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  1. This is brilliant news! Their hologram tour looks amazing from a YouTube feature. ABBA were, and still, are one of the biggest pop groups ever and I don't think they made a bad record. The first two new tracks are number 1 and 2 in the download chart (whatever that is) and blow all the current formulaic chart offerings out of the water. This 70 year old bass player is a very happy bunny to know they are back!
  2. I don't know why but I love this song. I need therapy!
  3. The problem with these videos of 'Mega Church concerts' is they have more people on stage than most British churches have in their congregations. When you have a huge gospel choir and, in some cases, professional musicians, you can make any worship song sound great. Transfer that song to a small church with a handful of part time musicians who only get to run through the songs about 45 minutes before the service begins and it will sound very different.
  4. Although I've been playing in church over recent weeks the congregation has not been allowed to sing. I have missed the singing so much. Today was the first time congregations could sing again and the attached video is of Keswick Convention this morning. Keswick is only 45 minutes drive from my home and I love attending the convention but for various family reasons I am watching it on line. When they started singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" I joined in but after the first line, I completely choked up and cried. It's so good to be able to praise out loud again.
  5. A truly wonderful lady. I had the pleasure of seeing her at Newcastle City Hall when she was part of Fotheringay. It was a magical night.
  6. Most of my pet peeves have been covered but people who talk all through the gig and are obsessed with their 'phones is very distracting. I have been to some country music gigs where people sit around tables, with their backs to the stage, chatting and laughing out loud during the performance. One chap even walked in front of the singer, stopped in front of her and shouted to his friend, "Was it a pint of bitter or lager?"! Some people should not be allowed out. As for seated concerts; My younger and prettier half has dragged me to several Barry Manilow concerts - for which I had the pleasure of paying. They have been seated concerts but as soon as Bazza walked on stage all the "old enough to know better" women leaped to their feet forcing those behind to stand too. In Newcastle Arena we had front row seats and women just came and stood in front of us and were none too pleased when I shoved them out of the way. Why is it that the people who sit in the middle of the row arrive last!
  7. Being tempted is one thing. Giving in is another!
  8. It is odd playing in church at the moment with a "socially distant", stripped down band and a silent congregation. We play a song and the congregation stand in silence and sway along to it! Our church is blessed with a self contained outside grass area and we do a song or two at the end, in the open air, where masks can be removed and everyone can sing together, with acoustic guitar accompaniment. I long for the day we can get back to normal and share proper fellowship together.
  9. I don't see anything wrong with the song. It's about a guy who is trying to stop a young girl "coming on" to him. Some people think it's about an older guy having lustful thoughts about an underage girl but the guy in question is trying to reject her because he knows it's wrong. Your singer would need to have a great voice to carry that song off!
  10. Trijntje always hits the spot with this. The emotion she puts into it overcomes the language difficulty.
  11. I suppose that in the current climate, "Wives and Lovers" is a no no!
  12. I wonder if a Pretenders tribute band would just be pretending to be a Pretenders tribute band?
  13. Where is the rest of the trumpet?
  14. This is my short scale weapon of choice; an Italia Maranello Cavo. Hollow body and passive electronics fitted with LaBella flat wounds.
  15. You are all wrong! This is the guy.
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