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  1. Yes it has an A and B channel. You can set separate eq’s to each channel and save them. This means you could have separate instruments input for A/B and separate amps if you really wanted ! You could also run the output from channel A to the input of channel B so you have tonnes of options. I used to run my pre-amp after channel A and then output the pre-amp to channel B, this would giving eq options before and after the pre-amp stage. Helpful?
  2. Don’t crash the band van in to the venue you just finished playing at. In fact don’t offer to drive the band van, ever.
  3. Definitely not! Yesterday I watched a YouTube video of a recent gig (think it’s on this thread somewhere) for me the best parts were fleas bass playing and improv/Jams between songs. The chemistry between flea/frusciante/smith, reminded me of a VHS I had of some early stuff, better than the songs for sure.
  4. Still trying to listen to the chilli peppers new album and formulate an opinion see other thread
  5. Having a listen to Love Unlimited right now, some really nice bits from Flea - certainly showing at some points the effects of studying Jazz & yet reverting to typical flea. I’ve always been a flea fan tho so perhaps I’m biased. Drums are great - hard & funky with a few more lavish fills/grooves, he’s no weckle/Lang/virtuoso but spot on for the chillis style and better than I remember to be honest. AK is sort of like water for the most part but that’s the chillis and has been since BSSM sort of Coldplay like. I think his vocal melodies also drive many of the songs to dreariness and that place of ‘meh’ again very By The Way. I’ve seen the Chilis live a number of times but unfortunately what sticks in my mind the most is when Kiedis forgot the words @motorpoint Sheffield 2011 (ish). I quite liked the Josh Knopfler (is that right?) stuff from the 2011 release but that album was much funkier if I recall rightly. I have no memory of the follow up album 😁. Anyway so frusciante yes nice in places and similar to Kiedis like water in others - but my favourite guitarist right now is Mr D. Trucks so maybe not my taste. Being a bass player I don’t particularly listen much to the guitarist anyway 😂but I know if I like something they play. Overall what I expected from a post 90’s chillis album. I’ve gone on a bit haven’t I Poster child and Aquatic Mouth Dance 👌
  6. Shame I don’t have £850 as I have some serious Flea Jazz GAS ! When these were first out I played one at the gallery, fast neck and great playability ! GLWTS
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