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  1. Car amplifier is a great idea. Several 12v mixers around to run all the OP's inputs from this as well
  2. other options - I see a lot of solo singer guitarists using the Roland street cube. Once away from a supportive resonant wall they sound awful to my ears - really straining hard. The newer street cube ex is much better. I was watching a player with one yesterday. It is clearly more powerful and they were running several inputs. The sound was much nicer. I see Harley Benton now have a busking amp that may be worth a look: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_streetbox_60.htm?ref=mobile#bewertung If you could run two of these you'd be spreading the headroom a bit - ideal for percussive instruments like your Cajon
  3. Will you be busking in resonant spaces (eg railway arches) or completely outdoors? I ask as I used my phil jones double4 running off a battery as a two channel system for my Contrabassoon effects and samples. In railway arches it is the perfect volume. In unsupported areas - footpath etc it completely dissappears. It's like I'm making no sound at all. I have seen people running multi instrument sets ups in outdoor spaces using the new 240v powerblock systems and using a mixer into a single powered pa speaker. If I was starting from scratch tomorrow this is the route I would go. The battery for my double4 was 100quid right off the bat which makes this thing pretty good value - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jackery-Portable-Explorer-Generator-Outdoors/dp/B08RNPYLQW/ It says it will provide 200w (400w peak) so that would do a mixer and 100watt+ PA speaker
  4. Hi Phil, That's very kind thank you. I'm not in a position to start building yet, but I'll send you a PM in due course 😎
  5. This is absolutely superb!!!
  6. Phil I'd be really, really interested in your 1x6 design and thoughts, especially with the partnered gnome. Will you make a dedicated thread? My uses are very specific and I've often considered a 1x6, but don't know where to start. Cheers, Thomas
  7. With the extra auction fees that probably wasn't far off 500quid all in. Regardless, someone got an absolute bargain!
  8. I would love a wt400 or wt550. Love the minimal look, the parametric EQ etc. Would often turn up at the bass centre in wapping just to refresh my memory about how they sounded and would go off to count my pennies.
  9. I feel for you. Coming from an originals context, rather than function or covers, although gigs are happening it is very, very difficult to build up sequences of dates. Too many things can get cancelled last minute. I'm using this lull to work up a new set specifically for less, but more select shows next year. I've seen things are happening in certain cities in Canada, but it seems a similar situation to here - treat shows as one offs
  10. Dust is settling from my show on Friday the 1st. First public performance in just under 2 years. It was wonderful to play again. Capacity crowd at Kings Place Hall 2. Superb venue! Dealing with the slight anticlimax now as my diary is still basically empty.
  11. And in action the bass instrument extravaganza that is ORE. The Tuba Doom group is normally massively amplifed and we're all playing through octave pedals for super sub-bass action, but this was a rare completely acoustic set at Supernormal Festival in 2017 (Now my favourite festival and this may rank as my favourite ORE show)
  12. Enjoying the mention of bassoon earlier in the thread. My main instrument is the Contrabassoon. An octave lower than bassoon, it descends to low Bb, a semi tone below standard 5/6 string bass guitar. I fell in love with the instrument when I was a double bassist and was writing for the bassoon for my ensemble. I could only ever recruit session musicians rather than a band member, so I decided to become the player I couldn't find. 10 years later my main project is solo performance of my electroacoustic ambient music, but I do sessions and guest in bands with more regular bassline playing. Here's the only gig from last year - A live stream set for Nick Luscombe's Musicity project. And a recent release: https://thomasstonemusic.bandcamp.com/album/host
  13. Absolutely superb!!!! Where can I see this in action?
  14. As an extension user when I played double bass I absolutely love this!! Any more pictures of the whole bass?
  15. I use sumup with my phone and have absolutely no complaints. Sumup now have phone free devices which would seem to be up your street: https://sumup.co.uk/solo-card-reader/?prc=AIR1799UK2021-s-AB2999UK2021-s-3GP11999UK2021-s-SOLO7999UK2021
  16. I woke up one morning completely deaf in my left ear. This was rather distressing, but the most extraordinary experience was my brain trying to compensate with my working right ear. There was a weird delay/phase effect that magnified over the course of 48 hours as my brain "learned" how to interpret sounds from my left side. Fortunately My ear was just jammed with wax following two weeks of wearing ear plugs at work and my hearing returned over the course of a fortnight.
  17. Wow sounds amazing! Thanks for the heads up, will investigate now
  18. I love music that seems to really exploit these sounds. A lot of the early 20th composers were not just experimenting with atonality, but these fixed tone dissonances within tonal writing - Debussy, Satie, Messiaen all seem to explore this within their beautiful, slightly alien sounds Also Arvo Pärt with his tintinnabuli style. I bet the bell like effect wouldn't work as well with a keyboard tuned in a different temperament
  19. Bit of a tangent, do you use your viola da gamba in any contemporary music making? Any links of so?
  20. I was going to write the same thing. Instruments without predetermined pitches, so everything excluding keyboards and fretted instruments will be pulling and pushing tuning of notes, especially thirds, the whole time. As I was so conditioned by the world of fretted instruments I couldn't really understand how the root A of A major isn't the same tuning of A as the A in D minor for example, but then as a double bassist, then a woodwind player I found you adjust notes to be "out of tune" but actually in to tune without really thinking about it. I think it's worth playing around with
  21. I've just done another search now for a band for an imaginary wedding. I'm not logged in and it seems like you have to create an account before it will show you the bands. As a punter this would put me off, although I understand why they would implement this. Looking forward to hearing others experiences
  22. Beautiful, beautiful amplifier and speaker combo'. I would love one
  23. I had a profile on there for a long time. It Kept becoming inactive for some reason, perhaps because I didn't get anyone contacting me through it, perhaps because I didn't log in enough. I play a niche instrument in an even more niche genre so wasn't expecting it to generate any solo bookings, but was intrigued about the session work capabilities. I've run a few test searches for all sorts of players or groups etc over the years and I don't think the site is really that active. Happy to be proved wrong 😃
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