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  1. If that’s what my post seems to suggest, I want to stress that’s not what I meant. The cabs IME are very capable, but the WTX just couldn’t deliver. My current amp does have the required power (same wattage), but it doesn’t need to work as hard... To put it very explicitly: I think it’s the amp that’s coming up short, not the cabs.
  2. I think the Terra Nova 501 is the successor to the WTX-500. I owned one (WTX) briefly, but although it was a lovely sounding head with a few nice features, it boasted the weakest 500 watts I’ve ever experienced... I now run an older Eden Traveler through my 112EXT with a 112MNT (which I believe should give me roughly the same power-handling - but please do correct me if I’m wrong) and it goes irresponsibly loud.
  3. I might end up getting a 735 some day if curiosity gets the better of me, but the 435 is absolutely brilliant. I suppose in comparison the 735 might feel a little richer, and the preamp should be a nice bonus, but I doubt there is much to be gained in the way it plays.
  4. Yeah, I doubt it means anything... I was literally wiping sweat off my bass between songs.
  5. Ernie Ball Regular Slinky’s. (45-130) They sounded great, but they’ve already gone a bit dull due to a couple of ridiculously warm rehearsals with a few large groups in rather small studios. I’m guessing they normally have a longer life-span.
  6. There you go - exactly what I was thinking! I thought an anodized guard would look nice and classy, but it might be tricky to get one made...
  7. Minor update: I decided to put some fresh strings on, even though I thought the old ones still had some life left in them. Well, turns out I was wrong! The new strings sound waaay snappier. Good news, I suppose, if old strings like that still sound pretty nice. B is still a little less defined, but very very acceptable. I’m super pleased.
  8. Here it is together with my hand-built P. I’m really impressed that the BB compares the way it does. Getting one of these used is just silly value for money.
  9. Yay, I managed to grab a BB435... will definitely try to get my head around this thread.
  10. Cheers, yes I’ve seen it! Haven’t worked through the whole thing though... The saddles of the 435 aren’t of the reversible kind, unfortunately. I think that’s 735 and up.
  11. Well, NBBW really... And oh dear. I joined the bandwagon. I’d been gassing for a 5-string PJ and some of you recommended a BB. Of course, it was only a matter of time before a BB435 came along and I just couldn’t resist... Initially, I thought the neck and string spacing were too wide, but after a few days getting used to it, it seems like I can play a lot faster... it’s an odd sensation. The overall balance of the strings across the fretboard is OK. I wish the E and B stings were a bit snappier around the middle of the neck, but then I realise this is an entry-level bass. Overall I’m impressed by the quality at this price-point. It’s well-designed, with the right attention to detail. It plays great and the pickups sound brilliant. The bridge is the only thing about it that feels a little underwhelming. It’s not a deal-breaker, but anybody know of any drop-in replacements? Anyway, I didn’t like a few specific things about the 735 - plus there are some big changes happening in my life - so I decided not to go for a more expensive bass. Time will tell if that was the right thing to do. Until then at least it’s a lot of fun to play!
  12. Fender’s target audience just won’t go for new designs, so you can hardly blame them. They seem to do all right. On a side note, I have a pet theory that it was the pickguard that sank the Dimension, but maybe that’s just me.
  13. I have a lot of time for Fender, but that portmanteau makes me feel a bit queasy.
  14. I think it’s worth it, but I agree it’s quite a chunk of cash. A significant amount of my straps, however, were handed down to me through the ineffable workings of the universe... (even a few pretty nice ones!) Incidentally, so were all of my umbrellas.
  15. Mine came in the other day. It’s a Levy’s too, of the padded leather variety... I believe the 2” type. (The bass straps are just too wide and warm.) It seems the ideal adjustment will forever be right in between the available slots, but other than that it’s really nice and comfy. Smells great too.
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