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  1. bigjohn

    Tuning - which order?

    EADG. Always have, always will. The tension on the higher gauge strings is more likely to put the lesser gauge strings out of tune. That said, it's a pretty small consideration once the strings and neck are settled in. So long as temperatures are relatively stable. But when putting on new strings or adjusting a set up, it's more important. I do have a bit of quirk though, I tune to songs that are in G rather than using a tuner. I find G is ever to slightly easier for me. Probably because I've always used songs that are in G I don't bother with a tuner unless I'm on stage. In which case I intend to tune up ASAP on arrival, once again at beginning of soundcheck and once again at end. But usually just end up tuning at soundcheck and checking just before we begin. To be honest though, with my bass and my strings (I use heavy flats) they don't go out of tune so it's all a bit moot unless I'm setting up a bass or stringing, which is rare.
  2. bigjohn

    Inexpensive flatwounds

    I've tried many a flat. La Bellas are where it's at. They feel great and are thunderous. Thomastics are good but they're a bit like rubber bands in feel. They sound good. I used them for some years. I went through a run of snapping the A strings though. I sort of like Fenders. All the others I've tried were a bit meh. Although I don't recall ever trying the Ernie Balls. To be honest, and has already been said £13 or £30, they're cheap. They last and they are integral to your tone and feel. Just put some La Bellas on and forget about it. Or if you don't like them, sell them on.
  3. bigjohn

    Beneath the Bassline

    Looks like a cool film.
  4. bigjohn

    Fender P Bass Neck Dive

    I haven't played a P with neck dive and I've owned 4 or 5 and played countless others. I have a Cowpoke which is supposed to have a 36" scale neck with an old P neck on and that's really well balanced. I can balance it on one finger under the heel.
  5. bigjohn

    Ampeg SCR-DI BF FR800 Question

    Could use a volume pedal?
  6. bigjohn

    Rust For Glory - Neil Young Tribute

    We've made a new promo video. And we some gigs coming up... We've been gigging quite regularly recently, but I've not been posting on here. I will make the effort if anyone is interested... Oct 13, The Donkey, Leicester Nov 2, The Lion, Nottingham Nov 30, The Old School House, Barnsley We're also playing "Scousechella" as part of International Beatles week. https://www.internationalbeatleweek.com/events/scousechella/ on August the 27th in Liverpool.
  7. bigjohn

    3 Bolt Necks vs. The Rest of The World

    Lol. I'm not talking about stripping threads, I'm talking about putting PVA on screw tips so over time it makes a more solid thread than the wood alone. Which is a good idea when the wood alone does a perfectly good job. It also takes seconds, is non-invasive and very low risk, no matter what your woodworking skill-set, whereas retrofitting recessed nuts into a neck heel is a completely different thing. I'd also suggest that if you're taking the neck off instruments that often in order to simply adjust them, then there's something else wrong other than a lack of steel thead for the heel screws!
  8. bigjohn

    3 Bolt Necks vs. The Rest of The World

    Well that's certainly one way of sorting it! Bit easier to use a bit of PVA though than to retrofit steel into a neck.
  9. bigjohn

    3 Bolt Necks vs. The Rest of The World

    Just do what I do and put a spot of wood glue on the screw each time you put it back in. Eventually you're screwing into a solid PVA thread not wood fibre. To be honest though, I have a mate who gigs with a 60s telecaster and mostly travels by motorbike. He removes the neck of it regularly and doesn't have any problems. I know it's a telecaster and not a bass like but still.
  10. bigjohn

    Silly Music on TV

    I'd noted on a few visits to my Dad's house, he's started watching TV with the sound off. No subtitles, no sound, nothing. It's quite nice once you get used to it. Much easier to make up you're own plot lines and game show rules.
  11. bigjohn

    Tribute bands

    I'm in a Neil Young tribute. https://www.facebook.com/rustforglory/ We just dress as ourselves and sometimes stick a hat on "Neil". Our drummer is a good lookalike for Billy Talbot but he ain't no bass player.
  12. bigjohn

    Pubs or Clubs ... what's the difference?

    Meat raffles? Bingo? What sort of clubs are you guys playing?