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  1. How many this year?

    Around ten this year...I refused a lot of stuff because it turned out to be mostly the same old covers and I get depressed playing I will survive or I wish. There's not much left since I'm 55 and feel rather alienated from the music around me in Belgium. Would love to play with a good songwriter but there's not a lot of opportunity. I'm composing stuff myself but it's hard to find gigs. I guess sometimes I'm not envious of the quantity of gigs other musicians have but of their ability to put their objections aside and just go and play whatever it is...I'm not capable of doing that and luckily I have a daily job so the money's not important
  2. Feedback for johnny1982

    Bought a Jazz bass from him and communication and transactions have rarely been more smooth with all the info and comfort you might need... Excellent seller, very highly recommended...if only it were always like this !
  3. TV themes which groove

    Best bass tune imo...rarely gets better than this (played on a fretless Peavey)
  4. Stu Hamm Clinic at Markbass HQ

    Been following him for decades but lately he doesn't move me anymore...sloppy timing, cliches in his playing and he gives me the impression that he can't even play his own tunes without mistakes. Loved his first album Radio Free Albemuth but since then time stood still and nothing has happened.. Can't get why he's in demand while his fingerstyle playing for instance is "average".
  5. FS : MusicMan Sterling USA purple-SOLD

    message send
  6. *Withdrawn* / Alpher Mako Fretless 5 String

    True (but I prefer a lower B instead of a higher C) Fantastic bass by the way, I'm trying to be rational :-)
  7. *Withdrawn* / Alpher Mako Fretless 5 String

    Is B E A D G also possible ?
  8. *Withdrawn* / Alpher Mako Fretless 5 String

    Know what you mean about playing 5-strings (I've had the same problem but still find them very tempting) Have any pictures of the side of the neck where the dots are ?
  9. FS : MusicMan Sterling USA purple-SOLD

    Me too but the criteria for me to keep a bass is when it urges me to compose a tune or a song ...when I find after a couple of weeks or months that I don't take it out of its stand to be creative that means something to me. Whether a bass is cheap or expensive : it has to inspire me and that's a very subjective thing. Again : it has nothing to do with the quality (I had the same thing with my Alembics) but with a sort of X-factor. Thanks for the feedback !
  10. Bought this bass not so long ago here on bass.chat but I have my eye on something else so this is available... Sounds like it should (bass, mid, treble cut/boost) and is in good condition (some dings and dongs but nothing serious).. Unfortunately I don't have a case for it but I can send it well packed in an (old) gigbag inside a cardboard box (shipment included to the UK). It's from 1996 and weighs 4,1 kg Original ad is here : http://basschat.co.u..._1#entry3335082 Small vid I made which gives an impression of the sound I prefer on it http://youtu.be/gYwJtkFXLgQ
  11. FS : Jaydee Supernatural bass- SOLD

    On hold for someone, I'll see how it goes ...thanks for the feedback so far
  12. FS : Jaydee Supernatural bass- SOLD

    4,6 kg