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  1. Do you have a moisture meter. If so wait till the moisture level is the same as before stain was applied, or measure the moisture content of thre routed unstained areas? I am tring to think of am alternative. I have a big dehumidifier and would probably lay it next to that for a day or two.
  2. Me too and that date is already reserved in the band diary. No gigs that weekend.
  3. This is a good rule for sound in general. It is better to reduce the the louder parts of a mix than boost the quieter channels.
  4. Mine will have its first public outing for 18 months tonight on the back of a Trailer. THe house PA may or may not be any good so both amp and Basschat BC112 MK3 will get a good workout. I have never really had to have either anywhere near flat out so it will be interesting.
  5. Although it is said that JJ played open notes whenever he could. Did he just dislike the E?
  6. That wa sort of what I was asking. I usually have the gain quite low but somehow recently it got turned way up and woo hoo.
  7. Has anyone compared the T and M versions?
  8. Sadly, like the TC, if it goes wrong out of warranty it will be RTB and ££££.
  9. 100% and I cannot stress enough, tighten the screws as hard as you can.
  10. I have about 20 of the IKEA ones both in AA and AAA size and have never had a problem. Don't buy the IKEA charger though it takes ages.
  11. Firstly let me say I love speakons. I have connected hundreds and as has been said check the screw connections. you need to use a good screwdriver to get a tight grip on the cable. I seem to remember that it is a 1 point posidrive (not philips)..Don't even think about using 4mm2 cable as is too bag for the plastic speakons and if a far heavier gauge than you need. 2.5 mm or even 1.5mm cab is fine. Tighten the screws as hard as you canand then pull the cable as hard as you can to check that you have a good grip. It is never a good idea to daisy chain cabinets, use two separate cables as most good amps have two speakons. As for speakon wiring, 1+ to 1+ and 1- to 1-1 on both 2 pin and 4 pin connectors. The 2+ and 2- are generally used for subs in a bi-amplified system. There are other proprietry wirings that rarely come up. Going back to the system as a whole, in the situation you were in you should have just bypassed the Helix and gone straight into the amp.
  12. No the do Elf Conscious watts now although some ar a little Peave(y)d with the sound.
  13. 1200 watts? It would not handle 1200 trace watts lol.
  14. Why not go to the South West Bass bash. LOts of stuff to try there.
  15. Replace the Jazz witn a Precision and you are good to go.
  16. Agreed although the Soundcraft Ui series are better than the XR series IMHO.
  17. It seems OK for boutique manufacturers to copy other designs but with Behringer it is not. So I have a BD-I21, the concept is tha same as a Tech21 model but is it a copy? I don't think so . I have a Behringer mixer, it has innovations that others don't even though it is 18 years old. I have a Bugera Amp. Visual clues and voicing from other makes but IMHO far better built that the US amps they "copy". I also have a TCHelicon Mic Mechanic from the same group. Now my beef with Music Tribe (Behringer's parent) is the same one as with Mark Bass. No service information unless you are an authorised service centre. This menas that your local amp tech cannot get the information required to service the equipment. I must admit that EMS. the servcie centre for Behringer in the UK are reasonable in their charges but I like to repair my own equipment.
  18. Does anyone have experience of the difference between the Fullerton and Tribute versions of the same bass?
  19. Now I am interested. What is the K mod?
  20. Silicon in a valve head? Blasphemy. Actually while we can argue the merits of the soiund of an all valve head, it is beyond doubt that solid state rectifiers are the best.
  21. I forgot MPH lol, However if you go to the hospital they weigh you in Kg and g. You buy your food in grams and kilograms. Your beer is between 3 and 6% alcohol add a few other ingredient and the water content is between 90 and 95%. The cost of beer in pubs is high becuse of the greed of the goverment (the Beer Levy) and greedy breweries/pubcos. We still qoute the economy of cars in MPG yet buy our fuel in Litres. Four legs good, two legs bad. Sorry for derailing the thread. I'm off now.🤘
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