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  1. How did you get to your back line?

    Hey Chewie Are you a Liverpool fan?
  2. Want to get paid work?

    [quote name='gjones' timestamp='1473285823' post='3128801'] I think they're a decent band. I'd book em for a party or pub. It's a promo to get paid cover band gigs not a 'Pretentious Art Film'. This is though. http://youtu.be/t1oMQNHYigU [/quote] I prefer this. The band are terrible.
  3. My favourite band at 16 was...

    [quote name='Burrito' timestamp='1472212043' post='3119476'] Everything was about the Dogs D'Amour [/quote] I was also a big fan.
  4. My favourite band at 16 was...

    Yes, was GnR, but did like FnM and other bands that could easily acronymised.
  5. How many times have you broken a string?

    I used to snap roundwounds every few years. Usually g strings. I used to use picks a lot and strike near the bridge. I've also got strong fingers and will bend bass strings. Then went on Thomastiks, which I had a penchant for snapping the A strings, never using picks. I stopped using those and went onto Labella flats, of which I've snapped a 105 E, but that was within about 5 days of stringing so I think that was a duff string. Not snapped one for a few years now since using the medium Labellas.
  6. [quote name='JTUK' timestamp='1470314782' post='3105032'] I would say it is pretty essential otherwise your band sounds weak. It is no use having bass that is just heard as being 'there'.. Too many bass players do this with a middy sound and they do this to 'cut thru the mix', IMO. This can miss the point of bass in the band. No band will get good reviews sounding weak, IME. [/quote] Right, so you say you need lots of cab to not sound weak over 25m? how many gigs are there where you need to have enough "range" to cover that from a backline? I use a single Barefaced compact (with no EQ'd mid hump, P with tone rolled off) and I've never heard anyone say my bass doesn't carry, that's anywhere we've played, inside and out. As far as I'm concerned, the PA should be doing any heavy lifting required beyond where my tone is rich and full, which is further away than an acoustic drum kit would sound. I get that in some scenarios the PA is better taking care of higher frequencies, but I'm buggered if I'm lugging around an 30kg of cab to gigs in just in case the PA is underspecced. They generally aren't and I've yet to meet an engineer who says "oh brilliant, use your backline for bass, that's great", except in pub gigs. in which case having a rig that's doing the PA's job is a little moot.
  7. Different EQ for flats and rounds?

    Can't add much to what discreet says other than I totally agree. I roll my treble off completely with flats too. I restrung a bass for a mate the other day rotosound heavy strings. Been a while since I've played with rounds but I find myself rolling the treble up thinking "ooh, that sounds nice", but that's them and flats they're not.
  8. Reasons For Not Joining A Band

    Nah, nothing wrong with 3 pieces. If there is, just make it a 4.
  9. Disorganisation or stage fright?

    [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1468788461' post='3093364'] For me, the gigging and the associated hanging around in boozers talking complete bollocks are the best bits of all. Oh - and that golden moment when the landlord peels off some readies and tucks them in one's hot, sweaty mitt. The worst bits are the tedious, micro-managed rehearsals, the agonising over band names, the dicking around with running orders and the inevitable hat tantrums. That's what gives me the yips. [/quote] Couldn't agree more. I'm in it for the beers. I love playing in a band and the thrill of making music, but the beers are the best bit. Was it a good gig? My answer is always about the punters and if I enjoyed it. I enjoy rehearsing, but that has to be laid back and fun too. Which it is for me. We played a wedding last weekend. That was okay, but I didn't enjoy the fuss around it. The money was nice but it was stressful and affected my performance somewhat, not because I was nervous per se, but just didn't feel comfortable. That was to with the organisation and things spiralling. Give me a bar gig any day.
  10. I bought a £300 power amp and killed it at it's first gig. Which was a freebie as it was our singers birthday party. There were loads of people there and I had no backup. Was fairly embarrassing to boot.
  11. SoLd

    How heavy is it?
  12. Glastonbury 2016 - thoughts?

    [quote name='Hobbayne' timestamp='1466978302' post='3080244'] Yes, she was excellent. Her timing and feel were excellent. I wonder if she is a hired hand or permanent member? [/quote] She's been playing with Tilbrook for years. She's a Fluffer.
  13. Ohm question

    [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1464445385' post='3059519'] Running an amp at 4 ohms does not make it less reliable than running it at 8 ohms!! [/quote] All else equal it does. It will create more heat, meaning the transistors will, over time become more stressed. Whether or not that translates into this or that particular amp is not the point I was making. I had an amp that continually blew the power transistors even though it was running cabs it was rated for. Rewiring the cab so it was 16Ohm and not 4Ohm solved it completely.
  14. Ohm question

    [quote name='bigjimmyc' timestamp='1464440828' post='3059486'] There's some mileage in this if (a) you're not going to use a second cab and ( this 600W 4ohm driver is a big improvement on the existing 300W 8 ohm one. [b]It will allow you to use your amp's full output capability[/b]. [/quote] It will but the relationship between volume and power isn't linear. Swapping out a 300W 8Ohm driver for the equivalent 600W 4Ohm driver will produce very little, if any noticeable increase in volume, the only thing it will do is draw more power from the amp and create more heat. The result of which is likely to be a less reliable amp, which draws more power and runs hotter, not a louder one. The OP might be lucky that this produces a characteristic that they like. Good luck.
  15. BigRedX Buys A Fender...

    I have one too. Exactly the same. I have some La Bella flats on it. Mine came with La Bella rounds on though, I've not had to tweak the truss. I've thought about (though done none of) changing the bridge to the US Fender Jaguar one, so it's lockable, the Staytrem (I have the bridge on backwards to help intonate), the Buzz Stop, which increases the break at the bridge and, like you BRX, I'd like to change the tuners to some with better gearing. However I just noodle on mine at home so I've never really bothered with the upgrades. The strings make a massive difference. I raised my whole bridge when setting it up. The way I look at it, the bridge height does most of the work, the saddle height is for small adjustment. And yes, chorus on it is the nuts.