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  1. For sale is this rather fetching Fender Elite Precision PJ which I bought new last May, and has been used for a couple of gigs and a session, so is in very good condition. Alder body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard. Metallic jade finish looks green-tinted gold, with parchment tort scratchplate and chrome hardware. The Elites have a number of nice features over previous series, including: Compound neck profile - C at the nut through to D up the neck Improved neck joint and cutaway 21 frets HiMass bridge, bone nut Spoke wheel truss rod adjustment Fender Elite Precision neck pickup, Fender Noiseless bridge pickup 18 V preamp with bass, mid and treble controls Active/passive switch, treble becomes a tone control in passive Option of through-body stringing This is the first Fender PJ I've played where the neck pickup sounds like a real precision. The bridge pickup can add bite or with the mid control up and treble down gets into Jaco territory. Both pickups with treble is a great modern pick or slap tone. A real all-rounder. Very light and easy to play too. It does have two scratches on the bottom of the body - where I was a bit careless putting it in a soft case with zips. Hard to see in normal light - see photos. Currently wearing a set of nearly-new DR Hi-beams. Comes with an unused SKB TSA-approved flight case, tools, strap locks etc. I'm only selling because sadly, with no gigs in the diary, something has to go. No trades, sorry. Happy for anyone to try/collect from South London/Surrey (KT4). I can arrange delivery at the buyer's expense. My feedback: https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/174020-feedback-for-phagor
  2. I've just received a TC Spark Booster from Jo. Lightning fast postage, it came well packaged and exactly as described. Many thanks for a really smooth transaction.
  3. For synthy sounds, the Iron Ether Subterranea is great. It has an octave down with filter, plus an octave down with three different waveforms (square, pulse, saw), and the same octave as your signal with the three different waveforms. Having the same octave as the input is great - it means you can get a synth tone without playing an octave higher on your bass like other octavers. Combining the three signals plus clean blend can sound huge. I run an Iron Ether Oxide (gated fuzz) into mine to make it more snappy, into an Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe filter for a very flexible mini synth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-mcop5MFUo (not my video) Having said that, I still love my OC2s...
  4. phagor


    Just received the Noble preamp I bought off Kevsy71. Very securely packaged and in perfect condition as described. Kevin was super quick with communications and let me know what was happening at every stage. I would recommend him without hesitation. Many thanks for a smooth deal! Mike
  5. I've got two Epi 1x12s. It was my main rig for a long time with a UL 502 head. Volume and tone-wise it was great - plenty of volume and the Epi head is cleanish with good heft. The 12s are a bit mid-scooped but that's great for pop, funk, jazz gigs. I still use one of the 12s for smaller gigs. I got my Epifani stuff from the Bass Gallery in Camden. They don't seem to have any cabs in stock on their website, but I'm sure they can order them. Always worth a visit - you can compare some other cabs. I'd be looking at Vanderkley if I was shopping now.
  6. I've had mine a few days. It's very good. Tracking works well. The occasional glitch, but usually musical sounding. Tracks all the way down my B string, works fine on fretless etc, responds well to fast playing etc. Occasionally, when playing legato, it hangs on to a note instead of changing pitch. For example, playing root - fifth - octave, it often holds on the root all the way through. I haven't tweaked the Note On and Off Levels much, and hopefully there are some other settings available in the editor to fine tune this. From my memory of the Deep Impact, the Future is crisper sounding, with a much wider range of sounds available, plus Akai Unibass pitch shifted guitar sounds and effects. There's lots of programs available. Like all synths, it has a some pretty wacky ones designed to show off the pedal but with little practical application. But there's enough there that I'm confident I can get it to do what I need. Waiting on the mac editor so I can move sounds around and start playing with all the parameters. The one thing I don't like about it is that the parameter knob is not stepped - it's an ordinary potentiometer, so it's a little bit hit and miss lining it up with the label of each parameter. There's a 'gap' in between parameters that helps a little, but a stepped knob like the Deep Impact would have been better.
  7. I've just received a pedal I purchased from jetofuj. He sent it very promptly, gave me a tracking number and the pedal arrived very well packaged and exactly as described. I'd have no hesitation in dealing with him again!
  8. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1410207562' post='2547196'] I've just received my Subterranea today and am very very impressed. I think that the Oxide might be coming off! [/quote] We might both be sticking our Oxides in the Effects for Sale forum! Loving my Sub...
  9. Another option is to upgrade the Bass Big Muff to a deluxe that has a blend knob (and a crossover)...
  10. phagor

    bass synth

    Fishman have just come out with a wireless guitar to Midi converter, but there doesn't seem to be a bass version (yet). http://www.fishman.com/tripleplay/
  11. I also have the Iron Ether Oxide. It's a great gated fuzz, and does sound very synthy with an envelope filter and a bit of chorus. Like all gated fuzzes, it can be a little tricky to dial it in - sometime it will miss some quiet notes or be glitching wildly depending on how you set it. It's off my board at the moment, replaced by an Iron Ether Subterranea, which isn't as clipped as a gated fuzz, but way more flexible.
  12. I have one identical to this, and it's my workhorse - sounds great on any gig. The B string is really solid and the EQ with the passive tone control (VTC) is very flexible. To top it all, Gary is a lovely chap - he really knows his basses and looks after his gear very well. Deal with confidence!
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