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  1. LeftyP

    Chowny Bass Updates

    My Chowny SWB-1 is a great little bass but I've never been a fan of the big Chowny name plate on the headstock. At first glance it could be a Rickenbacker! Having recently fitted tape wound strings the neck and action needed to be altered so I took it to a local guitar technician. He didn't like the big name plate either and made me a neat little cover (mahogany) for the neck brace hole. He even contoured it to match the shape of the headstock. No offense Stephen, but I think it looks much better.
  2. LeftyP

    Do you remember your first bass...

    My first bass was an Applause semi-acoustic similar to the photo here (found on-line). It belonged to my guitar teacher who sold it to me when I decided to switch to bass. It was a nice little guitar but I found the body depth a bit of an arm full. It had a rounded back that did not sit well against me and I ended up with my Tanglewood violin bass.
  3. We have one very small music shop in the city and I can walk to it from home in about 10 minutes. When I say small, I really mean it as you can see nearly all their stock from the front door. When I was looking for a bass they had about 6 in stock - all Fender look-a-likes - and their choice of strings was limited. Being a small premises I got the feeling I was being closely watched as I inspected the guitars. Another larger shop some 12 miles away had only 2 bass guitars in stock. They closed down recently. I bought my Tanglewood violin bass from the small shop about 12 years ago and had to take it back to have one of the volume knobs re-wired. I bought my latest bass on-line and am not in the market for another. As the internet offers a huge selection of strings, straps and other musical stuff that I can view at my leisure and buy at cheaper prices, I don't feel the need to have a local music shop. I will echo the comments of a previous poster about Promenade Music in Morecambe. It is just over an hour's drive from home and you can lose yourself in the bass guitar department for days!
  4. LeftyP

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    I have two bass guitars. My old (12 years) Tanglewood copy of the Hofner Violin bass was resigned to its case when I bought a Chowny SWB-1 earlier this year. The Chowny is currently being "set-up" by a local guitar mechanic so the Tanglewood is back in use. I can't believe how light the violin bass is compared to the Chowny. I think the cardboard packaging the Chowny came it weighed more than the Tanglewood! They are both 4 string and, as a previous poster mentioned, I generally play the bottom two strings most (the E and A strings). However, a couple of songs I am required to play feature a D below the low E. I just play a "normal" D on the A string - which works - but maybe a 5 string will be needed!
  5. LeftyP

    Leaving Florence on Monday only to miss...

    A few years ago we were on holiday in Locarno, Switzerland and a stage was erected in the town square. As dusk fell the music started and I found myself at a free open air concert by Al Jarraeu!
  6. As I've mentioned in other threads, I'm left handed but play the bass as a right hander. If you have never played a guitar before (as in my case) then playing right handed is not that big a deal. I use my knife and fork the conventional way as I was shown how to use them as a child, but if I'm buttering bread then the knife goes in the left hand! Out of curiosity I tried to play the bass left handed a short time ago and couldn't even hold it properly! I do play the harmonica upside down (the instrument - not me) with the low notes on the right and the high notes on the left. It is how I learned it as a child and could not change now.
  7. LeftyP

    Show us your set up.

    As the police often say "Nothing to see here, please move along". My home studio with Chowny SWB-1 and a SubZero 1035 combo amp. On the music stand shelf I have an old Yamaha drum machine (that I struggle to operate) and a Tascam GB-10 bass guitar trainer that allows me to play along to MP3 tracks. At church, I am plugged into a DI box and fed through the church mixing desk so do not need a specific bass amp.
  8. LeftyP

    Left or right-handed

    That's a good point. I've yet to see a left handed trombone or flute and my guitar teacher did ask if I'd ever seen a left handed piano - I think he was making a point too!
  9. LeftyP

    Any suggestions for a good tuner?

    I have just bought a Korg AW-LT100B (who thinks of these names?) that clips to the head stock of my bass. It seems to be pretty accurate but not very robust in construction. I can now turn the bass guitar down and tune up without having to unplug from the system with the resulting "crack" over the P.A.
  10. LeftyP

    Real summer music

  11. LeftyP

    Left or right-handed

    I'm left handed but play the bass as a right hander. I've mentioned it in other posts but it goes back to when I tried to learn to play the classical guitar and my teacher advised to learn right handed. As I had never played a guitar before I had nothing to "un-learn" and playing right handed does not feel awkward. I'm no master of the instrument but that is more down to lack of practice rather than my left handedness. I find it very odd to even hold a guitar in a left handed position now.
  12. LeftyP

    Albums which haven't aged all that well

    Anything by The Friends Of Distinction. I used to really like them (still do but don't tell anyone) and their "Grazin' In The Grass" track is brilliant. They were very much of their time and really sound dated now. Check out some of their rather grainy videos on YouTube and cringe - but in a nice way.
  13. Not bass guitar related but when I was into motor bikes I had a very nice Honda CB350 twin. The headlight bulb blew and I called into the local motor bike dealer to get a new bulb - and left with a Honda 750F1 Four!
  14. LeftyP

    Ridiculous requests

    I think it's worse when a punter doesn't actually request a specific song. Years ago (in my youth) a friend and I ran a mobile disco and played at weddings, birthdays etc. We knew our customers and could keep the dance floor full for most of the evening with good pop and Motown tracks. There's always one guy who will stagger up and say "Have you got any decent music". When asked to be more specific the reply would be along the lines of "Anything but this cr*p". The dance floor would be heaving - everyone singing "Hi Ho Silver Lining" but he didn't want to enjoy himself. You can't please all of the people.......
  15. LeftyP

    Albums you've really tried to love...

    I am a big Beatles fan but Sgt. Pepper just leaves me cold - I really don't understand the fuss about it. I have all of the Beatles' early albums up to Revolver then their musical direction took a different turn to mine. Even the Revolver album has tracks on it that I will skip but they are more than offset by the tracks I like ("And You Bird Can Sing" in a cracker not often heard on radio these days). Sgt. Pepper just sounds like a muddle of ideas that don't sit well together. Give me "A Hard Day's Night" anytime!