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  1. I would suggest that everyone in the band should have the same luxury of being allowed to play 'by feel' adding or removing bars (or half bars) at will, and then play a few songs to see see how well it goes.
  2. The bidding is already higher than it would have originally cost in Woolworths
  3. I think this thread may have strayed slightly off course from discussing the strange choices that have been made in customising cheapo basses and offering them for sale at inflated prices.
  4. As you have a u-bass what are you hoping for a mini (but bigger than a u-bass) acoustic bass to achieve? I have a Kala u-bass and was getting a little frustrated at the Pahoehoe strings not staying in tune well, and I'd had similar results with silicone and thundergut strings when I owned a pair of Ashborys. I bought a set of Kala flatwounds by Galli strings https://kalabrand.com/products/ka-bass-4fw from Mike Upton at the LBGS a few years ago and had the nut adjusted by Martin at the Gallery and since then the u-bass now does exactly what I'd hope for an acoustic bass to do whilst staying in tune. In fact it did it so well I ended up selling my rather lovely tanglewood rosewood reserve acoustic bass. The Kala/galli flats have a nylon core with chrome/steel wrap. I really like their feel and the warm & thumpy tone which is more focussed than other u-bass strings.
  5. Nice! I have a similar CIJ mustang in vintage white as well as a JMJ. Both great basses. The JMJ is probably the one I favour most of the time but but the slim neck on the CIJ practically plays itself.
  6. The behringer sf300 super fuzz is an excellent sounding fuzz at any price, but at £15 is an absolute bargain.
  7. If the bassist is playing the knitting machine, who'll be playing the bass?
  8. I think someone turned one of the tuners just a little and didn't tell the bassist which one.
  9. I ensure I always have a spare set of new strings and a set of 'worn-in' strings in the gigbag/case. If someone in another band (who I don't know personally) broke two strings and consequently asked to borrow my bass I'd politely refuse and offer to instead sell them the used set for a non negotiable amount of cash on a take it or leave it deal.
  10. My Chromes arrived a few days ago. The Fender flats on both of my mustangs still have a good few years life left in them so the strings have gone into the side pocket of my short scale gigbag 'just in case'.
  11. The wedding classic: 'band of gold' by Freda Payne
  12. I imagine toothpaste would work best on a mint pickguard
  13. If its this type, they're made by schaller You can contact them here: https://schaller.info/en/contact
  14. Are there any clues as to which company made the tuners? - eg schaller, gotoh, hipshot etc. If so they should be able to help. If you post a pic showing the tuners clearly someone here might know who the original manufacturer was
  15. I know its not the same as a pedal, but I could definitely hear a difference powering an 80s EMG precision pickup with 18v compared with 9v, in fact once I was used to hearing it with 18v it actually sounded quite unpleasant with 9v - almost like it was overcompressed. I couldn't however hear a difference doing the same comparison with a more modern EMG PJX set
  16. I would be wary of applying heat if it has a transparent finish in case of scorch marks
  17. Anyone else collecting D'Addario players circle points and claimed free strings on their current 999 offer? I was setting up a recently purchased guitar for my daughter's young man and I wanted to put 9s on it as he is just starting out. D'Addarios were the cheapest name brand bronze 9s on amazon so I went for those. When the strings were delivered I noticed the mention of the players circle points collection thingy on the packaging, and felt sure I had signed up and collected some points a while ago. I managed to sign in and saw that somehow I already had 950 points, with the code in the new strings taking it up to 1050. D'Addario is currently running a promotion where 999 points nabs you a free set of ANY D'Addario strings including free delivery. Long story short, I spend £5.25 on acoustic guitar strings to give away and now I have a free set of medium scale Chromes on its way to me worth around £50.
  18. Be careful, my cousin's friend once used an Ernie Ball polishing cloth and his testicles became so swollen his girlfriend called off their wedding.
  19. I had schaller straplocks on my '81 precision in the 80s and the they worked loose making the bass hit the deck. Put the original strap buttons back on later that day. All I use now are the grolsch washer types.
  20. The lightly scalloped fingerboard edges make me cringe as much as the 'about to fold up on itself' bridge'
  21. I think Tom Waits once described a 1958 buick that colour as being 'Monkey 5h1t brown'
  22. Before 2018 mine would have been exactly like the Daphne blue JMJ sig but without the roadworn treatment. Since JMJ has nailed that bass and I can live with the roadwornedness of the one I bought, I would get Fender to build something based on my Squier SS Jaguar with a few tweaks for my own sig. Alder (rather than agathis) body with Candy apple red Nitro finish neck dimensions - exactly as the squier Rosewood fingerboard Fender High Mass bridge Hipshot lollipop tuners Fender Yosemite pickups with CTS/switchcraft loom including greasebucket circuit - these sound thunderous on my squier Thomastic JF-324 flats Rosewood fingerboard chrome thumbrest correct 60s style Jazz bass knobs Chrome thumbrest on the bass side Extra long comfort strapp and red grolsch thingies This would be a MiM instrument with a target street price of around £1000
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