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  1. I carry a set of broken in strings. Ive broken a string twice in nearly 15 years...
  2. Own 5 basses currently. A fretless, a bass vi, a jazz a precision and a pj. I play my p 99% of the time and 100% of the time i play seriously so I could easily live without the others. I did take my jazz to a gig last year, but never played it. I noodle on the others. Each one probably less than once a month.
  3. The other members of my band are keen to start rehearsing again. I’m not keen at all. I don’t really see it as a risk that I might catch it and get ill. see it more a risk, however small, that if I put myself in a place where I might catch it, then even if I don’t get sick I might be passing it on. So trips to the shops for instance become far more stressful. I’m happy feeling confident I don’t have it and can’t have it other than contracting it in the one or two local shops I’ve been in. There have been zero cases locally. I really don’t want to be the one who brings it in. it does t help that one of us is a social worker who has spent the whole of lockdown working and going into people’s houses, going into an office, using the trams etc.
  4. Yeah, he’s great... Here’s the interview I half remembered.
  5. The story I read about Nils’ piano playing, I can’t remember where. He reckoned he couldn’t play the piano. Never had done before until Neil Young forced him into it, I think when they were recording After the Goldrush by reminding him could play the accordion 😎
  6. Cool Nils is one of those musicians I got brought up on. I'd love to have met him.
  7. This is great. Even if only for the Prince solo...
  8. Yeah, been there, twice. Not because we knew them, both because the couple who got married wanted a live Neil Young Band to play their first dance. Neither of which were songs that we play, but hey ho. Both times the money has been comparatively too good to turn down and both were hard work. One of which was very much so. We've not done another and our duly increased price for doing our next one has been baulked at a couple of times since. I much prefer being "the band" at a venue, where people have paid to come and see us, rather than "the entertainment" at a random function. Cortez the Killer ain't a party song. That said, like pretty much anything. If the price is right, I'll do it, so long as it doesn't offend my sensibilities.
  9. I've pulled ferrules out with masking tape already on from factory fresh guitars. Doesn't take much.
  10. Yeah cone diameter means little. I used to get great tone and lows from a 4x8 I used to use at rehearsal room.
  11. Yeah, really, if it's in good nick, which it might be, you never know, then it's gonna be worth 100s of pounds. If it's as knackered as it might be, then it's firewood and junk.
  12. Yes of course. And that will be seamlessly added to the renewal price.
  13. Made by a French company and printed in Poland of course. Like any of this is going to make any difference to anyone other than making our lives more difficult and things more expensive at best.
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