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  1. From "Don't Rain On My Parade" But whether I'm the rose Of sheer perfection Or freckle on the nose Of life's complexion
  2. "Celebrity" has taken on a very broad meaning these days. Years ago, when we only had two or three TV channels, everyone tended to watch the same programmes - like Morecambe and Wise getting around twenty five million viewers for their Christmas show. Now, with the plethora of channels, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and all the social media outlets, we are all watching different things. From the list given, Gary Sinise is the only one I really recognised as I have seen him in the TV series CSI New York. Even then, without a picture of him I would have struggled to place the name. I have heard of a couple of others but have never seen them in anything. I don't watch films (apart from Toy Story with the grandkids!) and very rarely watch TV these days. I follow my interests which include bass playing (obviously) cycling, winter sports and music (mainly modern country and Christian). I could not name one current footballer, cricketer or rugby player. I would probably recognise a name or two if you were to mention them, but off the top of my head I could not name any. I could list loads of professional cyclists, skiers and country music performers that most people would not know about - that's where we are with a fragmented media. I see the names of "great" bass players mentioned on this forum and rock and metal bands but they mean nothing to me as I don't listen to that type of music. Never assume that everyone knows who you are talking about. The main stream media seem to manufacture "celebrities" by the dozen. They get their limited fifteen minutes of fame on some 'reality' show then fade from view. I'm happy in my own little world!
  3. The song is a Christian chorus called "Give Thanks". I have seen this video on Christian music websites and I think it was done deliberately to poke fun at some church musicians.
  4. LaBella make strings especially for the Hofner bass.
  5. The Emporer's New Clothes springs to mind. Some people will be taken in by any con artist in the name of art.
  6. I wasn't popular with our music teacher. It was in the 1960s and the Beatles & Co were changing the music scene. She was a classical music fiend and condemned pop music as being repetitive with the same line sung over and over again. I asked if she meant "rather like the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah". For some reason that didn't go down too well!
  7. Music at my secondary school was more like a history lesson. We learned about the lives of Mozart etc but never saw a musical instrument!
  8. I bought my first bass from my guitar teacher. It was an Applause semi-acoustic short scale. It had a rounded back made from some sort of plastic type material and was the cheaper version of their Ovation model. It was OK to learn on but the body was a little too deep for comfort. I didn't know it was short scale - I thought all bass guitars were like that! I sold it and bought a larger acoustic bass (can't remember the make - might have been a Washburn). It was huge - about the size of a 'cello! I almost had to put it down and walk to the end of the neck to reach the low F; OK, I exaggerate a little, but only a little! That went and I moved to the other extreme with a Tanglewood version of the Hofner violin bass. Being a Beatles fan I liked the look of it and it was very lightweight. When the Christian music band I was in came to an end the Tanglewood sat in its case for several years until the band leader at our new church asked if I played anything. His eyes lit up when I mentioned that I used to play bass and I quickly dusted off the Tanglewood and began to get back up to speed. Once I was back playing I decided to upgrade and bought a Chowny SWB-1. As has been mentioned in some posts above, the Chowny is a lovely bass and I did like it a lot. The problem was the weight of it - nearly 9lb if I remember rightly. I have lower back issues and the Chowny was not kind to my spine. I tried all kinds of straps but to no avail and, very sadly, it had to go. If it had been around the 7lb region I would still have it because it really was a nice little bass. If you fancy one don't let my back issues put you off. I had a local guitar tech make me a new truss rod cover because the Chowny one looked too much like a Rickenbacker! I now have an Italia Maranello Cavo hollow body short scale bass weighing in at just over 7lb. It has neck dive issues, even though I swapped the standard tuners for Hipshot Ultralight ones. I'm currently trying various straps to compensate. Like the Chowny I bought it from the internet as they are pretty thin on the ground. I don't usually like chrome fittings and much prefer a natural wood finish but I've learned to like the 'bling' of the Italia. I have it strung with flat wounds and it sounds fine to me. I still have the Tanglewood violin bass as a back up.
  9. Well, I took your advice and bought one of those little strap things - £3.60 including postage! Guess what - it works! I had thought about trying one before but you gave me the push. I have tried various straps with it and have finally been able to use my narrow Hofner style strap. I always thought that the 4" wide leather one was out of keeping with my style of bass - Italia. Neck dive has gone and the bass sits well on my body. It is taking a little getting used to and positioning the bass correctly but it does work very well. Many thanks for your suggestion.
  10. I have thought about trying that but I don't want to look like a folk singer! I still may give it a try as no-one notices bass players anyway.
  11. I have one - 4" leather but that doesn't stop the bass being neck heavy.
  12. There have been several posts across this forum dealing with the weight of bass guitars. Those of us who have back problems prefer lightweight basses to ease the strain on the old spine. My bass weighs a tad over 7lb but has quite a problem with neck dive (even with Hipshot lightweight tuners) and this places most of the weight pulling on my left shoulder. It came to the fore when I wore a shirt that had a smooth, almost silky, sheen to it and the bass constantly wanted to slip headlong towards the floor. As an experiment, I attached a bag to the end strap button and gradually added weights (CDs to be precise) until the bass was pretty well balanced. The result was quite an eye opener. Despite adding just under 2lb to the overall weight, the extra mass was distributed over a wider area and the neck dive had gone. It was much more comfortable to stand with the bass around my shoulders, even though it was heavier. If, like me, you have back problems the overall weight of the bass (within reason) may not be the main cause of your discomfort. Try to find an instrument that is more balanced across your body and you may find it helps.
  13. AH Beste Zangers! One of the best TV shows ever. Plenty to see on YouTube.
  14. I signed up for some but I will want more than one set - probably four sets as I like to have some spares and I have two bass guitars.
  15. All my favourite singers are female so where do I start? Some already mentioned are Sandy Denny, Dusty Springfield and the wonderful Karen Carpenter. I like most types of music so can appreciate the delicate tones of Nanci Griffith and the powerful vocals of Tina Turner. If you were to make a list of the top ten female vocalists I doubt Nanci Griffith would be anywhere near it but she can put a song across with emotion. I could listen to Trisha Yearwood all night and, back in the day, had every record Cilla Black recorded. Cilla sang some wonderful songs tucked away on her albums. If I could only have a "boxed set" of one female singer then it would be Karen Carpenter. Her voice was unique and the material she covered with her brother Richard is so well produced and easy to listen to. Then again I love; Paloma Faith, Duffy, Reba McEntire, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Barbra Streisand and many more. Of course, it's not just the voice that counts, it's also the choice of songs. I appreciate some good singers but don't listen to them because their choice of material is not to my taste.
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