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  1. Danuman

    Focusrite Control Help

    As far as I’m aware my laptop was up to date.
  2. Danuman

    Focusrite Control Help

    Thanks @WinterMute I’ve tried that, but it doesn’t return any problems. Apple help desk wasn’t able to help me any further either. Hopefully I can salvage some of my stuff, but it looks like I’m going to have to do a reinstall.
  3. Danuman

    Focusrite Control Help

    I have yet to plug it in.
  4. Danuman

    Focusrite Control Help

    I’m having a big problem... My new focusrite Clarett arrived today, so after a long day I decided to run the setup. My weekend starts tomorrow so I thought it’d be nice to start recording right away when I get home. Alas. Being a good boy, I downloaded the control software before hooking up the system. After the install a reboot was prompted, and that’s as far as I got. Now my laptop will no longer boot up - not even in safe mode. Any suggestions? 😬
  5. Danuman


    I’ve been playing a WT550 for quite a while and it makes me very happy. The EQ is one of my favourite EQ’s ever, although it’ll only give you various different flavours of the Eden sound. I sometimes use it to compensate for the room, but I rarely have to. A superb amp if you like the sound, but arguably a bit of a one-trick pony. It’s a lovely full and warm clean, with just the right amount of definition, but I wouldn’t call it particularly tube-y though. What are you looking for?
  6. Danuman

    Clarett vs Scarlett

    Well, I pulled the trigger on a Clarett 4Pre. Bye money! Here’s hoping it’ll help me do some lovely little projects. Thank you all very kindly for indulging me.
  7. Danuman

    Clarett vs Scarlett

    I find the form factor of the 4Pre particularly appealing, but I’ll definitely consider it!
  8. Danuman

    Clarett vs Scarlett

    Thanks guys, you’ve raised some valid points. Although the price tag still has me wincing a bit, I’m currently leaning towards the better pre’s and reduced CPU load, as I’m hoping that means I can keep it around longer. Does anyone have any good (cost-efficient) suggestions as to how I might add a few more preamps in the future? I’m guessing two to four extra should give me all the inputs I’m likely to need.
  9. Danuman

    Clarett vs Scarlett

    Thanks for taking the time for these replies Si! I don’t usually record bass with any plugins, but recording guitars with amp modelling is indeed what I intend to do. (Don’t tell anyone, but I used to be a guitar player before I converted.) With my current setup I can just about manage, albeit with the occasional crackle. I’ll go and have a think!
  10. Danuman

    Clarett vs Scarlett

    Cheers guys, thanks for the replies so far. Quite the conundrum though... Although it would be very nice whenever I have some good singers 'round, realistically I don't think I really need the upgraded preamps, because of other limiting factors (acoustics, mics, me, etc.) that are probably much more significant. On the other hand, I want the convenience of recording with plugins, so the low latency tracking is very tempting indeed. Man, such a slippery slope...
  11. Danuman

    Clarett vs Scarlett

    Hi guys, Once again I find myself hoping I might tap into your collective experience for a second... I’m looking for a portable solution for live recording as well as a nice DI interface for tracking (bass) guitars at home. I had sort of settled on the 18i8 Scarlett, because it’s affordable and feature-packed (8 analog inputs being (IMO) just 2 shy of ideal for live work, but there you go). However, I’m running Logic on a MacBook with Thunderbolt 3. Are there any compelling reasons to spend a bit more and get the TB Clarett 4Pre instead? Thanks in advance, Daniel
  12. Danuman

    Eden terra nova tn2251 combo

    Good advice from Bassbunny! I’m a big fan of My Eden WT550, but I got it to replace a WTX500, as the 500 class D Watts left me looking like a bit of a fool on stage once or twice. (not knocking class D in general, mind) It sounded great though... However, if you’re thinking of hooking up extra speakers already, you’re going to end up disappointed. I don’t know how good a deal you can get, but too good a deal is suspect in itself... I learned that from the WTX. Resale value was terrible as well. Besides, in that price bracket there’s some pretty cool stuff available - especially if you’re buying used - and this particular combo seems, hmm, unusually limited for the money... I’d much rather go for something with a minimum of four ohms with an eight ohm driver, so you can scale up if you need to. Anyway, that could all be utterly unimportant. If it’s loud enough and you like how it sounds, it might be just the ticket. YMMV and all that. Best of luck!
  13. Danuman

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    Perhaps someone smarter than me can weigh in on some numbers, but comparing a single 12” driver to four 10” ones seems to me is comparing apples to oranges in more ways than just surface area. I opted for a pair of efficient 12” cabs so I can safely carry all of my gear alone - because I frequently have to. The two of them combined certainly outperform many of the older big cabs in my experience. Personally, I’d really rather not go any louder than what these cabs are capable of, but that has as much to do with tinnitus as it does with the types of music I like to play.
  14. Danuman

    Eden WT550 problems

    Sorry to hear it. That must've thoroughly spoilt the excitement of getting a new amp. I have one and I just love it to bits. Depending on the electrics, it does hum a bit every now and then, but never anything that causes any concern. The fan tends to come on only after pushing it quite a bit. Unfortunately I don't have any real technical insight to offer, but it's fairly easy to swap out the valve. I believe it has something to do with input impedance, so you might try that and see if it helps. (As always, be careful when poking around in there!) Apparently these amps are easy to service, so it shouldn't be crazy expensive to get it fixed. It won't take away the bitter taste, but at least you'll have a brilliant little amp!
  15. Danuman

    Positive Grid BIAS Mini bass amp

    Looks like some solid ideas went into that one! 350 Watts into 4 ohms isn’t going to cut it for me any time soon, I don’t think. Also not sure about the sound in the video. I like the idea though. Pretty sure someone is going to get it right soon enough.