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  1. *** correction it is the original bridge bar the adjustment screws and bridge screws***
  2. Is the right answer
  3. *** Heading from Northumberland to Lydney ( Gloucester ) tomorrow, then to B. Stortford Wed lunch time before heading home should anyone on that loop want it, I will pop it in the car *** More pics added as requested, in front of the map obvs! Was mine, sold it to @Clarky and then bought it back. Truth is I just don’t need it so up she goes. Mike Lull P54 Single coil P bass. Finished in the most beautiful Seafoam Green with matching headstock. The outstanding Lindy Fralin 51 pick up is installed and sounds killer. Body is mahogany. Strung with La Bella LTF now. Comes with padded Mike Lull gig bag and weighs approx 3kg. £60 man with a van courier, collection or I can DPD ship insured. No trades
  4. Up for sale a damn fine wireless kit. Incredible quality and no noticeable latency while gigging or rehearsing. It’s a pretty bomb proof bit of kit. Comes with everything pictured and plenty info online about them. Bought new by me in Feb with receipt included. Price includes U.K. shipping.
  5. Clarky bought my Lull P bass a little while ago and I asked for first dibs should he ever want to move it on. Low and behold he messaged and its now mine again. What an absolute top chap! Thanks again matey
  6. Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders. We’re in a Nate Mendel signature P bass originally. Sound great and pretty loud/hot! Price includes U.K. postage.
  7. Well, looks like this is mine again. Thanks again @Clarky
  8. Oh my, I have one of these but it’s not green 😍
  9. An absolute killer of a bass. The colour is sublime, the weight is just stupidly light and it plays and sounds superb. If my Ripper sale goes through tonight 🤞I will 100% buy this back.
  10. Brighter flats - Thomastik TI’s The dogs danglies 🤘
  11. Ah cool, cheaper on here 😉 I’ll keep my fingers crossed your numbers come up
  12. Reduced to £6995 until the end of May for anyone tempted before it goes to London to be sold. Fender Precision Bass 1963 Pre CBS Refinished in Lake Placid Blue 30 plus years ago. Pots are dated '66 but the rest is original, wiring is now cloth and period correct. I have loads of pics so feel free to contact me and I can send you anything you like. This bass is an absolute monster, it plays so well and man it just sings! This is from my personal stash and if I was still playing in bands it would not be sold but I am not and won't be for the foreseeable. This is the real deal. Weight 3.55kg Comes with a new ish Fender hard case and the original covers too, in fact it has spare ones! Viewings and test drives are welcome up here in Northumberland. This will only be available in the UK and will be handed over personally anywhere in the UK.
  13. Ha ha thanks dude. Wait until I unleash the ‘63 P later on 😉
  14. Fender Precision Bass 1970 Definitely not a case queen, in fact I don’t think it’s ever lived in a case! This has been used and abused like all good basses should be. The paint is cracked, split and crackled, it’s been a gigging machine. Original apart from CTS pots, the originals have been replaced. The wiring is the original cloth wiring. Regarding the bridge, it is the original bridge with the correct slot headed adjustment screws added, as were the rusty bridge screws. So, to clarify, it’s 98% original for those that are super interested. Pick ups stamped and dated correctly. Truss rod moves both ways, it’s not maxed out but it’s not flush either however the action is low and amazing. Back of the neck has a split in the laquer only, it’s not a split in the neck. You can’t feel it while playing and doesn’t impact at all. Strung with La Bella LTF Weight 3.55kg Yep you read that right. Comes with a Fender tweed Case. Previous owner loaned it to Ozzy Osbourne when gigging up in Scotland early 80's I believe. Price includes UK delivery and please look at pics carefully, its been used and abused but is absolutely genuine and sounds killer. Anyone is welcome to come and try at my home studio to make sure they are 100% happy. *** Heading from Northumberland to Lydney ( Gloucester ) Monday should anyone on that loop want it, I will pop it in the car ***
  15. Probably the best P bass I’ve built. It really is amazing. Pick ups have been changed but it’s a real big hitting P. GLWTS, I’m half tempted to get it back 💙
  16. 😂😂 now there’s an idea. I don’t mind bringing it down for you with that Ripper 😂
  17. I just can’t see it. I think Dave will be absolutely broken
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