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  1. wombatboter

    Wood & Tronics Zoid 5 Custom 2017

    By chance you're not interested in a trade for my Wood & Tronics Chronos 4-string ? Great bass but I'm looking for a five string again...
  2. wombatboter

    Feedback for Pecodk

    Sold a Ken Smith bass to this member from Denmark..Excellent transaction with no trouble at all.... Highly recommended !
  3. wombatboter

    FS : Ken Smith CR 4-on hold

    I can't recall actually....
  4. wombatboter

    FS : Ken Smith CR 4-on hold

    No, got it from someone in France at the time....
  5. wombatboter

    FS : Ken Smith CR 4-on hold

    I live in between Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium...Unfortunately a bit far to try it out (but always welcome)
  6. wombatboter

    FS : Ken Smith CR 4-on hold

    In good condition and has all the characteristics of a Smith : nice mids which give it enough punch and a crispy slap-sound. Dates from 1994 Controls : volume (and serves as active/passive push pull), balance, bass, treble.. Comes with a Smith case and can be shipped (shipment included) or picked up....Sorry but no PayPal, I have bad experiences with the rates they use so I prefer a bank transfer. Feel free to check my feedback on bass.chat and no problem to pm me for further information. I made a crappy video with a couple of sounds to give an idea (I am still recovering from a bicycle accident four months ago (start working again next Monday) which splattered my right wrist and will keep me occupied with revalidation the next five months so I am glad I can start "playing" again)
  7. They changed it on the website but the names were indeed different at the time.... Sorry for the off-topic..fantastic versatile bass and the extra mid-boost is a real gem.
  8. I used to have a similar bass and it was called the MM at the time....different from the TM I also had. Excellent basses by the way..I've had several basses but this is one I regret selling. I hope someone gets this so I can stop myself from doing something impulsive :-)
  9. wombatboter

    Blade B3 1993

    I love your video's...that solo-piece is such a treat. Great feel, very relaxed and so musical. Great bass too...!
  10. wombatboter

    FS : Epifani UL501 bass amp-price drop

    I used to have the 502 ànd the 902 only to discover that I never used two channels...If I find a good sound I'm not very keen on changing it during a show, enough sound engineers who already have trouble amplifying one like it should be..
  11. wombatboter

    Talking Heads

    Weird, two bass players...
  12. wombatboter

    Talking Heads

    Bit bitter that Weymouth said that she never considered Byrne as being a friend since he always kept his distance and made it clear that he didn't see the band as friends (he has Asperger) She felt really hurt when he suggested to do an audition as a bass player when they started recording "Naked". After all the recordings and gigs they had had she thought it was very painful to "audition" again for the band she was already in. Last year been listening to her basslines and they are just fab ("Cities" for instance)
  13. wombatboter

    Fodera Matt Garrison MG4 Maple Burl top & Back

    Not enough pictures ! :-) Great bass, my ultimate bass actually.....
  14. wombatboter

    FS : Epifani UL501 bass amp-price drop

    Pricedrop : 560 £ (shipment included)