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  1. Thanks dude ! i was looking at the source audio too but dont think i need anything that complex. In my experience Boss are also usually built like tanks whxih is good for me as often break stuff
  2. Thinking of buying this for bass, so I’ve got different eq’s at the touch of a button any more thoughts?
  3. Spot on! A bass that punches way above its price tag
  4. Love this colour combo on a stingray glwts
  5. Love these, quite difficult to find these days too! Good luck with the sale
  6. Lovely looking thing that there ray definitely giving me some gas
  7. Nice digging couldn’t find that page when I had a look! 6ohms eh
  8. Hello do you happen to know the dimensions and resistance? I’m assuming 4ohm? Ohmmmmmmmmm 🙏
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