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  1. I must confess to being out of touch with the Top 40 charts these days. In fact I'm not even sure they still exist! I was born in 1950 so was a teenager in the 60s and remember many instrumental hits that populated the "Hit Parade" as we called it. Does that still happen? Off the top of my head here are some of the performers I can bring to mind; The Shadows, The Ventures, Duane Eddy, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Russ Conway, Herb Alpert, Percy Faith Orchestra, Sounds Orchestral, Bert Kaempfert, B Bumble and the Stingers, Booker T and the MGs, The John Barry Seven, The Tornados, Johnny Dankworth, Dave Brubeck... I could go on, but you get the picture. Apart from the specialist radio stations like Classic FM, are instrumental tracks getting "air time" these days? There were tracks by the big bands still being played back in the 1950s/60s with Glen Miller and Benny Goodman among them. Film and TV themes contributed to the list with the Theme from Exodus, Big Country, 633 Squadron, The Dam Busters etc. My personal favourites would have to be "Because They're Young" by Duane Eddy and "African Waltz" by Johnny Dankworth Orchestra. Do you have a favourite?
  2. Because I'm not the only one relying on that monitor. This Sunday was really good as I was positioned where I could hear the main church speakers so I knew what I was playing!
  3. Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs - Hey Wooly Bully!!
  4. I don't get hung up on technology and have very little control over how my bass sounds in church. I plug into a D.I. box and the volume and tone is in the hands of the sound guys. I'm crammed into a corner between the drums and keyboard and only have a small Behringer monitor on a stand through which to hear the whole band. The monitor struggles to cope with the bass frequencies and as I'm behind the main speakers, I cannot hear what the congregation hears. I play a short scale four string fitted with flat wounds. I suspect most of the congregation will not really notice the bass and those that do will not care how much it cost or how many gadgets it is fed through. I like to keep things simple!
  5. I use a Tascam GB10 with a pair of Phil Jones Bass headphones. The Tascam can be loaded with mp3 tracks and you plug your bass into it to play along. You can change the key without affecting the speed or change the speed without altering the key. It also has a "loop" facility that enables a tricky part of the song to be played over and over again. With a built in tuner and metronome, plus battery or mains power options it is a great little package.
  6. It's an Italia Maranello Cavo bass which is short scale and hollow bodied. The lightness of the body does mean it has some neck dive which I tried to cure by fitting Hipshot Ultralite tuners. They have made a slight improvement but not as much as I thought they would. The bass weighs 7.24lb or 3.28kg.
  7. My bass weighs just over 7lb. I play in our church band and we do four or five songs per service. There are gaps between the songs so I can take the bass off and sit down. Last night we had a two hour rehearsal to sort out a new sound system and my back felt the affect! When you have back problems the weight and balance of the bass becomes an important issue. The lighter the better for me.
  8. We had a great day at church today. We have been having two services on a morning to ensure "social distancing" but this had meant that some people chose to go to the same service each week and lost touch with people who attended the other service. With the relaxation of covid rules we returned to having one meeting and today was the day! It coincided with many of our youth groups coming back from a short Youth Camp. We have many groups and activities for youngsters from birth to young adults during the week but not all of them will turn up on Sunday mornings - until today. Our church is blessed with lots of secondary school and university students as well as toddlers and junior school children. I am old enough (71) to be a grandfather to most of our church! They all piled in this morning bringing with them their parents and siblings who would not usually attend on Sundays. Our small hall was packed. There were 155 chairs laid out and only a handful were not occupied. I was playing bass guitar in the band and when everyone began to sing it was inspiring. We started with "How Great Thou Art". Everyone seems to know it. When we repeated the chorus at the end - acapella - I choked up. It has been so long since we were able to really let our praises ring out. We have out grown our building and are looking for new premises. Not so much a problem as a blessing!
  9. I don't wish to derail this thread but does it matter to you if a player endorses a product. Would you buy a bass simply because it had some player's name on it?
  10. Lacking charisma-just about anyone who sits in front of a television camera these days. I'm staying in a hotel and they have a TV on in the breakfast room. I've never seen so many bland and beige people ever!
  11. I live about a ten minute walk from Overwater and have to walk on the other side of the street when passing in case my credit card drags me in!
