most people just like to be told what to expect, rather than have to think for themselves. That's especially true when you're asking them to think about other people "if only they'd have told me" becomes moot if you do the telling. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it requires you to do the thinking.
  10. I've been in a couple of bands where it was okay to drink at gigs, but not at rehearsals apparently. But okay to bring your missus and turn up late and chat ****. Or restring a guitar. Or numerous other should be infractions but open a beer and it's all "oh that's so unprofessional". Been in a band where it was too much though. Nothing got done. Current band, no-one gives a **** what you do so long as you turn up on time and do what you should in the time allotted. 3 hours. No break.
  11. Yeah, it’s not just stagecraft. It’s about actually being authentic. Which is ironic considering I play in a tribute band. Rehearsing so you can be authentic rather than just learning the numbers.
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