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  1. I won't criticize people who choose to boycott Amazon, even though I use them for most things I'm looking for. Their working practices are not the most ethical but the tax situation could be sorted by the government if they really were concerned about it. As for the working conditions of people directly employed by Amazon I would suggest that in the UK and across the EU there are laws to protect workers against exploitation so, again, the governments need to step up their game. Why single out Amazon? I can't defend them, but if you are really concerned about workers conditions then don't buy anything from China or some other far eastern countries. If you own anything from Nike or Apple, check out the reports on the internet about how their workers are treated. Do you know what conditions are like in the factory where your bass guitar was made? Many "name" guitar brands are made in the far east; China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia and South Korea. They are made there because of cheap labour and Cort guitars have not exactly covered themselves in glory concerning their treatment of workers in the past. I have no reason to believe that Cort are any worse than other manufacturers. I think things have improved somewhat but my own bass was made in South Korea by Mirr Music and I have no idea what conditions are like there. Taking a pop at Amazon is easy, but if you buy the same product from another dealer, it still will have been made in the same factory and under the same conditions as a one bought from Amazon. Business is designed to make money and profit is king the world over. Workers have always had to fight for better conditions which is why unions started. Fight on and make your stand but it is easy to be selective and take the easy option of hitting the obvious target.
  2. I think you will find most hotels and food outlets match your opinion of Amazon. Not to mention products made in the far east. I know of one national outdoor activity shop that uses zero hours- min wage. You don't know how many high street treat their staff this way. Much of what I buy from Amazon actually comes from independent dealers who use the site as a shop window.
  3. We have some of these at church as they take up less floor space. I play bass in the band about once a month and we only get to run through the songs together about 45 minutes before the service. The line-up of musicians changes each time and there are always songs we haven't played before or for some time. The band is tucked away in a corner so most of the congregation can't see us. If I was in a gigging band and playing the same set night after night I, hopefully, wouldn't need a music stand but as things are it's a great memory replacement!
  4. They already have - just don't look at the price!
  5. I have a Tanglewood copy of the Hofner violin bass that weighs in at 2.63Kg (5.80Ib) and an Italia Cavo bass that tips the scales at 3.31Kg (7.46Ib). They are both short scale and have hollow or semi-hollow bodies. I have back problems and find the Italia is about as heavy as I can cope with. The Tanglewood RVB-2 was bought about 12 years ago for under £200 including a very good hard case. If weight really is an issue the violin basses are worth considering. Not everyone likes the look of them but I do!
  6. He doesn't sound like a team player. Would you really want to be stuck in a lift with him?
  7. Any Johnny Cash song; root and fifth, anything more is showing off!
  8. I think I mentioned this possibility when the subject last cropped up. Go into your nearest B&Q store and search out the Valspar paint department. They have hundreds of small cards covering the entire colour spectrum and sporting the most original names. Our bathroom is now a delicate shade of "Harp Strings" (no, I'm not making it up) and our kitchen is about to become "Snowdrop". Those names are almost normal compared to other shades of the pallet. I'm sure something will 'tickle your fancy' - now there's a name!
  9. The name "Eurovision" was originally coined by British journalist George Campey when writing for the Evening Standard, and was adopted by the EBU for its network.[2] Eurovision is managed by the European Broadcasting Union’s Eurovision Operations Department and offers permanent coverage of Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, North Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as ad-hoc coverage of the African continent and the Pacific Rim. Not confined only to Europe, Eurovision currently encompasses 75 television broadcasting organizations located in 56 countries of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Furthermore, there are 61 associated broadcasting organizations in Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania. This is why countries outside of Europe can enter the contest e.g. Australia and Israel. It is easy to think that Eurovision is purely for Europe, or even the EU, but it is actually a broadcasting network that involves many far flung countries.
  10. I'm in exactly the same situation at our church but I use chord charts which I produce on my computer, as a tablet thingy is not big enough for my eyesight!
  11. I had the same problem finding a padded gig bag for my short scale Italia bass. I bought a cheap Stagg, unpadded, bag which is just a few inches long in the neck but otherwise OK. I then found some foam sheets that were used to pack audio gear and cut them to size. It's a little bit of a faff putting the guitar in the bag and making sure the foam is in place but it works! I emailed the distributors of Italia guitars (JHS) to see if they could recommend a gig bag but got no reply.
  12. Yes, that stopped me in my tracks. I loved her voice and was a fan of Fotheringay, who I saw perform at Newcastle. She was so young and such a talent. The Fotheringay album is still one of my favourites plus many of her solo recordings. Then, of course, there was Karen Carpenter - another voice that will never be repeated. Harry Chapin was another that caught me off guard. I have most of his albums (many on 12" LP) and for him to be killed when his name was becoming known in the UK was very sad.
  13. It was nice to watch but I do wish these programmes wouldn't take over two minutes to start. You get the same intro every episode then a menu - with clips - that you will see again later and after an age the actual programme gets started. Lots of padding that could be done without.
  14. I've watched that video several times and it just keeps getting better! There's an almost telepathic connection between Scott and the drummer. It certainly isn't noodling as there is a clear structure to it. Thanks to the person who posted that young males would like it - at 68 years old I'll take that! I can listen to most styles of music; from Irish folk to country, pop, jazz and classical. I've spent nearly 50 years in broadcasting so have been exposed to just about every style of music. With the exception of rap - which is singing for people who can't sing - and heavy/thrash/death/whatever metal - which is noise - I can enjoy most forms of music. Scott's video has a great groove and I just wish I could play a tenth as well as he can.
  15. I have one leather bass guitar strap for sale. It was bought for a natural wood finish bass I had that was too heavy for me. I sold the bass and now have a lighter one (in red) making the wide brown strap redundant. A Gibson Austin comfort strap, padded leather and 3" wide. Can be adjusted between 48" and 60". This is on Gear for Music's site at £89 but yours for £50 including postage. It has had very little use and is in excellent condition.
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