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  1. Bought the Zon here on bass.chat for a really great price..The seller was very enthusiastic about the sustain and he was right. It's the best fretless I have ever had, beats the Wal imo...better sustain, faster neck, less "work", very light...
  2. Good topic..I had the same question so I'll follow this.
  3. Watched it this weekend....Still recovering from it. Been a huge Beatles fan since 45 years but this footage just floored me..Made a lot of things more clearer. Perhaps some things should have been explained a bit more but Jackson choose not to.. The fact that Harrison left the day after Patty Boyd left him..the fact that Yoko just lost a child. When they finally got to the roof, they just nailed it and they showed how good they can be in stressful situations...
  4. I suddenly realise again why I prefer Jazz basses instead of Precisions..
  5. Have you got a picture of the side of the neck where the dots are ? Thanks... (sorry for asking but this is the most essential thing for me)
  6. Have you got a picture of the side of the neck ? Thx !
  7. Found a twin brother of my fretless Pro yesterday...a great sight to see.
  8. I just wonder how it is possible to have so much damage ? Was someone clumsy or was it dropped ? Been looking for a four string Modulus bass for a long time (even bought a Modulus 5 in the meantime but 5 isn't my thing) but the damage on this bass is really weird...Even if it doesn't affect the sound, bass players buy for a great deal with their eyes..
  9. I was talking about the new gear and second hand market which shows up now post Brexit.. I was aware of the Brexit and wasn't in a rush to buy anything because the GAS was sleeping for a brief moment :-) I hear from Belgian musicians that stuff they ordered seems to be delayed..Hopefully it will go a bit more smoothly soon.
  10. A voice from the "other" side..I hear from quite a lot of bass-players around here in Europe that the daily urge to look at those British bass-sites and shops has changed a lot...Just the whole paper thing and administration which is ahead of us scares me and other European bass-players.. Bass-chat, Bass-direct etc..why even bother to look when in the back of your head there's a calculator working with all the extra costs..Takes the magic away for me... I posted something on a European bass forum that I blocked a couple of British sites because it was too painful to see those beautiful basses and thinking how easy it used to be. I got some reactions that I wasn't the only one.. I check the German bass-sites a bit more, easier and with some fantastic basses too...
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