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  1. Hey, I was just wondering whether it is possible to fit soap bar pickups on a jazz bass instead of the standard single coil layout? Thanks, Josh
  2. Hi, I was just wondering how you would make a jazz bass get close to a more musicman kind of sound. Obviously, since most musicmans, if not, all are active basses with 2 or 3 band EQ so you'll probably need an active jazz bass to get close I'm guessing. The reason why I'm asking is that I'd like to do a Louis Johnson/Brother's Johnson cover. Thank you, Josh
  3. Please delete this thread, don't have time for some people's answers. Btw, leave me alone, I'm going to bass gear, I only wanted to ask. How am I supposed to try something out when it's not at any store in UK except for Bass Gear? They'll probably go out of stock anyway because it is a Fodera. So thanks a lot for some people's answers on this forum. Those of you who were kind enough to give a decent reply (even though how stupid the question sounds I admit), thank you.
  4. My first p bass is a Westfield Precision (still have it). There's something about a p bass that can cover almost any genre. For 4 years I played genres from metal to R&B with the tone rolled off most of the time before I realised that it also had a really cool kind of woody tone when you start to slap with it. I recently bought a Sire V7 by the way and I definitely love that a lot at the moment.
  5. Hi, Bit of a dumb question but would it be possible for a bass company like Warwick, Fodera, etc. for example to send one of their basses to borrow and try out for a week/month or so? Thank you, Josh
  6. Also, bit of a dumb question but since I can't fly to Germany or New York to visit Warwick or Fodera would it be possible for them to send me the bass that I'm looking for to try it out for a week/month or so?
  7. Hi, I'm very grateful for all the replies and advice all of you have given me and I've come to a point where I've decided to try a few before I buy. I've looked at Bass Direct, they are absolutely awesome, I've been on their website a few times recently and would love to pay a visit! who knows I may see something I really like! Cheers, Josh
  8. I have GAS for a Fodera Emperor 5 Standard or a Warwick Streamer Stage I. Both really high end basses which are really versatile and will last a long time which again, I'm looking for in a bass at the moment but the only problem is, is that it will take me around 6 years to save up by the rate I'm going at the moment. Happy to wait this sort of time but it's so hard to choose between them
  9. Hi, At the moment I'm looking at very high end bass companies so I can save up for something that is really worth the money. I've also had a lot of Fender basses in the time I've been playing so it would definitely be very nice to have something new that will last and yet be as versatile as possible preferably a 5 string please and under £4000. This is a very wide price range and I'm open to any suggestions but I'd rather avoid the fender shapes. The only Fender shape that caught my eye recently was a Carvin JB5 which is surprisingly under £1000 from the options that I chose which was absolutely brilliant but I already have a jazz bass in my arsenal. For years and years I've always dreamt of having a Fodera, more specifically the Yin Yang or Emperor 5 but this will take me 6 years to save up for. I'd be happy to wait this sort of time as I'm happy with some of the basses that I have already. The Warwick Streamer Stage 1 really caught my eye too but this will also take the same time as the Fodera and it's whether it's actually worth saving up for that length of time for rather than the Fodera. Finally, if you could find one of this sort of high end bass standard for under £3000 or £2000 that would also be great too I know this topic is very generic and I may have not provided enough detail of what I'm looking for (even though I've wrote paragraphs lol but I know what you guys are like ) but I've run out of ideas and narrowed it down to Fodera, Warwick and Carvin which are very different beasts, especially Carvin but Carvin is the only one that is marginly affordable. Thank you so much, Josh
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