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  1. And it runs off battery or phantom power.
  2. Maybe but when tape came in the BBC called the operators sound recordists to distinguish them form the recorder itself. Perhaps mixist would fit but engineer would not.
  3. Sound minister, sound person sound man sound woman but not Engineer.
  4. Yes my amp is set flat and all the tone/eq shaping comes from either the bass or effects.
  5. I think you need to get the hoof bass sound right before even thinking about adding effects.
  6. I bought some Hipshot machine heads and not only did he chnage them to 2L2R for me but sent them to arrive next day. Super seller and great communication and follow up. Machire heads were nice too.
  7. I have two of the orchid classics and they are superb.
  8. I remember when I walked in to audition for my current (pub) band they almost laughed at my little 1x12. I said i did not need 2 but the did not believe me. I took a second cab to first reheasal and did not plug it in. They are a good bunch and took it in good humour when I showed them that there was no lead to the second cab. I cannot think of a venue that woukd need more than my single 12" BC112 MK3, it can go deafening if needed but then really a good FoH is needed together with good wetware* driving the mixer. *In IT wetware was the human using the computer, yuo hd hardware, software and wetware.
  9. Supergrass never did anything for me, I mean I asked several times if they would mind taking the bins out, but no! Honestly they could write a half decent pop song but th vocals wre like a mezzo soprano buzz saw.
  10. I just deleted that post as I realised it did not add to the discusion.
  11. Yes most old school cabs have very little dispersion, as do many boutique cabinets. I am not a great fan of using say QSC or RCF PA cabs for bass but the dispersion is much much better and a good bass cab should be too.
  12. Patch cabbles made with neutrik Rean pancake connectors. These were just made for @andydyeand used Sommer Tricone 2 cable. These were 15cm long (15cm or 6" exposed cable).Tricone 2 is very flexibe despite being a full sized cable. Slimmer cables are available from Sommer and others but to get the 4-5mm width, only a single screen is used, whereas Tricone 2 is double screened. £7 - 15cm exposed cable £8 - 16-20cm £9 - 21-30cm £10 - 31-40cm £11 - 41 - 50cm I also have full sized Neutrik straight and rightangled plugs plus other cable in stock PM for details. Postage normally £3.50 although lots of cables may need a little more.
  13. Wow you get chips with skins on without putting it in the rider? A good cabinet should have the dispersion that allows you to hear on or off axis although I agree that the benefit of a cabinet onstage, at the any O2 venue is as least debatable. A really good monitor such as Martin (other brands are available) will suffice for bass. Finally all the other things are insignificant unless the sound person brings their A Game and best set of ears.
  14. I agree that action is a letter of taste but it should not be adjusted with the truss rod. The truss rod is to adjust the relief. Action is adjusted by adjusting the height of the bridge saddles.
  15. I assume it won't fall over if you lean it agin the wall. Seriously I nearly bought one of those but went for a Marcus Miller M2 instead. I will be posting a long term review of it later but would be interested in your initial thoughts on the HB. The problems with new basses, expensive or not, usually have the following: Action too high Nut slots too high Cheaper basses often have sloppy machine heads and on the HB LP I bought this was certainly the case. Apart from that it is a superb guitar. Anyway I will post a link to the M2 review on this thread once I publish it and look forward to your longer term thoughts on the Marquis.
  16. How does that affect the max power curve @Phil Starr?
  17. It is likely to be a generic part. If you can measure it you may find a Cliff or Neutrik replacement.
  18. Andy, is there another name for it? For example Basswood is often known as Linden.
  19. I am always wary of 2ohm rated amps. It is too close to a short and with today's speakers I don't think you need 2 ohms.
  20. you will love it, welcome.
  21. I agree that there are some very good ones out there and to be fair, my sample is small. However, I paid £50 each for two tickets and would be really upset if one of the musicians was really bad. The irony was that I could see the bassist and he looked as though he was playing some superb stuff.
  22. So that’s why it’s called class D.
  23. That article should be mandatory reading/study for all sound controllers. Thank you.
  24. So I did and very quickly got the following response: "Hi John, Thank you for letting us know. I'll pass your comments onto the sound engineer. Kind Regards, "
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