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  1. Absolutely this. If I had the cash and the pedalboard space, personally I’d have a Keeley Bassist at the start of the chain, and engage as needed to tame peaks in dry sound or squash the sound to work with downstream effects, AND I’d put another at the end of the chain as a limiter. But I’ve settled for one at the end always on at around 4:1. Means the worst excesses of my synth sounds are tamed before hitting the amp. Play around with the order is the best bet here
  2. I can’t wait for my brown tort guard to arrive…. Still got weeks to go but I’m excited!!
  3. Sure!! Everyone should have a spare, right?
  4. The gold is even nicer in my opinion!
  5. @gorandelac - nice board. Morningstar for the win!
  6. Great choice. Brilliant colour. Massively under rated are these basses. As has been said I also get why they didn’t sell - wasn't because they’re not good. The asymmetric neck profile is so right: a proper epiphany for me. The quality and parts are great. I’m an 18v active 3 band and dual buckers guy so this is spot on, the coil taps are a nice bonus. The EQ is doubtless not the best on the planet but the range and EQ points are fine. Does it sounds like a ‘Ray? Still no, coz really and properly only 2 band EBMM ‘Rays with parallel alnico pickups really sound like ‘Rays IMHO 😀 Does it sound like a P? Not really, no. Does it sound like a J? Yeah, you can get close enough. Do all of the switch positions produce great sounds that are a bit Fender but their own thing really? Yes! Does the front pup with mid boost reasonably hard into a good comp and then a GK sound utterly perfect to me? Yes! It’s bright: mine’s wearing 1.5 yo round D’addario Nickel XLs and they still sound good to me. Previously I used to change (steel rounds) like every 4th gig. And it’s been well played at home during lockdown of course 😎 My 2014 Deluxe USA HH fiver… 10lbs on the nose, and being treated to a replacement brown tort four ply guard from WD at the end of August!
  7. The IEC extension cable is a good idea, even where the socket is accessible, to take the strain off the PSU itself. I need to find a really short right angle (in my case can only be angled in one way else it won’t work) female to male IEC. Worst case chop the plug top off an existing right angle and put a rewireable IEC male on there… but over the years I’ve yet to find a rewireable one that doesn’t suck!
  8. Oh these things are AMAZING!! I had one of thee years ago with the wooden box. GLWTS!
  9. Sweet Lord. That’s my most perfectest Jazz that I have ever seen. I’ll be in touch after the draw!
  10. @AJ567 - that’s next level ‘boarding, my hat is off to you. The GigRig stuff is great - I snagged a 2nd hand isolator which lets me split a 500mA out on my CS7 to four of my pedals. Great solution!
  11. Back on topic though: I’ve yet to go class D / small but when the current big iron box goes bang it’ll be class d for sure. In my head this will be: killer preamp pedal (preferably that allows MIDI control) into a class D power amp that gets me 350w or so at 8 ohms. The problem with this is that the mixing desk sits on top of the RB + flight case nicely at the moment and I won’t want a full size 3U case holding a tiny amp 🤔
  12. Gallien Krueger for the win here… I have loads of knobs on my RB and they’re all flat / off because it sounds soooo good! 😂
  13. Ignore the overall price, it’s from the original ad, does anyone want any of these bits type bump!!
  14. Same for me with the C4 - it’s replaced octave fuzz and filter pedals AND it can make any synth noise I could conceivably use. But it does need MIDI and setup time for sure. If you can add one using your setup, I’d recommend adding an expression pedal for even more fun! I’ve started making some nasty fuzz sounds, investigating foldover options. I want to make some chordy things for some song intros. And a sequencer. And. And. And…
  15. That IS a nice red. Looks great with the black and maple. Never played an Ibby I didn’t like. My old BTB will need to be buried with me. Too heavy to use any more but it’s a good ‘un!
  16. Right. We’re going with brown tort - @Reggaebass takes the points for this round. Genuine thanks for all the input folks… I love the fact that other people in this world care about the small (but important!) stuff. If anyone with experience of WD ‘guards knows what “clear removable masked top” means then please enlighten me! I guess “protective, removable covering to protect it in transit”?! I’ll mail them. Now to check thickness and bevel angle… who knew?! wdmusic “Made from four layer faux brown tortoise PVC material consisting of faux brown tortoise shell/cream/black/cream with a clear removable masked top. Thickness .110 in./2.79mm.”
  17. As a confirmed Dimension addict of a few year’s standing a sticker would be useful for me. Still can’t remember which position is inner or outer single coils. Its important to know: my (non-existent at present) audience can really hear the difference when the band’s playing 😂
  18. I guess so yeah. You never know though: gotta be worth an email to fender to ask?
  19. Lovely to see so many dimensions on here! I’m a massive fan… I just can’t stop touching it! 😲 So far I think my order of pref is now: 1. brown tort 2. black 3. Red tort 4. Black pearl Hmm. Need to make me a gallery. Wish I had photoshop and the ability to use it!
  20. True enough. Get the impression WD’s are more red than brown.
  21. Oh VERY nice. I’m leaning towards plain black now!
  22. Thanks folks!! White Pearl is a good shout too. Black’s what most folks change these to judging by results of web search. Hmm WD do a nice black abalone too.
  23. I’m being THAT guy. I love this bass more than oxygen but the white scratchplate isn’t sexy enough. So a Tort guard from WD would be sexier, right?? Am I right?
  24. Page 5 (Elite / Deluxe) basically the same. Fender American Elite Dimension Bass IV HH 019290XXXX Service Manual REV A 1-15-16.pdf
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