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  1. Bought a Clover bass from Claas.. Sort of transaction where everything is just perfect...highly recommended !
  2. Just bought the Clover from Claas, really pleased with it....trustworthy seller too. Have a bump on me..
  3. Nice one, Claude ! Bit curious :-)
  4. I always thought I was going to keep this but I'm playing my headless Status most of the time and I don't take it along anymore as a spare bass to gigs because I don't gig a lot anymore (couple of times that the "spare" Steinberger ended up being played at the gig because it sounded better). I've had the L2 series by Steinberger and the sound imo is the same. Comes with a small gigbag and can be picked up or shipped (shipment to the UK included). No paypal please since I've had bad experiences because of the fees and the exchange rates. In excellent condition, controls : volume, volume, tone. Has the leg-rest. No trades please.. Feel free to check my feedback here on BC.
  5. When I heard "Mrs Vanderbilt" by Paul McCartney and Wings ..I knew I was going to be a bass player. Later on Fischer Z, Joe Jackson, Level 42, Paul Young but the record by Wings did the trick.. I also knew before buying a bass that I would be able to handle it and that it was the right choice.
  6. Nice bass (and the dog doesn't seem to be afraid !)
  7. wombatboter


    Always had a thing for Bogart basses..I'm leaving on holiday but if this is still available by the end of the month, who knows...
  8. There's a very creamy bass fill a bit later on (after "nowhere to go-wah"...Just brilliant)
  9. Driving home from Oostende to Brussels last night I listened to the new mix of Abbey Road.. "You never give me your money" just does it for me the most but there is so much.. I'm very moved by the album again and I'm rediscovering it again for the x-th time..
  10. Zombie-Cranberries Don't leave me this way-Communards Anything by Pearl Jam
  11. I remember wanting to buy it when it was previously advertised by Rob but it has the dots on the "fret" instead of the lines I'm used to like on a normal bass.. That kept me from buying it at the time since it's the most beautiful Wal I have ever seen....I still keep looking at it since it's pure bass porn.
  12. I used to gig a lot and had a lot of work from the nineties until around 10 years ago.. Played with rather well known artists in Belgium and had around 120 bands and artists on my cv. Suddenly I got tired of playing too many covers (often the same ones), being stuck in traffic, having to be somewhere five hours or more in advance and being away for ten or twelve hours. Would be okay if all would be great but I found myself driving home at night feeling a bit depressed and the money I earned wasn't really necessary because I had and have a well paid daytime job (I can understand professional players who have to accept anything because they have to make a living out of it). A lot of work was without rehearsal and sometimes you got the call in the afternoon to replace someone and as a bassplayer you have to be on top of the game since everyone is relying on you...Lots of times the others weren't prepared or became sloppy and the gig would be sheer horror but the money kept everyone satisfied (I feel that attitude is still there). Got the impression that people just wanted to have a bass player and not especially me and that anyone would do (I see the pictures of all those bands on facebook and still a chain of bassplayers who are replacing one another). I didn't get calls anymore for bands with their own original music, I started my own band but that's instrumental fusion so the market is limited in Belgium.. So now I find myself turning down offers by countless cover bands (could have had a gig yesterday) and I'm staying at home..I still play lots of bass and I want to surprise myself so I'm learning new things and avoiding routine..I just don't need bands anymore.. I don't miss any of the stuff I mentionned above and I love playing bass (bit of fretless, slap, tapping, harmonics, pick, etc..there is so much to do). Every now and then there is the occasional gig with a couple of friends and recently I agreed again to replace a bass player in a coverband (45 songs without rehearsal) just to know if I could still do that sort of thing if I wanted to and everyone seemed to be really pleased.. I drove home away from the drunken crowd and the noise and I was happy to be home again..I realised again that I didn't miss the whole scene. I would miss playing bass though.
  13. He's playing the five string fretless Sire..sounds just great to me !
  14. Recently bought a Zon fretless here on bass.chat...fantastic bass (still with flatwounds, normally I use roundwounds but I'm leaving them on because it just sounds good) I have a fretless Wal too...hard to compare both of them
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