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  1. pecodk

    Feedback for wombatboter

    Bought a Ken Smith CR4 bass from Geert. Geert answered a lot of my questions, sent soundfiles/videos and even shipped the bass 1 day before my my money transfer was in his account. All in all a very good experience. Highly recommended. And the bass ... it's in great shape and sounds nice. I am very pleased. Thanks Geert. Peter
  2. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    I'll take any advise I can get - biased or not. I always have the option to google and see what others write and then make a choice based on that. Thanks for your suggestions Si
  3. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    Food for thought. You gave me many good points to consider. Thanks project_c
  4. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    I bet he would
  5. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    I'm 50 years old and just starting out. I always wanted to play the bass. Grew up hearing Motown, Bootsy, Parliament, George Clinton, Temptations, Mark King, Marcus etc. So I decided to buy a decent used bass (Ken Smith) and now I need the rest of the gear so I can start playing. So considering my age I don't expect to do gigs - just for my wife (not that she will like it) behind closed doors (and maybe annoy my neighbours by playing loud (if I go for an Amp+cab)). Hopefully I'll get a little funky before I turn 60. If so I'm a happy camper - gigs or not
  6. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    Yes why not support Basschat when buying used. I already did - and I will buy more stuff thru this forum in the future, that's for sure
  7. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    Think I will go with some brand new stuff. Thanks for your suggestion dlloyd
  8. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    If I need to rumble the house down - then what suggestions do you guys have. I like Motown, old disco and funk. Hit me
  9. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    A ha ha ha - thought so Dem Jolie-blues. Why not make as much noice as possible
  10. pecodk

    I'm never gonna do a gig ... but

    Thanks Ambient I use Apple so Apogee wouldn't be a problem. When I read about Apogee there are lovers and haters. Some like Apollo better, others prefer Focusrite. Some suggest to go thru a pre-amp, others don't. That is where I get confused. Is there some kind of "must have" to get a great setup?
  11. that doesn't mean I cannot buy some great gear for personal use. I just bought a good bass and are looking forward to start playing. I will play at home and have looked at different options. Could use some advise from you guys. I have read quite a lot but still I'm a little worried I might buy the wrong gear. Many bass players (seen on youtube) use Apollo, Apogee duet etc. and a small cabinet/studio speakers when playing at home. I like the idea but I don't want to sacrifice good sound (if that's the case). I also looked at different options regarding "real" amps and cabinets such as Aguilar, Genzler, Markbass etc. I want something I will enjoy using for a long time. Hope to get some great input here before I spend my hard earned money. What are the pros and cons of Apollo, Apogee vs amps/cabinets. Any feedback will be appreciated a lot. Thanks in advance. Peter
  12. pecodk


    Fender Jazz int. series. [URL=http://s882.photobucket.com/user/pecodk/media/fender%20jazz_zpsgbsqbs06.jpg.html][IMG]http://i882.photobucket.com/albums/ac27/pecodk/fender%20jazz_zpsgbsqbs06.jpg[/IMG][/URL]