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  1. Think I’ve watched this keen to give the Reidmar/Magni a try out. Went with Markbass for a short term fix. Better the devil you know !
  2. Hi folks! Ive only had this a Month but I’m renovating and have lots of Bills piling up and no gigs in the diary. I bought this from the original owner who purchased in September 2018 so it’s almost new. I have the original box (courier possible at cost) and paperwork. Included is the Mark Bass/Mark world cover.
  3. If I wasn’t swimming in renovation costs I’d be all over this, great price for a nearly new Rumble 800! Have a bump 🤪
  4. Thanks. Thought as much! Anyone had one and experience of reliability/tone/gigabillity/value/loudness Vs Rumble 500/800 combos ?
  5. Anyone with any experience of these?
  6. Yes, me too! I think there will be more
  7. Again yes it is! If I had the cash I’d snap it right up 😁
  8. My Old amp! Awesome, lightweight amp in great condition, Buy with confidence peeps!
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