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  1. Out of retirement

    Very eye catching. Was it designed by Salvador Dali? Seriously nice looking bass.
  2. Quincy - Oh dear!

    Looking at the subject heading I was expecting a discussion about Jack Klugman! Anyone for a subdural haematoma?
  3. 12 and 8 String Basses

    Having just changed the four strings on my Chowny SWB-1 I hate to think what re-stringing a 12 string bass would be like!
  4. iPad for practise?

    I have the solid state version, the GB-10. It's very handy as you can download MP3s into it and play along. Like the CD version (I still have one) you can slow the track down or speed it up (without changing key) or change the key without altering the pace. It's a very nice piece of kit.
  5. At last! Mobile phones banned at gigs.

    Quite a few years ago I was at a Glen Campbell concert. The support act were the Gatlin Brothers and Larry Gatlin asked if anyone had a camera with them - this was long before the smartphone epidemic. People shuffled a bit until Larry said if people wanted to take photo's they should go to the front of the stage during the first song and snap away then put their cameras away for the rest of the show. It worked a treat with the brothers posing for snaps while hey sang. I agree that all the bright screens of the smartphones can ruin a great show.
  6. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    It's just occurred to me that I will need a padded Gig Bag for my new best friend. Does anyone know of a good bag to use with the shorter scale base?
  7. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    A new year and a new bass guitar! My Chowny SWB-1 finally arrived today (4thJanuary) after my order in August. It is the standard, passive model in Ash. It's going to take some getting used to as it is way heavier than my Tanglewood, Hofner Violin bass copy and the strings are set wider apart. It was a fight to get the strap on as the studs to hold the strap are much bigger than those on the Tanglewood! I may need to get a new strap! It came with roundwound strings but I prefer flatwounds so I've been all over the internet to track down some GHS medium scale strings (Scott Whitley suggests medium scale and not short scale). It looks to be a well made instrument and I'm looking forward to getting to grips with it after my holiday later this month.
  8. NBD Chowny SWB1 PRO

    I have an SWB-1 on order which I hope will be here for Christmas!
  9. Lyrics that changed your world

    As an acne ravaged 16 year old, my life had already been changed when I met a girl at school three years my junior. I was well and truly hooked and used to walk her home every night (carrying her books of course). Nothing happened between us but when I heard John Sebastian's lyrics in "Younger Girl" they said it all. "Should I Hang Around Acting Like Her Brother, In A Few More Years They'll Call Us Right For Each Other. But Why If I Wait I'll Just Die!" Stupidly, I waited and she married someone else! I liked the Hondells version that was played on Radio Caroline (North) back in 1966. Here we are 50 years on and that song still strikes a chord with me. To compound things, a few years ago Frankie Valli recorded "My Eyes Adored You" which told my sad story; "Carried Your Books From School, Playing Make Believe You're Married To Me". Oh the pangs of first love! I met her again earlier this year and she still caused a little flutter in my heart. What a sad old fool I am!
  10. Fotheringay at Newcastle City Hall around 1970-ish. Wonderful Sandy Denny with Jerry Donahue on guitar, Pat Donaldson on bass and the incredible Gerry Conway on drums. It was a magical night and their self titled album is still on of my favourites.
  11. Car insurance for semi-pro musicians

    One thing to beware of is that an insurance company may not want to insure you because, as a gigging musician, you may be classed as high risk. It happened to me with house insurance because I worked for the BBC as a local radio presenter! Anything to do with "showbiz" and they assume you are into sex, drugs and sausage rolls! The problem occurs when you approach another company and they ask "have you ever been refused insurance". You may find it has a knock on affect on other areas of insurance. Try the MU, who have all kinds of advice for the performing musician.
  12. I'm thinking about getting a leather bass guitar strap with a customized message or design on it. I've trawled the internet for likely suppliers but no one stood out. Have you had a your name or message put on a guitar strap and if so where did you get it done? Cheers!
  13. Black Friday !!!

    I tend to treat this 'sale' with suspicion. If they can reduce the price of stuff by several % and still turn a profit how much is the stuff really worth? My late mother worked in a shop for years (Co-op) and knew all the tricks to offload slow moving stock. Take items off the shelves and put them in one of those big wire baskets with a sign saying 'special offer' or 'our price' and folk would buy them. Another trick was to say that some item was not going to be available again and people who didn't even like the stuff would buy it! If you are in the market for something and can get it for a few quid cheaper than usual then fine but treat all sales with great caution. When have DFS ever sold their sofas at 'full price'? As for Black Friday, well it's turned into a continuous money grab that appears to be lasting for weeks!
  14. If you are thinking about virtuoso players then classical guitarist John Williams springs to mind as does pianist Oscar Peterson. My wife is a classical oboe player, used to most of the classical repertoire, and she cannot bring to mind any female composers from that era. Modern day, I would echo the mention of Carole King as a great contemporary composer and Diane Warren. Burt Bacharach deserves a mention plus the Irving Berlins, Cole Porters and Gershwins of this world. In short we are spoiled for choice so let's just enjoy their genius!