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  1. If I wasn’t swimming in renovation costs I’d be all over this, great price for a nearly new Rumble 800! Have a bump 🤪
  2. Thanks. Thought as much! Anyone had one and experience of reliability/tone/gigabillity/value/loudness Vs Rumble 500/800 combos ?
  3. Anyone with any experience of these?
  4. Yes, me too! I think there will be more
  5. Again yes it is! If I had the cash I’d snap it right up 😁
  6. My Old amp! Awesome, lightweight amp in great condition, Buy with confidence peeps!
  7. Any takers 🤔 might have to stick it on t’bay i’ll take £110 posted to UK £120 posted to anywhere in the EU for my continental bros and sisters 🇪🇺
  8. When I was looking at Power amps I watched a video where a guy tested a Behringer 1000w amp (the Nuke something or other?) and it peaked at 750-800watts, so it seems the inflated wattages are notorious! I once owned a behringer pedal, it was awful but I’ve heard good things about the Bugera amps.
  9. Are these any good? £190 on Amazon now Bugera BXD12 Bass Amplifier https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00Z0IFUYS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-toXBbGFNCDYY
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