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  1. Ooohh. That’s gorgeous! I ordered a vintage tint on mine as well, but it came out such a ridiculous shade of orange, it just had to go... Tiny bit sorry about that, but other than that I’m super pleased with how it turned out. I suppose it’ll just have to age naturally. 😊
  2. Well, this has been quite a project. A little over two years ago I bought my first Precision. I wanted a shoreline gold one, but since those only came in unaffordable price brackets, I bought a Mexican P with the foolish idea of refinishing it myself. Having had prior experience with utterly destroying a guitar’s resale value, the one good idea I had was deciding to build my own body (with help) and finish that instead. So far, it’s already had a pretty rough gigging life, but it’s my absolute favourite guitar ever. After swapping out pretty much everything else, I decided to purchase a lovely carbon-reinforced neck from a builder in the south of Holland. So, after an agonising period of waiting and having to miss my favourite bass - at long last - here’s the result. On the right is the old bass, and on the left is what resulted from changing pretty much everything about it to my personal preferences. It’s frighteningly resonant and it has ridiculous, Tufnel-esque sustain - even if it turned out a bit heavier than I imagined... Anyway, there are many P’s out there, but this one is mine. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the old one.
  3. I have to say I’m a bit sceptical of those comparison videos when all you hear is a single DI’ed signal. It all seems pretty similar until you feel it under your fingers in a live situation. That said, I recently bought a Tonerider TRP-1, and I must admit — I’m really impressed. It lacks the finer qualities of the Curtis Novak pickup that is in my favourite bass, but then that is a. really subjective, and b. about three times as expensive!
  4. If a guitar speaks to you, I think it makes a lot of sense to go quite far in adjusting it to your preferences. When I started out I used to get terribly cramped shoulders, because I didn’t realise I pulled on the neck too hard with my fretting hand - which meant I had to compensate by pushing the body down with my other arm... a completely pointless and even harmful effort. So, don’t rule out slightly adjusting your technique or picking up some good habits. It’s tough going at first, but a little goes a long way!
  5. I thought as much. I was hoping there might be some sort of material available for such purposes... But you’re right; if it means weeks of spraying and curing and sanding and buffing... I’d rather spend the time playing it! 😅
  6. Promising start indeed!
  7. Hey all, I’m looking into making decals for a bitsa. I might like one of those shiny chrome ones that are on some Fender models, but I have no idea if that’s feasible. I’m guessing it’s some sort of adhesive covered with a few layers of lacquer. Are there any businesses out there that might be able help out with a custom order? Also, I’m based in the Amsterdam area, which could be important. Thanks for reading! Dan
  8. Sonic blue, mint green and rosewood... Fine work and excellent taste, sir!
  9. I don’t quite remember how it happened, but I bought a used Curtis Novak PB-V. It’s a lovely and buttery P-bass pickup with just the right bounce. It feels like it allows what’s coming from my fingers to flow through the amp. Not a clue if it is in any way period-accurate, but it does come highly recommended!
  10. Years ago a luthier told me something that came as a bit of an epiphany at the time... He was mainly talking about Fender guitars, but I suppose it goes for most mass-produced bolt-on models: these guitars were designed to be put together easily. I would say make it nice and tight, but don’t overdo it. If you’re not careful, an electric screwdriver can really wedge in a screw, so I prefer to do it by hand. (I’ve seen a few bent bridges and neck plates) However, if you apply some common sense it’s really quite difficult to break a bolt-on.
  11. Such a good looking bass... G&L tributes are amazing value for money. Nice to have it pre-dinged as well.
  12. The P is definitely best, but so is the J.
  13. I briefly owned a TH500 and felt exactly the same way... I loved the form factor and weight, I liked the sound (and it has ample volume) but I just couldn’t get the right sort of energy from it. I gather that the DB line of cabs have a pronounced mid-bump so perhaps the amp was designed to go with them - although I suppose that kind of defeats the portability aspect... Anyway, I know some excellent players who love this amp, so IME, IMO, etc. Edit: Another thread reminded me, the DI out on the TH500 is really nice. I recorded some great sounds with it. Might make a difference, or it might not.
  14. I’d really want to try it out first, but thanks for the offer!
  15. Danuman

    Eden cabs

    Very true. I'd be interested in the difference in sound with the EX112. I tried to order one before I got my current cabs, but they weren't available at the time. Cheers, thanks for confirming. Here's a clumsy analogy: If my 112's sound like a well-trained athlete, the Eden cabs sound like a big, burly bodybuilder. (You have to be one to shift them too!) I'd like to have left one of them at one of my regular rehearsal spaces, but the difference in sound just does my head in. I have gained a new appreciation for my 112's though, and at 35 lbs, I guess lugging them around is really not that bad. I'm really happy with all of this quality equipment.
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