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  1. Not much happening here I’m going to withdraw it and modify it! Anyone looking to sell/trade a set of p/j pickups let me know !
  2. Holy moly some nice looking wood there, what’s she weigh Cap’n ??
  3. Here’s me checking string spacing 😀 not sure if I need to measure from centre of string or offset? Anyway by my method here I’d say yes 18mm 🧐😬 Very comfy for me with small- medium man hands 👋
  4. Having said that I’m looking for a mini precision bass (in red) for my daughter so if you have one of those ?
  5. Ha ha I was just thinking the same thing ! ‘I could buy these and then buy a P to put them in’ backwards 😂
  6. Indeed ! Why not buy a lovely 2nd hand one for sale in the basschat classifieds 😁
  7. Bought from Jon a few months back with the intention of installing in my P/j which is now for sale. I never got around to installing so it’s brand new and waiting for a bass! V/B/T with s/p switch push pull on volume knob
  8. Lovely light (3.7kg) p/j with great neck and preamp. I’ve gigged it a couple of times and it’s so comfy and playable. Awesome grain popping through sunburst too. Currently wearing rounds but I can also set up with some used Flats. I want to keep it but have some annoying expenses and it’s not getting played much at the moment. Postage at cost and gig bag available. Trades- Squire mini precision bass in red + cash, Fender 4 string p or J at right specs/price. Have a pop and see. I also have a 5-String Sire V7 up for sale and various pedals. I travel to West London via A1 three times a weeks so meet/up delivery is possible. More images to follow.
  9. Enjoying Dark theme! Much easier on the ol’ peepers 👀
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