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  1. I had a Chowny SWB-1 and was caught out by the weight of it. They are really nice bass guitars but my old injured back just could not deal with having the SWB-1 hanging around my shoulders for long. My bass (as featured earlier in this thread) is an Italia Maranello Cavo, which tips the scales at a fraction over 7lb. I also have an old Tanglewood version of the Hofner violin bass that is lighter still. To be honest, the Tanglewood would be more than enough for my needs but I do like the Italia model.
  2. A local pub always played Neil Sedaka tracks at closing time to ensure the punters made a quick exit. I quite like Sedaka's later stuff but have tired of "Calendar Girl" and "Happy Birthday Sweet 16".
  3. Well, my wife and I recorded our contributions for next Sunday's on-line service. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, we are new to this way of doing things and were using our mobile phones to record our playing while listening to a guide track through headphones. Talk about frustrating!! We'd both been going over the song - "By Faith" from the Gettys - me on bass and Glenys on oboe, but when it came to recording it was as though we had never played it before! Getting the sound balance right while listening to the guide track in one ear completely threw me and it took around 10 attempts to get past the intro. Then, I'd be doing OK, but trip over a few notes and have to start again. This happened a couple of times as I neared the end of the song - AAARRRGGGHHH! Glenys had the same problem with her part and we spent most of the afternoon in separate rooms going over and over our musical recordings. In live performance the odd fluffed note can go unnoticed but when it is going to be "broadcast" on YouTube it has to be right. I think I just about got away with it but will be waiting in anticipation to see how the various contributions meld together. Hopefully, the other singers/players will mask my mistakes. I used to like the song....................
  4. Wilcock do a very nice looking short scale bass. I have an Italia Maranello Cavo short scale. I bought it because it is light - around 7lb and easy to handle. It plays very nicely, even in my hands!
  5. As people leave the service I think Chairman of the Board will fill the bill. My late son-in-law was a red hot Labour supporter and a trade union official. At the end of his funeral service we played "Part of the Union" by Strawbs - it put a smile on most people's faces.
  6. My wife and I did our first go at playing/singing our parts and recording them on a smart phone last week, to be knitted together for our Sunday streaming service. It's very strange listening to a backing track through small headphones and trying to keep in time. Last week was "It's A Light And A Hammer" (kid's song) but this week it's the Getty's "By Faith" with me on bass and my wife on oboe. We've decided to record our contributions separately! I'm currently getting the hang of playing along to a piano and cajon track and don't know who else will be taking part. I usually follow a chord chart with the root notes placed above the appropriate words, but as no-one is singing on the guide track, it is making life interesting. All good fun and a great lesson in concentration and patience!
  7. I mentioned this on the cycling thread but if you don't cycle...................... I am spending time on a turbo trainer rather than venturing out on my bike during lock down. Sitting on the bike spinning the cranks in my back yard is mind numbing so I've been listening to some classic Motown/Stax and Atlantic soul through headphones. I'm now realising what a great bass player James Jamerson was. Trying to keep up with his bass riffs on the Motown tracks has inflicted great pain on my poor old legs! The Four Tops, Supremes, Stevie Wonder etc. are great tracks to keep fit to - or in my case collapse to!
  8. One of Willie's great comments went along the lines of; "I don't know why everyone is criticizing Lance Armstrong for taking drugs while riding his bike. When I was taking drugs, I couldn't even find my bike!"
  9. We would have been going to the Montreux Jazz Festival but that has been cancelled and I can't see our holiday taking place either. We were also looking to book for a Barry Manilow concert (Mrs. LeftyP is a fan) but that won't be happening anytime soon!
  10. I may have posted this video on another thread so sorry if it is a repeat. I don't understand the words but the emotion Trijntje puts into the song reduced fellow singer, Tino Martin, to bits! All the people in the video are huge stars in the Netherlands and can sell out stadiums at the drop of a hat.
  11. "Tin Man" by America. I'm going through it slowly, writing down the name of the notes and working our the fingering for it. Then I shall put it into notation-al form on manuscript paper. By doing this I'm improving my Ear Training, music reading and finger dexterity all at the same time! I need a cup of tea!
  12. I've had La Bella flat wounds (.039 - .096) on my bass for about six months and the E string does lack a bit of sparkle with the A string not far behind. I've just changed to Dunlop Stainless Steel flat wounds with a slightly heavier gauge (.045 - .105) and I cannot believe the difference! The Dunlops are much brighter, to the point where I have had to roll off some treble, and feel really good under the fingers. Even without the bass plugged in they project really well. I think I've just found my "go to" flat wounds.
  13. I'm not sure my choice is 'Cool' or 'Uncool' but I've just been listening to an album by the trio America. They had a hit with "A Horse With No Name" - or as I like to call it "A Song With No Tune". Their track "Tin Man" has a great bass line, simply credited to America. Their song "Ventura Highway had drummer Hal Blaine on board and the legend that was Joe Osborne on bass. Some nice easy listening country rock.
  14. There was a web site - "menwholooklikekennyrogers.com" which contained photo's of - men who look like Kenny Rogers! Sad to hear of his death, he had a voice that could only belong to him.
  15. You are John Shuttleworth and I claim my prize!
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