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  1. Thanks. Go check it out in the lefty photo section.
  2. Thanks. I really like the stain they put on the ash, combined with that burst on the burl top it really puts me in mind of the cold of the north and Scandinavia, so much so I nicknamed her The Valkyrie. Yeah, it's great to have so many options. Well, when they can actually be sourced from the suppliers that is.
  3. Pedal order, Mini Ego (compressor) - Quint Machine (octaver) - Bass Clone (chorus) - Carbon Copy Mini (delay) - VT Bass (preamp.) The Carbon Copy only gets used sparingly whilst the others are always on effects. I just switched out the old patch cables for some nice EBS gold flat patch cables so I could use a smaller board but then I worry I'll find something new to add and then not have enough room.
  4. Here are some not so good photos of my beautiful new 2019 Schecter Riot 4 Aurora Burst. There's something of a story behind getting her, basically, at the start of the year I found myself with just enough money to splash out on my first new bass since 2009. It came down to this and a Schecter SLS Evil Twin, I think the Ibanex EHB got cut from the line-up because seafoam green just doesn't look remotely goth. Originally, I settled on the Evil Twin and placed my order with Anderton's with an initial delivery date of early May but that got moved back by supply issues and by last week I'd gotten fed, saw they had the Riot in stock and switched my order. I'm not fond of the nickel round strings, I'm a fan of flats but that's not a slight against the bass herself. The X series EMGs sound fantastic, the neck is smooth and fast, these photos really don't do justice to just how good she looks. Perhaps not super light but also not particularly heavy. Seems unlikely I'm going to have any trouble with warping from the carbon fibre reinforced neck, not that I ever had that issue with my Cort. I might still consider an Evil Twin down the line, and I still fancy a headless fanned fret in an appropriate colour. But I'm very happy with my Riot here. Oh, those pedals are great too.
  5. Cool Ibanez. I really like the headless multi-scale thing, just that seafoam green isn't for me.
  6. Not so much a 'collection' as acquiring something akin to my 'dream bass', I don't exactly collect basses, I've owned four (Yamaha BB614L, BC Rich Warlock - platinum series and a Crafter electro-acoustic) and have kept just my fourth (Cort Artisan B4LH.) I've been playing the Cort exclusively for the past 12 years but for I'd regularly look out for that one bass that would be pretty much a dream bass. Now, whilst I've not quite found a multi-scale headless bass, every other box has been checked by the Schecter SLS Evil Twin 4 string. Down side is I have to wait about 5 months for it to arrive at the retailer and that's before they do the set-up I requested and ship it out to me. It's going to be a long wait. I'm already climbing the walls, I want it in my hands so damned much.
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