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  1. How important is the band name for you?

    I've resurrected this thread after being in B&Q! If you are stuck for a band name pop into B&Q and go the the Valspar paint display. There you will find dozens of paint samples with the most odd names. We've just had our bathroom painted in "Harp Strings" but there are plenty of wonderful shades to choose from. You could be "Chickery Chick" or "Desert Hot Springs". "Peruvian Pom Pom" could cause a stir, not to mention "Quilted Heart". There must be a department in Valspar Towers thinking up these names! "Grapolicious", "Celestial Mystery", "Adirondack Path"...OK I'll stop now. Help!
  2. How important is the band name for you?

    For some reason that post reminded me of an old racing driver from the late 1950s/early60s called Innes Ireland. Although his name was Ireland he was born in England (Yorkshire) his dad was Scottish and they lived for a time in Scotland. Just thought I'd share - don't know why!
  3. Since getting back to playing the bass I have followed various YouTube courses and read several booklets about how to play "correctly". I have tried the one finger per fret but even on my short scale bass I struggle at the lower end of the neck. I do use two alternate fingers to pluck the strings. Recently, I was at a church gathering and there was a small combo providing the music for the hymn singing. I vaguely knew the bass player but hadn't studied his technique that closely. He was left handed and played a right handed bass turned upside down but still strung for a right-hander - the E string being furthest away from him with the G string at the top of his stroke. He also just used his index finger to pluck the strings. As a "lefty" myself (who plays right handed) I was intrigued enough to have a chat with him and found that he plays acoustic guitar the same way; that is, he uses a right handed instrument simply turned upside down and works out his own fingering for chords. The singer Dan Seals used to do the same. His bass lines were really good which made me wonder; does it really matter how you play the bass as long as it sounds good?
  4. My mother always told me "If you pick it, it will not get better". Always listen to your mum.
  5. Small bass combos?

    Well done and thanks!
  6. Small bass combos?

    Well that posting didn't go well! Hope you could decipher it!
  7. Small bass combos?

    I use one of these at home but don't need to turn the volume up to anywhere near half way! It's a handy size and performs well. As I haven't been able to turn it up to 11 I can't say how it will perform in a gig situation.
  8. Musician wins ruling over hearing loss.

    My wife, who plays in an orchestra, has been following this case. She said he was wearing ear plugs and the H&S people had been monitoring the sound levels during rehearsals following other complaints. I'm not sure where she found that information but, whatever the the rights and wrongs of the story, I do not see the need for excessive volume. I have left music performances because of the volume. An orchestra in full flight makes an awesome sound and it not only the musicians who are at risk of hearing damage. I once "enjoyed" a Status Quo concert by sitting on a grassy bank several hundred yards away fro the venue they were in - it was loud where I was sitting!
  9. The Carpenters Story

    I saw the Carpenters' Story last year sometime and thought they made a really good job of it. You need to be very brave to tackle Karen's vocals. I have the boxed set of Carpenters CDs and I can listen to any one of the albums and not be tempted to skip any of the tracks. Karen's voice was just magic and Richard's musical arrangements sublime.
  10. Favourite Movie Music

    This one takes some beating. It was along time ago and I don't remember anything about the film other than this brilliant opening sequence. Also the Anderson Tapes is a great tune.
  11. Now there's a gig grabbing style!
  12. Great gig, poor turnout

    I remember Eric Morecambe telling the story of one of their early gigs. Eric and Ernie did the whole show to one old man in the hall. After they had finished he asked if it was OK for him to put the chairs away - he was the hall caretaker!
  13. GAS - Yes, But Why..?

    I don't think GAS is limited to bass players. I had a friend who was keen on golf and photography. He changed golf clubs and cameras more often than his socks - just looking for the perfect set of clubs or camera. We've all seen the people who sleep out overnight to buy the latest iPhone, which turns out to be not much different from the one they bought six months ago! I love cycling and read plenty of cycling magazines. I could spend thousands on the latest bikes but then I pull my modest road bike out of the shed and within a mile or so realize that that my alloy framed Bianchi just suits me fine. I don't have GAS for another bass guitar. The one I have (Chowny SWB-1) is ideal for what I shall be using it for - playing in church for those who asked "who goes to church"! I'm still getting to know it but I like what I have. Sometimes I think we need to spend time with the gear we have and appreciate it. I made the GAS mistake a few years ago when I was playing the chromatic harmonica. I now have drawers full of the things in my quest to find the one. I enjoy reading reviews on bass guitars and bicycles and can appreciate the high end of the market - "Cyclist" magazine has just featured a bike costing £22,650! I'll stick with what I have and try to get the most out of it. Having seen what Scott Whitley can do with the SWB-1 it should be more than enough for me to handle!
  14. The Story Of VOX

    You may have already seen this on YouTube but it's worth a viewing. Vox amps were Top of the Pops in the 1960s.
  15. Tapes on a Jazz?

    I'm awaiting delivery of some D'Addario tape wound strings and plan to route them through the body. I've checked their website and there is no mention of problems fitting them that way. Do you have any more information as to why they should not go through the body?