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  1. As it happens, the Ibanez EHB1505ms comes close to being my dream bass but also falls so far out due to it's orientation.
  2. I've been trying to get hold of the Pedaltrain Metro Bunny for ages. Jealous.
  3. I'm probably out due to wanting a Hipshot Bass Xtender, a TC Polytune 3 Mini Noir and possibly a Mooer Drum pedal to practice to. But, unless there's a really great surprise in both my income and a lefty bass release that's so far up my alley it's almost deeply intimate, then definitely no new bass this year.
  4. I'm going to be a little presumptive and assume the above includes my board, though it's certainly one of the simpler set-ups. I'm in just the one band and other than the odd cover, we only do our own material. Of the five pedals on my board, four of them are always on effects. So the compressor, octaver, chorus and preamp. The comp is just what it is, something to smooth out my playing. My band doesn't have a guitarist or keyboard player so that's where my octaver comes in - adds a bit of upper octave, a fifth up and just for fun, a spot of octave down too. The chorus is for that beautiful 80s shimmer and that's a must for me. The VT is there for the Ampeg tone, the extra EQ options and just a little sizzle from the drive. Delay gets used to add spaciousness to a handful of songs, like an echo. One song in particular is written around the delay for the effect of being somewhere like a very large desolate cemetery in autumn/ winter. My violinist uses a simple spring reverb set to maximum to give the vibe of her playing in the Underground. I hope that gives you some ideas.
  5. That is a whole lot of looping. Looping. Looping. Looping. Looping. And it's even putting me in a loop. Even putting me in a loop. Even putting me in a loop. Even pu - oh for gods sake, turn it off already!
  6. Well, out of love for the Bass Clone I won't make any recommendations for slimmer choruses. Actually, I can't as I've not tried a chorus that wasn't a Clone. But as for slimmer fuzzes, the Nano Bass Big Muff should probably be your fall back option just because it's the most obvious smaller option for what you already run. Certainly not the smallest option, what with Hotone, Tone City, etc producing dinky wee things, which I see you're not averse to. I do recall seeing some interesting videos made by Andertons on those mini pedal manufacturers that might help you out.
  7. Currently running a Wampler Mini-Ego compressor - T-Rex Quint Machine octaver - EHX Bass Clone chorus - MXR Carbon Copy Mini delay - Tech 21 VT Bass DI. All powered by a T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior. Only the delay isn't an always on effect. I think I may switch away from clip-on tuners and get a pedal tuner but it'll have to be a wee one if I do - recommend me one.
  8. Hipshot Bass Xtender, that's all.
  9. Best: 2019 Schecter Riot 4 Aurora Burst (lefty). Worst: Simply by not being overly exciting rather than bad: Rotosound flats.
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