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  1. Wood&Tronics J PRICE DROP

    Bought a bass from this seller and turned out to be a very trustworthy person....have a bump on me and good luck with the sale !
  2. Very good price, won't be here long....
  3. Wood&Tronics Chronos 4

    Bump (hope that someone buys this because I keep looking at it :-))
  4. SOLD MTD 535 24 35"

    Trustworthy seller, buy with confidence....
  5. Wood&Tronics Chronos 4

    Any chance of a sound sample ?
  6. Wood&Tronics Chronos 4

    Love it ! Basses can look so dull sometimes but this fuels your imagination....it almost urges you to do something special on it
  7. Zon Sonus Custom 5 FS

    It rarely becomes better than this.....
  8. SOLD Chowny SWB1s fretted and fretless SOLD

    Top player and a a trustworthy seller too... that blue one is a bit on my mind :-)
  9. Quincy - Oh dear!

    And does anyone really hear anything of "State of Independance" in "Billy Jean" ?
  10. Get well soon Dave Swift!!

    Quick recovery, Dave...greetings from Belgium !
  11. Feedback for blyn

    Trustworthy person to deal with.... thanks for a smooth transaction
  12. How many this year?

    Around ten this year...I refused a lot of stuff because it turned out to be mostly the same old covers and I get depressed playing I will survive or I wish. There's not much left since I'm 55 and feel rather alienated from the music around me in Belgium. Would love to play with a good songwriter but there's not a lot of opportunity. I'm composing stuff myself but it's hard to find gigs. I guess sometimes I'm not envious of the quantity of gigs other musicians have but of their ability to put their objections aside and just go and play whatever it is...I'm not capable of doing that and luckily I have a daily job so the money's not important
  13. Feedback for johnny1982

    Bought a Jazz bass from him and communication and transactions have rarely been more smooth with all the info and comfort you might need... Excellent seller, very highly recommended...if only it were always like this !