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  1. Maybe try looking at acoustic energy aego's, you should be able to get the earlier version off evilbay if you want to save some cash, I've got some, pretty good for music replay, decent sub.
  2. ,I had some of those pick ups in a fender jazz Bass, found them to be quite noisy and had very low output, changed them in the end after trying everything , after reading up on the N3 jazz pick up it seems to be a common complaint, replaced mine with some entwistle, massive improvement
  3. Got a harness for a squier precision , arrived quickly, fantastic quality and very easy to fit, thank you
  4. Mp3 maybe not the best format, but I can highly recommend bk electronics subwoofers, connected using the high level input they can integrate really well in a music only system, fantastic performance and very good value , available in a range of sizes and configuration and made in england (Southend) so great customer support, check them out you will not be disappointed.
  5. I have not made any personal comments about anyone , all have done is tell of my experience of using Bass direct, only used it twice both times in my opinion there was an issue with my purchase.
  6. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1502280064' post='3350414'] Whilst I agree that good service is important, I think we need to recognise that Mark and Marcus are only human, as such there will be the odd mistake made. It's how they deal with those that's important, and on the whole I think reading these posts, they seem to deal with them extremely well. I can't help thinking reading through this, that there are some extremely fussy people about though. [/quote]
  7. Yeah my fault I guess, fitted them, then realized one was not quite right
  8. It's the attitude of people that's affects your experience,yes the correct tuner was sent but I had to suggest they send the tuner , I could then fit it to the Bass then return the incorrect one not other way around,take it off send it back and wait for the replacement.customer service anyone,as for the string there is no mention on the website about different silk colours, when i informed them of this I was told "yeah maybe we should put some information about that on there. nobody had ever complained about different silk colours",really!
  9. Oh dear is all I can say about my limited experience of these people, ordered some Hipshot tuners, chrome, tuners arrived 3 chrome and 1 chrome and satin upon contacting Bass direct there first suggestion was to send back the incorrect one and they would send me the correct one, now call me old fashioned but I think they should have immediately offered to rectify there mistake rather then asked for a return of an incorrectly supplied item.I also have just purchased a 5 string set of la Bella flat's cost £55 upon receiving the strings, pack of 4 and 1 separate I started by fitting the B sting, then when I opened the 4 string pack I found that the B string had black silk and the strings in the pack had red silks, tuning pegs and bridge as you can imagine it looked really crap, after calling Bass direct I was told that nobody had ever complained about this before but I could send my email address I they could inform me when they had a matching string in stock and I could by that, won't be using them again
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