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  1. Definitely bro! Awesome looking bass I’m sure it sounds great too I’d be up for a test drive but I’m not often anywhere near Durham. good luck 👍
  2. Our Band is after a guitarist, we rehearse monthly and currently have gigs in April and March booked. Not a huge commitment but you must be competent, play the style and be able to bust out a solo 😁. http://www.theboondockhippy.co.uk/ https://m.soundcloud.com/theboondockhippy
  3. Looking for parts to assemble MM style bass with graphite neck if you have parts please let me know
  4. MM Stingray 4 Pacific Blue Burst Maple Neck

    ‘As it gone ? 🧐
  5. Shuker Bass - Jazz 4 Sunburst/Maple

    Awesome basses, had two Shuker’s a while back great time, playability and build. This one also looks very slick
  6. For Sale / Trade - Withdrawn

    Nice looker !
  7. 60s Still available ? Long shot
  8. Barefaced two10 0 with 12/4 ohm switch

    So I ordered a two10 with a switch to select 12/4 ohms. It arrived yesterday. I waited a bit longer for the switch which I believe is a new custom option. Paired with my Tonehammer 350 and 51 precision reissue got some awesome vintage tones immediately.
  9. Ernie Ball MusicMan Classic Sabre 4 string bass

    On the lookie for one of these! Possible road test in near future ?
  10. Using one amps Pre amp and another amps Power Amp

    Hi Phil that's what I was thinking! And yes a pre amp Tonehammer pedal would do the trick once everything has been upgraded. Thanks for all your help in this hypothetical idea in list for more power!!!!
  11. Using one amps Pre amp and another amps Power Amp

    Cheers guys lots of info it did occur to me after posting that selling the 350 and buying a 500 would do the same thing and might be simpler. However if say I wanted something ridiculous like 1200w of power and a power amp that could run at 2 ohms ?