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  1. Ahh, just noticed this sale. My old bass. It’s an absolute cracker and with the new mods it’s perfect. I really enjoyed this bass a lot, very versatile and great tones to be had. The new buyer will be super happy 😊 GLWTS
  2. Just about to get back on the reggae train with a few select local reggae muso’s…here’s a beauty put forward for the set ❤️💛💚
  3. Selling my trusty Markbass combo as I've gone more modular with my setup and haven't used this for the last 2 years. These are really great combos, very loud, fantastic sounding (used a few times with an 8 piece soul band at 2/3rds with ease). I also have the 801 as i was so impressed with this combo. 250W at full power. One hand carry (perfect for those function gigs). Has a cover. Handle has worn - see pics but functions perfectly and is easily rectifiable but it never bothered me. Selling £300 or trade for any of the following with £ adjustments as necessary: Barefaced One 10 cab Trace Elliot 1x10 Elf cab Blackstar unity 700 bass head Aguilar TH500 bass head Markbass Vintage bass head Ashdown ABM 600 bass head Collection from Plymouth or happy to discuss courier arrangements.
  4. Could quite consider this. When I think of depth and weight to my past sounds it always been a non class D amps (Eden WT800/550’s I’ve had spring to mind). With my budget I could potentially save a few more pennies and still get the Blackstar and an ABM - think I’d look to get a used ABM first - cheaper the better…if it’s love I can put the Blackstar on the back burner. Hmmm, hunt for an ABM is looking keen
  5. I’m getting intrigued about these so will do some more research. I take it these aren’t class D? Are they heavy to carry? Just wondering how it would go with my Markbass cabs.
  6. Anyone use a Markbass Vintage? (Or selling)
  7. Yeah, great amps - I had one at one point. Really like it, but have got that GAS itch to try something different (probably to end up foolishly selling to buy a Magellan again at some point 😂).
  8. The Blackstar Unity is probably in pole position at the moment, good price too. Anyone got any experience of these? Any negatives?
  9. Yes, I was looking at them earlier. I wonder how they compare to the OTB.
  10. Interesting idea, never really thought about this.
  11. Well it's that time to get your popcorn out and ride into subjective city with the cries for 'try before you buy ' yada, yada......my apologies but it's really one of those threads 🤣 Bass amps -what to get? A new one is going to be on the cards within the next 2 months or so with my saved musical funds and 90% wanting to buy new for the warranty. At present I play a bit of an eclectic mix of prog, folk, some modern blues/funk, and likely to be some good old school ska and rocksteady reggae in the new year, i also dep some soul and rock bands on occasion. My current rig is a Markbass LM800 with a MB 2x10 and 1x15". The LM800 is a bit high mileaged, scratchy and some weird noises going on and I also have one of those Bugera BV tube heads which is also well used with a few odd random noises going on. I am thinking of getting something a bit different next so was initially drawn to the Markbass Vintage, never tired one -would really welcome any users views on these. Also the Blackstar unity 700 has just come on my radar, looks a really versatile bit of kit and would welcome any thoughts around these sound wise . The Aguilar TH500 has always intrigued me to and did try one briefly some years back but can't remember a lot about it now. I've also wondered about these new names to me Eich, Tech 21,TecAmp etc too - any views/advice? For reference past favourites have been the Eden WT series, Orange Terror amps and i had a Genzler magellan for a while which was nice, also had a Carvin BX which i remember was super versatile. Fancy something different though now. So any view on the above, gladly welcome, and yes i've done Google, TB and Youtube etc, still no particular favourites stand out -perhaps the Blackstar a bit. Are there any others i should consider out there??..., if you've read this far, Merry Christmas and thanks for any thoughts, advice etc...otherwise enjoy the popcorn
  12. ‘At last’, my SIRE V7 maybe finally arriving tomorrow after a 3 month wait 🤞

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    2. ezbass


      Yeah, what @Rich said.

    3. Raslee


      Haha, that’ll teach me not to check my status messages properly. It was a typo …should have read At last 😂😂😂😂.

      Anyhow, the important bit - I’ve had the change of pickguard for 2 months now. Loving it 😊 image.thumb.jpg.1003fcd8380726f3fc5696ada7684fa9.jpg


    4. Oomo


      Congrats! I've still got ~2 months to wait for mine (according to Thomann anyway...)

  13. Price drop to £150 each, happy to courier at buyers risk and if buyer arranges. So, I have these two Hartke 1x12” cabs for sale, barely used and great sounding cabs - warm tone but with great definition. You’ll note the differing grills but they’re essentially the same model, the HD being the newer model. 300watts, typical great punchy Hartke tones, both also have Roqsolid covers. Best of all - they can be used in either 8 or 4 ohm modes with a handy switch on the rear, so get the best from your amp! They are also nice and light being a one hand carry. I’ve really liked the tone from these but I have accumulated way too many cabs at present and could do with the space. Specs from Hartke: http://www.samsontech.com/hartke/products/cabinets/hydrive-cabinets/hx112/ Collect from Plymouth or to happy to support with courier if the buyer arranges. Reduced from 200 to £150 each, happy to do a deal on both. May trade cash either way for a Markbass traveller 2x10” 8 ohm or another bass head.
  14. Thinking about parting with my Hartke HX 12” cabs - I have two. Great cabs and have a 4 & 8 ohm switch which is very handy. Nice and light and a good right sound to them. PM me if interested.
  15. There’s a Markbass 801 on Facebook for sale (my apols if it’s here too, haven’t checked), anyhow they’re great mini amps. I use mine with an acoustic duo and percussionist live and it’s never over half way on the volume. Great little amps.
  16. SOLD Doh! Meant to get standards but ordered short scale by mistake. Brand new, unused. Think I paid £34 - yours £25 posted (UK)
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