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  1. Hmm, as you say, not a drop-in but I will look into it. I’ve got one on my 4 string bitsa, and it’s probably the best design available...
  2. I suppose even at the higher price the 735 is a bit of a bargain, so that’s fair enough... but the finished neck put me off and I wanted a passive bass. Still, even with the slightly tinny bridge the 435 is a really nice bass.
  3. Sadly, no. I know what you mean, though. Those bridges on the 735 are a lot chunkier. It would be nice to get one of those, but I don’t think they are available for sale.
  4. Hey all, I’m really happy with my BB435, but it seems the strings tend to lose clarity a little too quickly for my liking... I’m still debating maybe going for a set of elixers or something of that ilk, but I’ve found that sometimes a better bridge can help with these issues... and to be honest, the bridge on this thing is a bit underwhelming. Is anyone aware of any drop-in replacements? I’m not particularly attached to through-body stringing, however, I’m probably not going to do any destructive mods in case I ever decide to move it on. Thanks!
  5. I have a nice (expensive) Curtis Novak PB-V in my high(ish)-end bitsa, which sounds very good indeed... but I put a Tonerider in my MIM P that I ended up selling on a bit quicker than I had expected. I’m not sure I didn’t prefer that bass, actually.
  6. This is why this is such a great community. Thank you for the in-depth reply and for taking care of such a beautiful instrument. 😊
  7. Very cool! Possibly a stupid question: Were you not a little bit worried about sanding through the inlays?
  8. No matter what else, interesting people will always find interesting ways of making music.
  9. I’m very much aware of how bass players are perceived. I giggled as a lead player for years, but I was never a showman. So I’m much happier as a sideman firing up the people who are happy to do the showboating. That said, we’re essentially a power trio with a lead singer/harmonica player (who takes a few breaks here and there), so that’s a fairly naked setup. Admittedly, that’s part of the fun, but it also means there’s nothing to hide behind. Anyway, I’m sort of fine knowing we’re going to be filmed, but as FinnDave stated: Yikes! That’s when it happens. 🙈
  10. It’s exactly the same for me. Pictures and videos are always best if you don’t know it’s happening. Same goes for tracking in a studio up to a point. Trying too hard to avoid mistakes (or looking like an ar*e) just isn’t a particularly helpful mindset. Definitely worse for me with cameras though. I’m not expecting to become a natural or anything, but it would be great if I could reduce the impact of those stupid little moments where it messes up my playing. It’s nice to know you all have these different approaches!
  11. My band have a day of recording lined up in a beautiful studio. It’s an amazing opportunity, since we’re an old-school band and we’ll get to experiment with old-school analog recording techniques. (With the luxury of a digital safety net.) Since it’s a proper large recording room, we have asked a couple of (semi) professional videographer friends to come and shoot it as sort of a live studio gig. Here’s the catch though: I really don’t know how to deal with being on camera. As soon as one is pointed at me, I get unbearably self-conscious, I don’t know where to look, I become wooden and I lose the ability to think musically. It takes me right out of the music. I’ve asked my videographer friends for advice, but what I get from them usually amounts to little more than “just act naturally”. Who’s got anything better?
  12. I suppose you have to try it to be sure, but I have an ‘89 MIJ Strat that ended my six-string GAS 7 years ago... Of course, I’m now on Basschat, so you be the judge if there’s any wisdom in that. 😋
  13. After getting home from a gig just before I went on vacation two weeks ago, I found the nut holding the swivel on my StroboClip HD had come off... So I enquired with Peterson what size replacement I should get, and to my surprise they sent me a replacement nut and screw for free (Ireland to Amsterdam), which were waiting for me when I got home ten days later. Small gesture maybe, but it does mean I get to crack straight on with the StroboClip, so I thought i’d share. Cheers!
  14. I believe quality has increased a bit since, but a good 2007 should be as good as a good one now - more or less. I have a 2008 MIM P, and it’s a cracking bass. The pickup was the only thing I thought was a bit poor, but that was easily sorted.
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