  12. Isn't that a reservoir in the Peak District?
  13. I also have back problems and at the age of 71 they are only going to get worse not better. That is why I play a short scale, hollow bodied bass which tips the scales (weight ones!) at a tad over 7lb (3.28Kg). It still has some neck dive, even though I changed the stock tuners for Hipshot Ultralights, and that puts pressure on my left shoulder. A wide strap helps but I still have problems after a long practise session. I play at church and we only sing about three songs at the moment, with plenty of space in between, so I can cope with the back issue. I don't really understand why bass guitars are so big and heavy. There are other threads on this forum about tone woods affecting sound but I think the electrics, amplifiers, speakers and room characteristics have much more influence on how your bass sounds. I don't think anyone in our congregation would notice if I was playing a custom Fodera or and old tea chest and broom handle jobby - as used in the old skiffle days. Why haven't the bass manufacturers embraced carbon fibre? In cycling the black threads have taken over and bikes are amazingly light these days. Surely using carbon fibre in parts (or all) of a bass would save a lot of weight. Even making the tuning pegs out of it would stop neck dive.
  14. It's amazing how quickly tech changes. When I used to attend country music festivals and gigs in the 90s everyone wanted cassettes (tapes as they would say) to play in the car. CDs then made an impact but now downloads seem the in thing. If you want to get your music played on the radio a CD may get more attention as it is a physical product and cannot be lost among a load of emails. The booklet that comes with a CD (or Vinyl sleeve notes) provides useful information and gives a better "connection" between the artist and the punter. I work in radio and would much rather have a CD than mp3 attachments to emails. Emailed tracks may get played once but then get forgotten about because they are not constantly in front of me. If you want airplay the station will need a lot of info from you i.e.; Song Title, Performer, Composer, Music Publisher, Record Label and catalogue number. Without that information you stand little chance of your songs being played or receiving royalty payments.
  15. Wow Owen, you set a very high bar. I'm not sure I can play it that well!
  16. When I get a list of songs I check out the music manuscript on our church site and make up a chord chart. I then work around the chords with arpeggios and chromatic fills if there is room. Most sheet music shows the bass line for the left hand of the pianist and is not suitable for the bass player. In a few weeks time we shall be playing "Crown Him With Many Crowns" and our sheet music actually has a bass line I can follow on the bass guitar! It's not too involved and has been great practise at reading music. I've tried to become more proficient at reading music but, as so little of our songs provide bass guitar lines, I don't get much opportunity. I still think that the old KISS principal is the best (Keep It Simple, Stupid) and that we should play as well as we can but not be distracting. I just hope that when I get to play the rest of the band have learned the same version!
  17. Although I can play using all four strings, I do prefer the tone of notes played on the E and A strings. The note D played on the A string has a much better tone to it (to my ears) than an open D string. I'm currently working on a song for church which has a top note of G but instead of using the open G, I play the note on the D string for a more muted tone. In theory, you could play most bass lines on just the E string - now there's a challenge! Anyway, four strings and four fingers - a match made in heaven.
  18. I've been following a series of Youtube podcasts by Sovereign Grace Music and enjoyed this episode very much. It deals with the instrumentalist's role in worship and gives a lot of food for thought.
  19. The main problem with Bass Direct is their weekly emails that do nothing to supress my GAS!
  20. Before covid hit we sometimes had a get-to-gether of friends from church. There would be a few daft party games, good food and (non-alcoholic) drink. The fact it was New Year's Eve was immaterial. Come 12.15am we all went home! I've never understood why some people make NYE such a big deal. There's that awful countdown, party poppers going off and a rendition of a song no-one understands. The date changes but that's it. Life goes on as before. If you are going out, have a great time but life after midnight will be the same as before the clock strikes 12 - only a bit drunker!
  21. These little gadgets from DAddario are great for securing the strap to the bass. A combination of a thick leather strap and the shape of my bass guitar's strap buttons means that the rubber, beer bottle locks, keep shooting off in all dirctions! These do the trick.
  22. I do wish shops would quote the weight of the basses in their adverts. It would save a lot of time when trying to find a nice lightweight bass
  23. My wife plays oboe in the local amateur orchestra and posted part of one of their performances on Faceache. Faceache took it down as they thought it was The Royal Philharmonic! Out local orchestra carries that as a badge of honour!
  24. It always amazes me how many "apparant" left handers play the bass. There are loads of people showing off their bass licks on Faceache who look to be left handed until you realise that they don't have the gumption to alter the camera on their 'phone to show them the right way round. It was always a comfort for me to see that most of the Muppets were left handed!
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