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  1. I was very surprised that the fantastic bass part on the original isn't a real bass but a plug in..It fooled me (thought it was the best "bass" song of this year)
  2. I started messing around with this sort of Manring-inspired technique and tried it out on a Fleetwood Mac song (chords are not too difficult, the changes are quite easy so I was able to "sing" along too (though I'm not a singer)). After the "solo" I didn't know what to do but just let the groove going and I was pleased that I didn't mess up or lose the groove. I always try to use certain techniques in songs instead of just practicing without a reference..I still want to make music and enjoy myself so I'll take a song and see if it fits.
  3. Nice bass, in a way it's also a good sign that there are some traces of use..It shows that it has been played a lot so it doesn't bother me. Not only vintage Fenders should show these traces..
  4. Great basses for this price, trustworthy seller too....
  5. Saw them in Belgium and sorry but it was terrible..regretted buying a ticket. Summers playing sounded so ordinary all of a sudden, Copeland was on a solo-trip during the gig and half way the set Sting made a sign across his throat that his voice was gone..No chemistry whatsoever..
  6. I could be wrong but I remember reading in his autobiography that the neck of a Kramer even felt hot during a session and that someone suggested to try out a Wal...Could me my memory which fails me.
  7. Didn't Mick Karn use one of these before the turned to Wal ?
  8. I recently learned that you have to pronounce it "Sjold" (the "k" turns out to be silent). Never played one but I'm always curious...
  9. Years ago I had a similar white one and I sold it..Within a couple of hours I had around five people who wanted to buy it (I wasn't asking much, around 600 euros if I recall correctly). At the end of the day I got a reaction from a young bassplayer from Holland who said this was his dream bass but he couldn't afford it.. He said that he was going to work during the holidays picking fruit from trees to earn this bass but this would mean that I had to wait another six months and he didn't expect me to keep this for him.. I kept the bass, he worked hard for his bass picking fruit from trees and afterwards he came to see me (his father drove the car and told me that he wanted his son to work for what he desired) and he left with the white Miller bass.. I'm always glad to see one, reminds me of the young boy from Northern Holland...(sorry for the off topic)
  10. Has this ever been played..? It looks so fantastic...
  11. What a fantastic song ! Thanks for posting this..best I've heard in a very long time. Masterpiece... (has a sort of Diggin in the dirt-Peter Gabriel vibe from time to time)
  12. My two Zon Sonus basses....
  13. Lovely bass, great price too....I think this will be sold quickly.
  14. But would anyone be talking about him if he wasn't the son of...? I''m sorry but tastes differ, I checked his playing, didn't hear anything which drew my attention or saw a sign of the greatness I had expected after reading about his playing..
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