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  1. wombatboter

    Feedback for Apeneck Sweeney

    Sold a Marusczyck Frog fretless to Dave....thanks for the trust, highly recommended !
  2. wombatboter

    Feedback for wombatboter

    Thx Dave, enjoy your bass !
  3. wombatboter

    FS : G&L Asat USA-price drop

    Price drop : 800 £ (shipment included)
  4. wombatboter

    FS : G&L Asat USA-price drop

    I have my eye on something else so this bass is for sale...I don't have a case but can send it well packed but collection is also possible though I live in Belgium Very versatile through all the switches and active/passive mode. I made a crappy video (it was way too early in the morning, sorry) to give some sounds. It's one of those basses which can cover it all imo : rocky, funky, punky and sounds great with a pick for instance. No trades please and no PayPal too (after bad experiences with fees and exchange rates) Feel free to contact me for further questions and check my feedback here on bass.chatn thanks for looking
  5. wombatboter

    FS Marusczyck Frog Fretless-Sold

    3,7 kg....nut : 4 cm (stop asking the weight, I have to loose some !)
  6. wombatboter

    FS Marusczyck Frog Fretless-Sold

    Had a couple of pm's but nothing definite.....price drop to 660 £ shipment included to the UK
  7. wombatboter

    FS Marusczyck Frog Fretless-Sold

    It is.... Small slap thing...
  8. wombatboter

    FS Marusczyck Frog Fretless-Sold

    No problem, thanks !
  9. wombatboter

    FS Marusczyck Frog Fretless-Sold

    Two years ago I saw a second hand fretless Frog for sale but I hesitated too long before buying it and it got sold which I regretted since I love the shape of the bass (reminds me of my old Lefay Remington) and that yellow colour. A couple of weeks ago a similar one was for sale and I bought it because I didn't want to regret not buying it again.. I have played it since then and it's a great bass which is a pleasure to play.... But after some time I realised that owning two fretless basses is a bit too much and that my fretless Wal remains my favourite. Perhaps I should have thought of that earlier but now I know at least how a Frog sounds and feels like.. It weighs less than the Wal which is an advantage and it offers what is expected from an inspiring bass.. Controls are volume (passive-active push-pull), bass, treble and mid. I have no further idea of the specs (I can play a bit but I'm not intrested in the technical aspects, I'm sorry..they just have to feel and sound "right"). I didn't get a case but I'm sure I have some kind of old gigbag here somewhere and can send it well packed...Shipment is included in the price but collection is also possible. Feel free to check my feedback here on bass.chat and I made a quick video with a couple of sounds to give an idea of what is possible (sorry for some hasty intonation.. I didn't prepare anything either). On the video I boosted the midtones a bit and added a bit of bass..Tastes differ but I love that sound and the extra treble is handy for more percussive things.. Thanks for looking and feel free to pm me for more information.....
  10. wombatboter

    sold- pending payment

    Price drop...3500£ (shipment to the UK included)
  11. wombatboter

    sold- pending payment

    Thanks for the compliment (I do need it every now and then since one is rarely satisfied with ones manierisms and some days nothing seems to go right :-)) It is a fine bass and I would love to see it in the hands of someone who finds the potential which is hidden in these basses...A Wal bass has the quality that even sound engineers with the worst skills have a hard time killing that strong midtone. I've used it in various situations and I was able to hear myself thanks to that "honk" which puts it clearly in the mix. I still have a fretless Wal to keep me in the family ...
  12. wombatboter

    sold- pending payment

    The plate says : "yew facings, mahogany core" The bridges can't be moved latteraly (sidewards if I understand what you mean, I'm Flemish). Since I've had this bass I didn't had to adjust anything since the neck hasn't moved : it's very stable and I could put any kind of strings on it and they all seemed to fit...
  13. wombatboter

    sold- pending payment

    The years of playing live a lot are behind me (my own personal choice) so I rarely use this great bass anymore (the occasional twang while watching tv as an exception). I've already owned around 11 or 12 Wal basses and this is a fine one which I have owned longer than the others..No doubt I'll miss it in case it gets sold but that's a luxury problem since I still have other basses which supply me with ideas and pleasure. It is in excellent condition (the wood is yew), comes with the Wal case and shipment to the UK is included....I would prefer an international money transfer so no paypal please (feel free to check my feedback here on bass.chat). The bass can also be collected (I live in the Brussels area in Belgium) so no trouble at all to come and check it out. No shipment to the US. I took a few pictures and recorded a couple of videos with this bass to give an impression but feel free to contact me for more information...No trades please since I still have too many basses. Thanks for looking...
  14. wombatboter


    I have my eyes on a Marusczyck bass so I want to sell this one although it's a very versatile bass in excellent condition... Lots of switches to make a variety of sounds for fingerstyle, slap or pick (I tried to show some sounds in the video I've made, sorry for the sloppiness but it gives an idea, some stains from my hands on the body in the video but these can be easily removed with a cloth) This is not the Tribute series but the USA model...Unfortunately I don't have a case but I can send it well packed in an old gigbag (shipment included) For any more questions feel free to contact me and check my feedback here on BassChat if needed....thanks for looking
  15. wombatboter

    SOLD: Sandberg TM4 Hardcore Aged

    I've had around 160 basses so far (from Alembic to Zon etc) but the Sandberg TM remains to be one of the best basses I've ever had....one of the rare basses I regret to have sold together with a Status Kingbass with dolphin inlays. I just bought a bass this week so I have to be sensible :-)