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  1. Yes, probably the first active, bar my Stingray Special, that I've really got on with - really nails that P sound.
  2. Bass and treble, works really good - Sandberg pre i believe.
  3. Never say never - i should be getting the cash in but i am weak. Don't need another P though, thanks
  4. Selling this lovely Sandberg Electra bass as its not really had a look in since the purchase of a 1974 Precision 6 months ago, which is a shame as this bass really is a cracker that needs to be played, plus i have a new jazz coming in so probably could do with the space. This really is a fantastic top quality bass that really took be by surprise just how good it actually is. Of course it is also in the best P colour combo of 'black & maple', bought new 2020, it has a really smooth 37mm jazz width neck which is one of the best necks I've ever played -think it was this that really struck me. A bonus is it's nice and light too @ 8.2lbs on my luggage scales, low action with no buzz, zero fret, 2 band EQ preamp - giving a nice combination of vintage and modern sounds, overall excellent mint condition and never gigged - someone will be very happy. IMO leagues ahead of the competition at this price point. It will be sold as standard, Sandberg pick up and tuner returned, however there are the various upgrade options: Selling £450 as standard or: I can leave the Aguilar pickup in (to be honest there is little difference between this and the original Sandberg pickup - the original is really good, but then everyone loves an Aguilar) - extra £50 Hipshot D tuner Xtender- extra £40, otherwise the original tuner will be fitted. Comfort strap - extra £20 Deluxe Cobra gig bag, loads of pockets - extra £30. Courier in the UK £20, anymore and I'll cover the cost. Will be boxed and well packed by the legendary Mrs Raslee (see my feedback) or happy for it to be collected from Plymouth, Devon.
  5. A few Gins later she said “you can buy that Sire [V7] thing you’re looking at” - in the bag before the hangover remorse kicks in. Incoming LPB/maple V7 4 sometime in Oct 😉

    1. Rich


      Woohoo :D welcome to the club!

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Well, if ever there was a case for buying more Gin........ ;) 

    3. Raslee


      Yeah more Gin! That said the Sire (it’s not Brexshit honest gov), delivery is not until the end of October…that’s a lot of Gin 😂

  6. MB1 - total legend, such a funny guy, many a trade done - he will be sadly missed but admirably remembered - MB1😎
  7. Tried most of the above, favourite aftermarket pickup is Lollar. Best sounding though is the original in my 74P, just sings across the range.
  8. Same here, my 74 P is 8.7lbs, so comfortable.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Awesome cab, wish I had the funds.
  11. I have one of these as an extension cab to my Markbass 2x8 250w combo and I think it sounds great, really full sounding, loud and capable. Surprisingly great low end from the TC too. The overall definition is ok, but not as crisp as the Markbass - the contrast of the two however is nice. For the price you can’t go wrong really.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. SOLD - GB7 Hipshot D-Tuner, barely used so nice and shiny - was on a Sandberg and worked wonderful. £50 Uk posted.
  14. Had put this in the general thread but probably best here. Looking for someone to tab this out for me, happy to pay. It’s the verse fills and middle section I’m particularly keen to know,.
  15. Any MB 2x10’s - could help fund your jazz here 😊
  16. Cheers man. It’s funny you mentioned contacting him. Our vocalist revealed last night she had him on her radio show in the past and said she’d try and contact him. Hopefully it works out. Great tune as you say, I’d never heard of him until this recent audition and this song challenged me a bit with them fills.
  17. +1 Have had most of the basses aforementioned and in my view the Electra is leagues ahead.
  18. Can anyone help me, I’m looking for a transcription of this live track - happy to pay someone to transcribe but to tab only please. Generally know the chords but stuck on the end of verse fills and particularly the middle section.
  19. Raslee


    Hmmm, I think mines about to go to stage 1.
  20. Can they do one with a Mutron in it for the Funkateers 😂🤩
  21. Raslee


    Must admit these have been on my inner GAS radar for a while…but have to refrain for a while though.
  22. Agreed, love this bass but need to thin the heard and pay off the self loan. Now accepting offers, trades, wives etc
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