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  1. I thought I would re-activate this subject as I have just paid a visit to Promenade Music in Morecambe. The Lancashire sea side town is just over an hour's drive south down the M6 from my Cumbrian home and today turned out to be quite mild and sunny for February! I had forgotten what a great music shop Promenade is. You name the musical instrument and they will probably have it tucked away somewhere. There were loads of bass guitars and electric guitars in the basement with keyboards and a huge selection of acoustic guitars upstairs. Brass and woodwind instruments were on display too. I was looking for a gig bag for my Italia Maranello Cavo bass guitar, which is a bit small to fill out a standard bass bag but too large for an electric guitar bag! We tried a few but nothing was suitable. I was blown away by the selection of musical instruments they had, with more bass guitars than to could wish for. It's worth a visit if you fancy a day out.
  2. LeftyP

    For Beatles Fans Over 65 Only

    As a teenager in the '60s, listening to Radio Caroline (North), I was - and still am - a big Beatles fan. But it was their early stuff that I really liked. Album wise I have "Please Please Me" - 1963, "Beatles For Sale" - 1964, "With The Beatles" -1963, "A Hard Day's Night" (my favourite Beatles album) 1964, "Rubber Soul" - 1965, "Help" - 1965 and "Revolver" 1966. After those recordings I felt they wandered away from good old 'pop' music. Sgt. Pepper has never registered with me - I genuinely do not understand the fuss that is made over it. I am also an ABBA fan and love everything the Carpenters ever recorded. I can appreciate most types of music but the old 60s/70s tracks have something about them.
  3. LeftyP

    Italia Maranello Cavo Bass

    It's difficult to say because they feel so different under the fingers. Some brands may differ too. If they are of a lower tension it will be minimal. All I know is that I like the way they play and they are kind to my fingers! I am a light player so that will affect the sound of them too.
  4. LeftyP

    A bit of praise for Amazon

    I use Amazon a lot and my sister gives me a shopping list at Christmas for stuff she wants for her sons (she is not on-line!). I have never had a problem with Amazon. They have a huge choice of products at good prices (generally) and can often deliver within 24 hours - even without using Prime. They also provide a shop window for individual retailers who use Amazon to sell their wares. I ordered a cheap watch for when I am out and about; by cheap I mean £2. It came from Hong Kong and I suspect the postage cost more than the watch - the replacement battery certainly did! It keeps better time than a Tag Huer I have. I also bought one of those small bendy camera tripods which should have come with a fitting to hold a smart 'phone. Again it was only about £3 and was shipped from China. It arrived without the smart 'phone fitting so I mentioned this on the Amazon feedback site. I got a full refund, was told to keep the tripod and then they sent me the missing fitting - quids in! I buy all my bass strings and accessories from Amazon as my local guitar shop (we only have one) has a limited choice. I hate "shopping" and avoid the high street if at all possible. I was thinking the other day about which high street shops (excluding where we do our weekly shop) I would miss if they closed. I could not think of one. Amazon plays by the tax rules as they are and it is up to the government of the day to sort that out. As has already been mentioned, retail is a hard business and generally low paid. We've all heard about the working conditions of Sports Direct and other "named" brands so I don't see why Amazon should be targeted for special treatment. City centres suffered from the out of town sites that have sprung up over recent years. We need to bring people back into town centres to live and stop this obsession with shopping.
  5. LeftyP

    Worst Band Mates Ever!

    Well it was a Blues band!
  6. LeftyP

    Italia Maranello Cavo Bass

    The weight of the Chowny took me by surprise as I had been playing a Tanglewood copy of the Hofner violin bass and that was very light - I still have it. I would not wish to put anyone off buying a Chowny SWB-1 as I really liked it and it played very well - it is a very good bass guitar. My back issues were the problem - not the guitar. I tried flat wound strings on the Italia but have now fitted my favourite tape wounds to it. I like the sound and feel of tape wounds (D'Addario) as they are not "zingy" and prevent the zip-wire sound when sliding across the frets. They provide the bass with more of a thump instead of a piano ring and I prefer that. I can stand with the bass around my neck for much longer than I could with the Chowny and my back is very grateful for that! The Italia is certainly something different from the usual Jazz and Precision basses out there and suits the music I play (in a church service) very well. It's a keeper!
  7. LeftyP

    How Much?!!!!

  8. I was on holiday in Switzerland a few years ago and came across Peter Mafay on a German TV channel. He is huge in Germany.
  9. "Cherish" - The Association (1966) "Cherish" - Kool and the Gang (1984) "Cherish" - Madonna (1989)
  10. LeftyP

    Thoughts on short scale basses?

    You will not be disappointed with a Chowny SWB-1. I had one but had to change to a lighter bass because of back problems. Not that the Chowny is heavy - just my back is delicate! I now have an Italia Cavo short scale bass with D'Addario flat wounds on it and it is a lovely little bass.
  11. LeftyP

    Bass guitar strap favourites

    https://www.minotaurguitarstraps.com/bass-wide-straps/111-bass-fclef-brown-camel.html I have one of these which is starting to soften nicely and looks pretty good too!
  12. LeftyP

    Our new promo video

    You drummer is ace. She makes Charlie Watts look animated!
  13. LeftyP

    The Mighty Hammond Organ.

    Yes, loved the old Hammond sound and have albums by Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff and Richard "Groove" Holmes. Jimmy Smith's rendition of "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf - parts 1 and 2 is just magic. And don't forget the old Pickwick record label 12" albums with such stunning titles as; "Hammond Goes Latin", "Hammond Party Time" and of course "Hammond Ago-go!"
  14. Two more sisters - they are twins. From a Christian music background but now trying other styles. Interesting studio set up.