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  1. I haven’t found ‘my’ bass yet, but I do own two that sort of share the characteristics of what I would consider the perfect bass between them... *hushed voice* and I have an ‘89 MIJ Strat that lets me play as freely as I think I will ever be able to. It’s not perfect, but it speaks to me like no other guitar. Some previous owner completely trashed it, so it has no resale value worth mentioning, but I’d be devastated if it got stolen or damaged beyond repair.
  2. Thought I’d follow this up, just in case anyone else looking for a replacement bridge stumbles upon this thread. After the part arrived some time ago, I found out that the P35/735 bridge is not a drop-in replacement. Oh well. The money is gone, so I think I’ll go ahead anyway and have someone install it for me. I guess I could have just bought something I liked, but I suppose keeping the possibility of through-body stringing is not a bad idea in case I ever want to move it on...
  3. Came across this old thread by accident... Always happy to see Rocco’s stuff get a mention, so I thought a thank you was in order - more than a year overdue! 😊 I found this the other day, which I thought zips along rather nicely. Some tasteful and complementary playing over a lively rhythm section. I love hearing a proper big band play the blues. Luxurious!
  4. Ohhh dear, I was hoping some experienced builders or luthiers might offer some thoughts... My girlfriend accidentally knocked over my 1981 Ibanez AS-100. With the stand as a sort of fulcrum, it slammed face-down into the floor so hard it made my eyes water... and I believe the nut took the brunt of the impact. Visually, it seems there are only a few chips and cracks in the lacquer, but the intonation is out of whack and there is some slight string buzz... It was absolutely perfect before. I haven’t dared adjusting anything yet. Are there any critical points I should investigate? Maybe take it to a luthier?
  5. I’m sure there are people crazy enough to prefer worn-out frets, but a fresh set of frets on an old guitar... man that’s a beautiful thing.
  6. Well, I’ve ordered one. Indeed 3-6 weeks + shipping and not cheap, but not crazy expensive either. Swift communication from BTN too. Thanks for the recommendation @CPCustomdubwise!
  7. Cheers all, these are great options. I’ll shoot a message to BTN or Yamaha and see if there’s anything they can do. I‘d imagine if the Hipshot does indeed fit, there should be more models that will... I agree that the tuners feel a bit flimsy, but they work fine for me. One of the, err, ears had come loose from the peg, but that was easily sorted with a drop of loctite.
  8. Hmm, as you say, not a drop-in but I will look into it. I’ve got one on my 4 string bitsa, and it’s probably the best design available...
  9. I suppose even at the higher price the 735 is a bit of a bargain, so that’s fair enough... but the finished neck put me off and I wanted a passive bass. Still, even with the slightly tinny bridge the 435 is a really nice bass.
  10. Sadly, no. I know what you mean, though. Those bridges on the 735 are a lot chunkier. It would be nice to get one of those, but I don’t think they are available for sale.
  11. Hey all, I’m really happy with my BB435, but it seems the strings tend to lose clarity a little too quickly for my liking... I’m still debating maybe going for a set of elixers or something of that ilk, but I’ve found that sometimes a better bridge can help with these issues... and to be honest, the bridge on this thing is a bit underwhelming. Is anyone aware of any drop-in replacements? I’m not particularly attached to through-body stringing, however, I’m probably not going to do any destructive mods in case I ever decide to move it on. Thanks!
  12. I have a nice (expensive) Curtis Novak PB-V in my high(ish)-end bitsa, which sounds very good indeed... but I put a Tonerider in my MIM P that I ended up selling on a bit quicker than I had expected. I’m not sure I didn’t prefer that bass, actually.
  13. This is why this is such a great community. Thank you for the in-depth reply and for taking care of such a beautiful instrument. 😊
  14. Very cool! Possibly a stupid question: Were you not a little bit worried about sanding through the inlays?
  15. No matter what else, interesting people will always find interesting ways of making music.
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