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  1. Sale or Trade - Postage possible as I have a box Awesome bass ! Just a bit too similar to the P7 I’m now preferring for gigs. I bought this new from Andertons in October 2018. This is a first generation model with 7.5” fretboard radius, currently strung with flats (105/45) but I have a used set of rounds I can put on and set up. Action I would describe as medium-low it will go lower particularly if I set it up with the rounds as they’re a slightly lighter gauge (100/40). Great pre-amp on these. The condition is excellent, a few small dings to the paintwork of the body (photographed). The only issue is the passive tone knob needs adjusting - possibly a new grub screw is required as it doesn’t always grip the pot shaft. I’m after a 5 string jazz/MM (will consider most brands) or Sandberg 4 string p/j anything, fretless. I am looking for something of greater value or similar so cash maybe your way depending on what it is.
  2. 😂Excellent 👍 sounds about right. Thanks for that
  3. If you have bathroom scales you could try the with bass - without bass method?
  4. Under 10lbs is pretty good for a 5’er of this Model my 4 string V7 is almost 11 lbs
  5. This is a really fun thread isn’t it ? Funny, entertaining and the music ain’t bad either. 😁 if I we’re looking for a project this would be right up my street. Good luck finding the right bass hands
  6. I feel you! Still this is up at the top of ‘my next bass’ list. Stingray vibe but with a Smooth and mellow ‘edge ‘ . Good luck with the sale, I’ll keep coming back to oogle until it’s gone 😁
  7. Love these! Wish I had the readies for it ! GLWTS!
  8. Wish I’d been awake for this one ! Bargain
  9. Thanks 🙏 thought it would be something simple. Still I seem to have a habit of messing up simple things 😂
  10. So NBD update! Still enjoying this bass but the knobs are probably the worst part! The stacked knobs especially the volume and tone pot are stiff and when you move one on the stack the other moves with it! I’ve never changed tone/volume knobs. Any recommendations/suggestions/dummies guide to removing/replacing?
  11. Agree with all you guys I had a 600, lovely warm tube tones from these
  12. That’s great I can stop coming back to this thread and staring at the lovely neck grain 😁
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