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  1. I’ve got a b50r and have used the b100r at rehearsals. They’re lovely amps.
  2. Ah gotcha. So ignoring the one cab solution end of things, is there any major differences between the Super Twin and 2 stacked compacts?
  3. I'm glad you said that. Means I'm hearing things right!
  4. Surely they could be wired in parallel for a 4 Ohm load? To be honest another compact would probably suit me. I could leave one at home and one at the studio and then pair them up if I ever felt like knocking people over.
  5. Yeah. Not a bad idea. Was thinking about a big twin but two compacts is probably twin enough.
  6. Yeah, the drive added more crunch and I was looking for less. Feedback selector seemed to scoop in the left position and add might mids in the right. Both of them lost me presence in the mix. Fine in the middle. I also found it best with the contour dialled right back to zero. I assume this is flat? I dunno. I'm going to have a bit more of play with it later at household volume.
  7. I received a WB-100 yesterday, fortuitously just in time for a rehearsal. I play with 2 guitarists who have a somewhat heavy tone and we play loud, in an new rehearsal space that really needs a lot more work doing on it in terms of dampening. It's long and thin and brittle sounding. I like quite a clean tone. Fat and smooth with a bit of bite when I dig in. I use a P, finger style with big fat flats and I roll all of the treble off. So you can imagine I require a fair bit of power to get where I want. I have been using an SVT preamp into a 600W Chevin mosfet power amp for some time. I use a Barefaced Compact. I can't say I wouldn't like a bit more power, as such my tone was little bit more crunchy than I would normally like, but I got on with it just fine. Volume was maxed, gain I hovered between 3 and 4 trying to find a sweet spot. Maybe I need a bigger cab. Will be fine for gigs as usual venues are PA and monitored. The tone from it really is brilliant though. And more power would come with probably quite a bit more more weight.
  8. Never saw Rush but they were my favourite band in my late teens, 25 years or so ago. I still listen to them when I’m in the mood. RIP NP.
  9. Shame to read that OBBM. Thanks for all the cables! Enjoy your retirement.
  10. Yep, I run an SVP-Pro too. It's a great pre. I used to have an SVT-IIP, which is the front end of SVT II, and that was okay, but nothing like as alive an SVP-Pro. And I use fairly clean settings on it. It's just nice and musical. I also have an Alembic F1-X, which is a Fender Showman clone, that's cool too. I sometimes run the Ampeg through the FX loop of the Alembic, there's some real deep, fat and glassy overdrive down there.
  11. Joe Cocker innit? This is good though. If only for the keyboard solo.
  12. You couldn’t intonate them. It’s just idiocy
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