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  1. I've watched that video several times and it just keeps getting better! There's an almost telepathic connection between Scott and the drummer. It certainly isn't noodling as there is a clear structure to it. Thanks to the person who posted that young males would like it - at 68 years old I'll take that! I can listen to most styles of music; from Irish folk to country, pop, jazz and classical. I've spent nearly 50 years in broadcasting so have been exposed to just about every style of music. With the exception of rap - which is singing for people who can't sing - and heavy/thrash/death/whatever metal - which is noise - I can enjoy most forms of music. Scott's video has a great groove and I just wish I could play a tenth as well as he can.
  2. I have one leather bass guitar strap for sale. It was bought for a natural wood finish bass I had that was too heavy for me. I sold the bass and now have a lighter one (in red) making the wide brown strap redundant. A Gibson Austin comfort strap, padded and 3" wide. Can be adjusted between 48" and 60". This is on Gear for Music's site at £89 but yours for £50. It has had very little use and is in excellent condition.
  3. My wife is a musician (got a degree and all that!) and was quite understanding when I bought my last bass. I only have two (basses that is, not wives!) and have no plans to expand the collection. Even if I did, I would need to obtain a lot of bass guitars to match the price of my wife's oboe and cor anglais!
  4. Well, my "gig" took place this morning (Saturday 23/3/19) at a local church. There was a seminar for church youth and children's workers which attracted people form across the north of England to a very welcoming church on the outskirts of town - right beside the M6 motorway! The organizers wanted some worship music during the morning and three of us were drafted in. The trio consisted of our leader on semi-acoustic guitar and vocals, our church drummer who played the cajon and me on bass. The church did have its own Roland electronic drum kit but after giving it a try our drummer sat astride the cajon. We had about 40 minutes rehearsal before the delegates arrived but were familiar with the six songs from our own church services. I was not sure if my small 35 watt bass combo would be loud enough but it turned out to be an amazing little box of tricks; as did the small combo amp of the semi-acoustic guitarist. I bought the SubZero amp for use at home, but generally use headphones to spare the neighbours. This was the first time I had heard the unit in a gig situation and it really punched above its (light) weight. I had the volume at about a quarter full and kept the tone controls fairly neutral but the little combo really let the low end shine through. Despite our lead singer/guitarist playing a few wrong chords when his contact lenses dried out(!) the morning went well. The assembled throng drowned out our mistakes! I was using chord charts except for one song for which I had the bass guitar music. The attached photos show my bass and combo amp. The combo is a SubZero SZB 1035 which I bought from Gear for Music. It was my first "gig" outside of our own church environment so, another step on the road to stardom!
  5. Thanks so much for posting that. There is a man who knows exactly what a bass guitar is for and how it fits into an ensemble and gives to the song. Love his sense of humour but am I glad I didn't have to lip read!
  6. OK, I like the Beatles - especially their early albums up to Revolver and Rubber Soul (forget Sgt.Pepper). My first name is Paul, I'm left handed and I have a cheap version of the Hofner violin bass in my collection! Paul Mc. was and is one of the best bass players for popular music. As has already been said, he played to the song and, unless you are a bass player and listen out for his lines, his playing can go unnoticed. To me, that is the whole point of bass playing even in driving dance tracks. Most punters don't realise that it is the bass that makes dance tracks so good. I suspect that to many Beatles fans the songs are the main 'thing' and the instrumentation is secondary. I have watched many videos of "great" bass players and could never play like them with sparks flying off my fingers. However, I do not enjoy their music as, rather than being part of the song, their playing becomes a self important "Hey, look at me" performance that adds nothing to the event. Players like Joe Osborne on the Carpenters and 5th Dimension tracks knew when and how to use the bass. Paul Mc. was/is a master at finding just the right balance without detracting from the song.
  7. Sometimes genuine wear and tare can tell a great tale!
  8. I like to have a clean, new looking bass that can age in its own time. It's a bit like those folk who pay lots of money for jeans that have holes ripped in them. What's the point?
  9. I haven't had the chance to hear my bass guitar through a powerful amp or PA. I use a small SubZero 35watt amp at home but, more often than not, use headphones to practice. At church I'm squeezed into a corner between the keyboard and drums and the whole band is behind the PA speakers - mounted above our heads and in front of us. My bass is DI'd into the church mixer and I get a monitor feed through a small speaker mounted on a mike stand in front of me.- - see photo. When the whole band in playing I often struggle to hear the bass and play from memory, hoping it sounds OK. I've had some nice comments from members of the congregation so I must be doing something right!
  10. The word "Guys" seems to be applied to all genders these days. My wife and I have been called guys when eating at cafes and restaurants. "Hi guys, what would you like?"
  11. We are an oppressed minority - but come the revolution..........! Being left handed, I rule a line from right to left and always flick through a magazine from back to front. When dining out I swap wine glasses and side plates about and turn my dessert spoon round so the handle is on the left; it causes no end of confusion to the other diners on my table! It's nice to be different!
  12. Nice one! I wonder how many piano shops sell them. I also wonder whether there would be a market for electronic keyboards that could be switched to play left handed. You would think in this day and age a simple button on the keyboard would enable the instrument to become left handed.
  13. I wonder if left handed people, who play other instruments, get hung up about having special instruments for them. I don't recall ever seeing a left handed piano or trombone etc. Can you play a flute with it sticking out to your left? Pianos (and keyboards in general) are a good case to look at because the melody is usually played with the right hand and the left hand provides a steady bass section. You would assume that left handed players will not be as nimble over the keys as a right hander. It seems that only guitar players make a thing about being left handed and wanting special instruments made for them. I like being left handed but have no problem in adapting to playing as a right handed person would. Whichever way I play, I'm still rubbish!
  14. Parcelforce tried to deliver a parcel a while ago but, of course, I was out. The card they left told me that I could collect the parcel from the post office. There is a post office less than a two minute walk from my front door and the main sorting office is about a ten minute walk away. They left the parcel at the post office in the centre of town - part of the main WH Smith store. I walked down into town the following day to collect my parcel and, after queuing for many minutes was told that they could not find the package. I was told to ring the Parcelforce office who eventually told me that the package was "out for delivery". I raced back home with visions of another little red card through the door but about half an hour after I got home the package was delivered. Apparently, the driver had filled in his card to tell me where to collect the parcel from but, by the time he got there, WH Smith had closed for the night! He didn't leave it at my local post office because it was difficult to park there - even though there are many delivery vans and lorries dropping stuff off there every day because it is a corner shop that sells milk, bread and stuff as well as being a P.O. You couldn't make it up.
  15. I'm a lefty who plays right handed because that is how I was taught by my guitar teacher when I tried the classical guitar. Despite my dominant hand being the left one I don't have a lot of dexterity in it for fretting the bass. My fingers don't stretch far enough apart to manage one finger per fret and I need to move my hand around much more because of it. Having said that, my right hand is about the same, so I'd be no better off switching to a left handed bass!
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