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  1. Been thinking of buying a five string Zon bass and suddenly there are three around here !
  2. Have a bump for my dream bass...
  3. Inxs supporting Hall and Oates....They had just released "The Original Sin" and no one talked about Hall and Oates after the concert.
  4. Great job, really not the easiest music to cover.. Been asked myself by a couple of musicians to start a tribute to Level 42 around here in Belgium but I found it too complex to reproduce. But this sounds really nice, congrats ..And like someone already said : King isn't the best singer either.
  5. I remember there was a vague Mark King connection with these basses..look great to me !
  6. Have a bump...Just hoping that somebody buys this, before I do :-)
  7. Double ball strings also possible ?
  8. Although I prefer the Zon fretless these days I took the Wal again for some of the recordings of a new bass-cd with ten covers of songs I love.
  9. Thought about keeping it since it sounds and plays well but I don't gig too much anymore.. 2300 pounds, shipment to the UK included..
  10. Nice, got any pictures of the dots along the side ?
  11. Bought a Clover bass from Claas.. Sort of transaction where everything is just perfect...highly recommended !
  12. Just bought the Clover from Claas, really pleased with it....trustworthy seller too. Have a bump on me..
  13. wombatboter


    Nice one, Claude ! Bit curious :-)
  14. I always thought I was going to keep this but I'm playing my headless Status most of the time and I don't take it along anymore as a spare bass to gigs because I don't gig a lot anymore (couple of times that the "spare" Steinberger ended up being played at the gig because it sounded better). I've had the L2 series by Steinberger and the sound imo is the same. Comes with a small gigbag and can be picked up or shipped (shipment to the UK included). No paypal please since I've had bad experiences because of the fees and the exchange rates. In excellent condition, controls : volume, volume, tone. Has the leg-rest. No trades please.. Feel free to check my feedback here on BC.
  15. When I heard "Mrs Vanderbilt" by Paul McCartney and Wings ..I knew I was going to be a bass player. Later on Fischer Z, Joe Jackson, Level 42, Paul Young but the record by Wings did the trick.. I also knew before buying a bass that I would be able to handle it and that it was the right choice.
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