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  1. Got mine today. Thanks!
  2. Still just the one Fender MIM P bass. Can't complain. I like the colour combo more everyday and I might grab some Model P pickups before our first post-covid band practice. I was close to buying a natural MIJ Jazz bass on bass direct this morning though... It was gone when I checked a few hours ago! Who bought it eh?
  3. I'm not into the colour of the Fender Pau Ferro fretboards. They look too light for something that's been effectively used to replace rosewood.
  4. Like a few others here I'd be all over a Sire if that headstock didn't haunt my nightmares. Shallow but eh
  5. I'm in! I've signed up on the website.
  6. I've got just the one... a P bass. Covers all I need it to! Starting to want a Stingray though, and I do have a strict one-in-one-out policy. I don't play or gig enough to warrant more than a bass or two. And my flat isn't huge.
  7. BUMP and final price drop to [b]£300[/b]. Collection from [b]Brighton[/b]. Offering it at a low price because I'd like collection only.
  8. BUMP. Still available! Collection from Brighton.
  9. [quote name='bigmuff69' timestamp='1498898170' post='3327807'] Any chance of posting to Manchester Cheers [/quote] Sorry mate, I'm moving house this week so would prefer collection in London. Update to all: Keen to get this lovely bass out the door this week.... Looking for [b]£320[/b] and collection.
  10. PRICE DROP BUMP. NOW [b]£370![/b]
  11. Hi all, I've been umming and ahing a while about whether I should get rid of this bass. I've had it for around 8 years and it's a real looker! Sounds great, it's easy to play (though I believe the neck is a little chunkier than a standard Jazz). It's out the door because I'm about to move house and my P bass is top of the pecking order these days. It's a Fender 70s Classic Jazz (MIM) in black with rosewood fingerboard, mother of pearl inlays, and I've customised it with a Gotoh 201 bridge and black pickguard (happy to include the original white one too). Slight nick on the back of the horn (see penultimate image) but no major damage/defects. It's been gigged and recorded with several times and has never let me down. The bass hasn't been played much in the last couple of years, so it could do with a setup and the action lowered. I'm looking for[b] £300[/b] and collection in Brighton. Of course, I welcome anyone to come and have a play. Happy to throw in a decent Tiger bass case with plenty of storage space. Any questions, let me know! [url="http://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/70s-jazz-bass/0132000300.html"]Official Fender spec[/url] [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/73870-feedback-for-hmx/"]My feedback thread[/url]
  12. They've added a second night: http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F00526AA55B64CF
  13. I've started doing backing vocals in my new band. I'm pretty sure I'm terrible but no-one has the heart to tell me so! We do a cover of Bad Religion's Can't Stop It and I struggle getting the descending staccato bassline right when I'm holding a long vocal melody.
  14. Bumped into Mr Ellefson on the way into the venue - I only went on the Sunday. We got chatting about 'Bad Omen' from Peace Sells... and the bitch of a bassline it is, and string-skipping being easier with fingers... Not much was said really, but he's a really cool and friendly chap who seems happy to chat to fans. Day made, anyway!
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