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  1. He says in one of the clips that he finds it hard when they ask him to double his lines in the studio since he plays very impulsive and doesn't really "know" what he's going to play.. He finds himself "like a deer in headlights" when they ask him to double his lines and he has to do that bar by bar.. Bit weird when you think of the possibility to write your part down and then read it.. Shouldn't be too hard for a seasoned veteran like him ?
  2. Has been already sold.. Cheers, Geert
  3. Thanks for posting this, hadn't heard this one in a long time..great !
  4. "It's a thin line between funky and disaster"....
  5. Great playing, beautiful bass...lovely to see !
  6. Macca preferred this one when he came to visit and support me around here in Belgium...
  7. Do you have some more pictures of the entire length..just want to be sure what the total state is. Sorry and thx for the effort
  8. Do you have some more pictures of the back of the neck ? Thx !
  9. Have a bump on me, my girlfriend says that I should buy this but I try to be rational
  10. Thanks for this info, I always thought it was just me who wasn't good enough
  11. Normally I don't like black basses but this one is really classy, wow !
  12. Have a bump on me...I hope this gets sold so I don't have to keep looking at it
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