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  1. Danuman

    NBD - G&L Tribute Kiloton (DV247 B-Stock)

    Such a good looking bass... G&L tributes are amazing value for money. Nice to have it pre-dinged as well.
  2. Danuman

    (what, again?) Precision v Jazz

    The P is definitely best, but so is the J.
  3. Danuman

    What’s the problem here?

    I briefly owned a TH500 and felt exactly the same way... I loved the form factor and weight, I liked the sound (and it has ample volume) but I just couldn’t get the right sort of energy from it. I gather that the DB line of cabs have a pronounced mid-bump so perhaps the amp was designed to go with them - although I suppose that kind of defeats the portability aspect... Anyway, I know some excellent players who love this amp, so IME, IMO, etc. Edit: Another thread reminded me, the DI out on the TH500 is really nice. I recorded some great sounds with it. Might make a difference, or it might not.
  4. Danuman

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    I’d really want to try it out first, but thanks for the offer!
  5. Danuman

    Eden cabs

    Very true. I'd be interested in the difference in sound with the EX112. I tried to order one before I got my current cabs, but they weren't available at the time. Cheers, thanks for confirming. Here's a clumsy analogy: If my 112's sound like a well-trained athlete, the Eden cabs sound like a big, burly bodybuilder. (You have to be one to shift them too!) I'd like to have left one of them at one of my regular rehearsal spaces, but the difference in sound just does my head in. I have gained a new appreciation for my 112's though, and at 35 lbs, I guess lugging them around is really not that bad. I'm really happy with all of this quality equipment.
  6. Danuman

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    Cheers! I would give that one a go, but it’s a bit of a swim from Amsterdam. 😅
  7. Danuman

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    Ooh, now we’re talking. I’m not at all keen on headstocks with opaque colours on them - and I was thinking of a maple neck - but that coffee-burst BB reeeeeally hits the spot... I’ll go and see if I can try one!
  8. Danuman

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    Cheers all! I had checked the online retailers, but most of what they offer is either too expensive, or too cheap! The Sire stuff seems like it would fit somewhere in the middle, but I’m just not fond of the way they look. The Sandberg looks like a nice riff on the old Fender design, but I’ve never played one. The BB’s seem nice too!
  9. Danuman

    Five-string PJ suggestions

    Hi all, I’ve been thinking about getting a five-string PJ, but I’ve not come across very many. Is there any reason for that? Budget would be less than 1000 (even better if used) and generally I’d prefer it to look like a P. Any good suggestions? Thanks! Dan
  10. Danuman

    Eden cabs

    Hi all, After trying a whole bunch of different amps and never quite getting on with them, I finally managed to get my hands on another Eden WT-550. The seller didn't want to split up his items, but he did cut me a pretty good deal, so I'm now the proud owner of a rather monstrous stack consisting of a US made D15XL and a later Chinese 210XST. I have a pair of really nice high-end 112's so I'm debating whether or not to keep them. They don't sound nearly as good to my ears, but I'm really not used to this kind of setup. On their own they have their strengths I suppose, but together they don't seem to make much sense to me. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I'm just spoiled. Anyway, here they are: Cheers!
  11. Danuman

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    Well, I suppose it was inevitable. After briefly owning a Glockenklang Soul II - which sounded marvellous, but didn’t work for me at all - I got my hands on this little setup. The good thing is I now remember why I liked it so much in the first place; through my fancy-schmancy 112 VDK’s it just sounds so brilliantly tactile. I love it. I have been really rather spoilt with those cabs I’m afraid, so I think the Eden cabs are probably going to go. They look mighty impressive though. Here’s hoping this amp was built to last!
  12. Danuman

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    Funny - that's not far off, except I hadn't heard of Ringworld before, haha. It's in reference to me likening myself to a talking monkey and my dad calling me Daneman (similar to danny boy, I suppose). Unfortunately, I recently found out the old music shops around Amsterdam are not doing at all well, (must suppress urge to rant about ice cream shops, waffle and pancake houses and criminally priced cheeses) and I now refuse to go to Bax. Horrible place. As a result there isn't a great deal of quality bass gear around to try out. The AG700 is not a bad shout, but my experience with the TH500 has severely cooled my interest in Aguilar. Not that it was a bad amp, mind. It just wasn't for me.
  13. Danuman

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    No - I suppose it could have been a Discworld reference - unfortunately it’s a bit of a weird one that no one will ever get that I decided on in a moment of whimsy, and one I’ve since come to regret slightly, haha... I’m interested in why you might think that, though. In the meantime I’m thinking about getting a compressor to help out a bit with the Genz Benz. Does that make sense?
  14. Danuman

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    Oof. If that were to pop up near enough, I’d jump right on it. Heehee, I should probably clarify; that’s a smidge above my station. It’s so easy to get carried away.
  15. Danuman

    Eden WT-550 Replacement Suggestions

    Cheers! I noticed it, but it’s a bit far away, unfortunately. 😅