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  1. I agree that the body is likely stripped rather than originally natural; I'd expect a natural finish to be over an ash body, but this looks like alder.
  2. I can't understand what is so wrong with using an electric tuner. Are we supposed to use a tuning fork?
  3. b/w/b always just looks right on natural ash. Black pearl never looks good to me.
  4. Depending on the bass I'd take the opportunity to move the 'E' tuner to replace the broken and one and fit a hipshot GB7 bass extender If the bass doesn't deserve a hipshot, you could try posting in the wanted section of this site - someone is bound to have a spare tuner in their bits box that will fit.
  5. Check out Betty Davis, she was briefly married to Miles Davis and made a few extremely funky albums in the 70s.
  6. The new Residents album: Metal Meat & Bone, the songs of dyin' dog
  7. sort out that jarring bum note in Jean Genie please
  8. I have bought quite a few instruments on ebay. I have not had any problems worth mentioning and have managed to pick up a few decent bargains.
  9. It is always pickguard; "Jean-Luc Scratchplate" would be a terrible screen-name.
  10. These are fantastic pickups - mine totally transformed my 81 precision into a tone monster.
  11. Unfortunately the video ends before Kim Jong Un walks on stage as they start playing 'big bottom'
  12. I like my trusty old white polytune clip so much that I bought the black version as well
  13. My missus came out with a good one, she said "you don't need another bass" Actually she says that quite often.
  14. The finish makes it look like its been flayed.
  15. This looks like a classic example of a solution looking for a problem
  16. I'd get a Candy Apple Red one with maple fingerboard if I could get permission to buy another bass. Then again its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.
  17. One of mine is Daphne blue but neither has a gash or fag burn.
  18. There's nothing on that website that convinces me that it is/was an official EMG site. It appears to be running on WordPress 3.4.1 meaning it hasn't been updated since 2012. The ecommerce plugin it is using is one which was last updated four years ago, is no longer available to download from WordPress.org, and is no longer maintained or supported.
  19. Thanks for all the replies - to make it as flexible as possible and as an accidental tribute to Spinal Tap I will make it go to eleven. its unlikely to be used much at the higher numbers, but there's always that one person who will need it.
  20. You're not supposed to eat the urinal cakes Douglas - despite the name they're not actually cakes 😉
  21. ...with a capo A question for anyone who uses a capo with a guitar - what is the highest fret you've been able to use a capo without it sounding terrible? The reason I'm asking is that I'm building a WordPress plugin to display song lyrics with chord diagrams - like exhibit 'A' in the wonderful sketch below. I am building in options to show chords for guitar, ukulele or my current favourite, chicago tuned tenor guitar, to transpose the song, optionally show chords for southpaws, and also apply a capo (which is different to transposing as the chord name will change without the diagram changing when you add in the capo). The transpose range will be from minus eleven to plus eleven semitones and I am considering to also allow for using a capo up to the seventh fret but I'm not sure whether this is enough - should it go higher? If so how far? My Ozark tenor guitar has the neck join the body at the twelth fret and my (banjo) capo can be fitted as far as the ninth fret but the neck heel is in the way up there making chords difficult in that position.
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