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  1. I like the idea of DIY - cos over £100 for something that I'll use rather less frequently than say a mute, is a lot of bank to shell out on. I will see if I can figure it out - time to call in a favour or seven @Dood: these are not cheap... the Tech 21 MIDI Mongoose I mean.. are you selling?
  2. Thanks @Bigguy2017. Much obliged - a mate made me one in 10 minutes, I remember that - but this is what he does all day, every day LOL. But I will try cos I think I should
  3. Suddenly my mid 90s Yamaha TRB6 looks a litle like a bland, boiled roast chicken. That is an astonishingly beautiful bass!!!!
  4. Hello all I'm on the hunt for a very simple midi pedal to engage the 4 channels of the Source Audio programmable eq. Each switch will function as on/off and will also override an engaged switch (IOW, if channel 2 is on and press channel 3, it engages without having to switch off channel 2). I don't need midi thru or display panels. Just 4 switches with 4 LEDs. Do such pedals exist? I had one built back in South Africa but during a bought of idiocy, I ditched the eq and controller (can I get an amen for stupidly selling gear only to buy it all back later!!!) Any help would be awesome. Cheap, simple, and cheap hahaha
  5. If I wasn't broke that would be mine. Bang for your buck, it's quite possibly the best combo I've encountered
  6. Damn if that green head is not t'riffic. Here, have a bump mate. Killer rig. Outstandingly good value
  7. There just seems to be something about MB that puts me off... I used to play a venue with a 310 combo and it sounded pants until I figured that the VLE knob was the only voice I like on the head. I actually haven't ever tried a different head through an MB cab, but their portability is undeniable. the 210 and 115 setup is just something isn't it
  8. I've always been intrigued with how good the Elf might be - having not yet had he opportunity to see one let alone play through one. I've heard very favourable reports - especially when used with 2 10" cabs - which are as small as I've seen.
  9. I may just sealed things with a 210 actually. It's just easier to go with what you know rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. I do, however, down the line want to look at a 15. Something about that stack that appeals so. More to follow
  10. OK. So 300w will be more than capable of handling the head. Very good to know. Thanks @Doddy
  11. See, that's exactly what I would expect. The 2 12s maker so much sense to me. I'm assuming that you have pushed the amp? I chatted with Ashdown and they recommend a lot more power handling. But I guess if you are not hammering them... A la Janek Gwizdala. I like the idea of the cabs side by side, but raised to waist height. Terrific feedback mate. Ta
  12. I've always liked the idea of 12s. A mix of 10s and 15s in one swoop. I like Marmite hahahaha. I like the vintage knob and the power. Nothing much else about the heads. But they are immensely popular, so perhaps I'm missing something.
  13. Right. 1. So 408, unless paired with probably a 15 might not cut the mustard. 2. The weight factors into this a LOT. Even with the trolley I have planned, I need to rethink that. 3. How "good" are the new Warwick neo cabs.... BTW, opinions on Mark Bass? Not the heads (which I've never liked) but the cabs.. And again, HUGE thanks
  14. I wake to so many terrific answers, so I'd like to firstly thank you all so very much. Secondly, the weight of the 408 at 22kgs is a concern. I have my eye on a Mark Bass 15 which looks like a much more viable option, weight wise. I'm just rather partial to Ashdown. Secondly, my favourite combination has somehow always been a 15 under 2 10s. Always sounded rich and broad to me. The 408 concept seemed a much lighter version of the classic 410, which I'm very familiar with. But overall, we're in lock down for the foreseeable future, in one shape or another and spending hours trying gear is not as easy as I'd have thought. And then there's the Warwick/Thomann factor. They have a 112, 400w for £170 delivered. You just can't beat that. But I haven't played through a new Warwick cab in years. They old ones were brilliant so it stands to reason the new ones will be too. Buuuuuut now back to Ashdown. I have just recently bought the Retroglide head. 720w at 4 ohm (probably close to 400w at 8). Fabulous head. Quite bright. But as I really only use a head for its power, the graphic eq would be more to tailor the cab it's attached to. I would like to stay with Ashdown but the only 400w cabs are the older ones which are 26kgs at least. Of the new, and affordable (trés important) range, the 112 is only 300w. So....thoughts while I mull...
  15. Why would you say "give the worst possible result"? I know a wee bit about sound dispersion and frequency throw, and I've never seen a 4x8/10/12 in a vertical configuration save as a part of an eight by layout.
  16. Hi all I have to opportunity to scale down the weights of my gear by shifting from a combo to a class D head (which I have) to a neo equipped cab (which I want). The plan is to get a single cab now and throw in a second when funds permit. I've been eyeing a Warwick 112 which is at a great price. But I've always been a bit of a 210 fan so that'd always an option. Buuuuuut today I saw something for an Ashdown 408 cab and power handling aside, I'm interested to hear your thoughts and experiences with 4 8" drivers? I remember always liking a Trace rig with a 408 and a 115. Mega sound. Buuuuuut I'm sure the 15" contributed a lot. Anyway, waffling aside...your thoughts please. Thank you in advance. Julian
  17. Thank you Simon. Great doing this with you. I know you'll love it. I certainly did
  18. If I were up north I'd be with family and in my happy place... I do so love the moors!
  19. Just bought one - absolutely wonderful amp! GLWYS
  20. That is all anyone can expect mate DPD are tops !! Now to ensure the sale of my combo so I can ensure the purchase of this cab!
  21. PRICE DROP TO £160!! I've found what I am after and now this needs to go ASAP Ashdown EVO III 500W bass combo 2 x 10" configuration Complete service and TLC in October 2019 by Guy Morel at Ashdown (new PC boards, new pots, new sliders, re-soldered etc etc etc) It's been used, but the only issues are cosmetic - and it sounds like you'd expect from Ashdown (loud and as warm as toast) Link to manual Link to info on the GAK web site Down scaling due to COVID, and some back issues that make this not the easiest thing in the world to lift (and I'm now 50, so my back hurts naturally) Collection only, or a drive locally. If you want this couriered, we're looking at around £100 because of the size and weight...
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