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  1. See my posting on the "Off Topic" section of this forum. I would never choose to use Hermes - ever!
  2. I've just remembered this one. I saw Ray perform it on the old Andy Williams show where Ray was on video singing all the parts. He does All the vocals and plays some of the instruments - too clever by half.
  3. OOH! the delicious Reba. I have most of her recordings and just love the way she can roll words around her tongue so that they take on completely new sounds. Her version of the Everly Brothers' "Cathy's Clown" is a prime example.
  4. It's true that most non-musicians do not notice the bass player - or even the instrument! To most, it's just a guitar. My wife has a similar problem. She plays principal oboe in our city orchestra and has lost count of the number of compliments she has received for her clarinet playing!
  5. This one's worth watching just for the facial expressions! I do remember a slow, soulful, version of this song back in the day but cannot remember who did it. I'll keep looking. Then just when you think it couldn't get any worse!
  6. Love the Beatles early stuff but never got into Sgt. Pepper and thought Abbey Road was a bit of a strange mix. As to covers; Joe Cocker - obviously and the Stevie Wonder track already mentioned. Top of my list is "Ticket to Ride" by the Carpenters.
  7. Same here. I have written many poems/songs over the years and can't remember any of the words! I can also sing along to loads of songs but ask me to sing them without the record and I'm stumped. There is one song that I know all he way through and that's "King of the Road" by Roger Miller.
  8. Although I am a lefty, I play as a right hander.
  9. I've thought about getting a five string because some of the songs we do at church drop below my E string. I usually just play up the octave and no-one is any the wiser! I need a light bass and am used to playing short scale so finding a cheap five string that matches those requirements will not be easy. "Up the octave" it will be then!
  10. Pure Magic! I'm so glad I was a teenager in the 1960s when The Fab Four and Radio Caroline changed the music scene forever in the UK. Loved the Beatles and still enjoy their early recordings. I could never get away with Sergeant Pepper but prior to that they could do no wrong. I shall look forward to the film.
  11. It's a long time since I have sat down and listened to a CD all the way through. However, prompted by a post I made on another thread, I dug out my copy of the Fotheringay album and sat for 47 minutes transfixed. I bought the vinyl LP back in 1970 and went to Newcastle to see them perform. The album was very rarely off my turntable and I purchased the CD copy when it was released. It is a few years since I listened to it but the wait was worth it. The end of the 60s and start of the 70s brought us the "Folk/Rock" era, with Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Fotheringay etc taking the popular music scene in a deeper direction. Sandy Denny had a wonderful voice and the whole ensemble worked very well together. A great album by a talented group of musicians.
  12. For me it has to be Fotheringay. I saw them at Newcastle City Hall in the very early 70s and was totally blown away by their tight, but natural playing. Sandy Denny on lead vocal was in front of a superb group of musicians. Trevor Lucas on Guitar, along with Jerry Donahue with some great bass work from Pat Donaldson and spirited drumming by Gerry Conway. The night lives long in my memory.
  13. Just out of curiosity, I contacted Tanglewood UK to see when and where the violin bass was made. They replied very quickly and said that they were made in China between 2002 and 2014. I bought mine about 10 or 12 years ago and still enjoy playing it.
  14. I have tried that and it certainly improved the balance of the bass but I found that the strap had a tendency to slip off my shoulder and down my back as I was playing. I mentioned in another post that the balance of the bass has as much to do with the feel of it as the weight. My bass is a light weight, hollow bodied Italia but I have been using my old Tanglewood copy of the Hofner violin bass lately because my back issues have resurfaced. Short scale and light weight is the way to go but watch out for neck dive as it does put extra strain on the left shoulder.
  15. Further to my earlier posting; My lower back problems have returned so I am using my Tanglewood violin bass more. It weighs in at 5.7lb - 2.4Kg. Taking a close look at it, the body is put together very nicely and the finish is good. The tuners, bridge and electrics are a little down market but they do their job. I understand that Tanglewoods used to be made by Cort but there is no indication on my bass as to who made it or in which country. It really is a well made (for the price) bass guitar. I have been looking at genuine Hofner violin basses, made in Germany, which look really nice, but would I notice that much of a difference in playability and tone? If you have a German made Hofner, I'd like your opinion.
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