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  1. That's a lovely looking bass, I think mine has the same pickups, mine as a 3 pots and a 3 way switch though, I'll try and get round to messaging that guy tonight, didn't have time last night, I'll have to upload some pics of mine, mine's been de fretted and had some heavy body modification
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it, I'll give it a try later when I'm back from work, I joined a Washburn forum yesterday as well in the hope that someone can help as it looks as though there's a few XB400 owners on there, it's not as active as this site though.
  3. Sooo....Help lol, Hi everyone, I've just got my old fretless bass back from my brother and frankly it's a bit of a mess, most of it I can sort however..the numpty removed the jack and battery clip, I'm ok with the soldering bit but have no idea when it comes to wiring or wiring diagrams so have no idea on where the battery clip needs to be soldered too or where the wires to the jack goes? if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not sure if they're all pretty standard or I need to put pics up of the control cavity, or you need more info from me but thanks in advance :-) Oh the bass is an old Washburn XB400 if that helps (I've tried to find pics of the control cavity of one for reference but can't find anything clear enough)
  4. Oh my...I've gone a bit weak at the knees, that is absolutely stunning
  5. ape

    W10 and DAW's

    I've made the switch to Windows 10 but not tried cubase yet, had a couple of issues with my line 6 interface but that's all sorted now
  6. Sooo... I recently installed Windows 10 and one of the only issues I've experienced has been with my Line UX1, I've managed to solve this now so thought I'd share on here for our fellow members as I imagine there's probably at least a couple of Line 6 POD, UX users out there. Basically the issue was that after installing Windows 10 even after setting my default soundcard to the line 6 device it still played the sound through my monitor, now oddly I could here my bass through the line 6 headphones or speakers but not youtube or music I was wanting to play along to etc. I messed around installing the latest drives with no joy after a bit of research discovered the resolution. In short you need to go into advance properties and change the sound quality to 16bit, 48,000hz and it all works fine again. Anyway just thought it was worth sharing, if anyone gets stuck let me know and I'll try and explain in greater detail.
  7. Oh Man I'm going to be wasting some hours on this lol, I'll have a listen later, amazing idea though, thanks :-D
  8. [quote name='cetera' timestamp='1438548468' post='2835414'] The holoflash is/was available on all models. I don't have the cheapest model but I have a holoflash Rex, a holoflash Euro4 and a holoflash US NS2...... Which are you referring to? [/quote] Ah didn't realise that, was the standard Spector shape and don't think it was hugely expensive but not sure on the model
  9. [quote name='MOSCOWBASS' timestamp='1438589892' post='2835549'] Martin, i think the bass ape is talking about was the 20th anniversary bass, about 1999, mine was the 25th anniversary one, but wasn't featured in a magazine [/quote] Yeah I'm pretty sure it was a 20th and was in bassist magazine, that 25th is very very nice though
  10. [quote name='chrisanthony1211' timestamp='1438537899' post='2835285'] No lane poor pick ups, but still sound emense with the Seymour Duncan's. I am in the market for flea number 3, I've got permission from the boss, and funds from the loan sharks, next up is a flea with the lane poor, anyone selling? [/quote] Good choice, isn't the purple one on here one with Lane Poors, would be my ideal one i think the purple flake and Lane Poors, I'd be slightly jealous though
  11. I second taking a trip to bass direct, they're a nice bunch and have a big selection of nice basses, got to play my first status there as well which I'd always like the idea of, it certainly didn't disappoint. Me myself going for something expensive would either be a status or a Marleaux Consat, I still kick myself on a daily basis for not buying one at £1500 many many years ago.
  12. I so want one of these, from the pics I've seen the paint jobs look immense, are they the ones with the lane poor pickups or the later ones?
  13. [quote name='martin lee' timestamp='1438530131' post='2835192'] Hi Ape Yes i Know the bass, and it was recently back with us in the overwater workshop for a setup. I believe it was the 25th anniversary so around 2004/05, it was before my time so im not sure how many were produced and where they are now. let me know if you would like any further details and i can ask around. Martin [/quote] It's nice to know I'm not going crazy then, more info would be great but don't put yourself out too much, can just remember it looking an amazing bass think it was older than that, possibly 20th anniversary seems to ring a bell and think it was in bassist magazine, would still be curious about the 25th one though as I'm nosey lol
  14. Hi everyone, this has been driving me crazy so thought it was worth asking the many knowledgeable people on here to save my sanity. I can remember years ago seeing an Overwater bass in a bass magazine I think it was bass player or something like that, was a UK one and didn't last a massive amount of time unfortunately, anyway if I remember correctly it was an anniversary bass or something and had silver inlays, think the body was walnut, I've done the good old google search and don't seem to be able to find anything, anyone else remember it just so I know I've not lost the plot?
  15. Sooo is it just the finish that's different then anyone know?
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