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  1. Wish I’d been awake for this one ! Bargain
  2. Thanks 🙏 thought it would be something simple. Still I seem to have a habit of messing up simple things 😂
  3. So NBD update! Still enjoying this bass but the knobs are probably the worst part! The stacked knobs especially the volume and tone pot are stiff and when you move one on the stack the other moves with it! I’ve never changed tone/volume knobs. Any recommendations/suggestions/dummies guide to removing/replacing?
  4. Agree with all you guys I had a 600, lovely warm tube tones from these
  5. That’s great I can stop coming back to this thread and staring at the lovely neck grain 😁
  6. I’ve strung er up with the flats, still lots of Zing and pop on the D and G strings 😁, smooth and mellow on the lower notes. I’m still playing with the action to get it perfect 👌
  7. I was hunting for a back up bass and after being denied finance found a 3.7kg Sire P7 v2 on eBay. Don’t usually buy on eBay but a Sire at this weight I couldn’t resist! I’ve played it for about 35 mins and it’s unreal, so playable thanks to that 38mm nut, rolled fretboard edges and super smooth finish. Already owning a V7 which I’ve been incredibly happy with (apart from its 4.8kg weight), I’m familiar with the preamp and this one definitely feels similar. It’s strung with the factory strings which I believe are D’Addarios 100-40 NYXL super zingy to my ears (I’ve been playing flat wounds or semi flats for 3/4 years almost exclusively) lots of snap when you pop 😁! Very refreshing to a flats lover. I was gonna swap in some Dunlop flats but I’m torn, I might just keep these on! So looks wise it’s pretty cool in a vintage-modern way, 3 tone sunburst body (with some grain a poppin!), white pearloid scratchplate and maple fretboard. The maple neck also has some graining going on at the back which is cool.
  8. Before Marriage and the lil sprog I had a 5 string custom Jazz and 4 string Jazz from Jon Shuker, great basses! This looks like a cracker !
  9. https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Sandberg-California-TM5-SL-Superlight-PF-Natural-Satin/art-BAS0010536-000 I’ve got TM5 SL gas it’s really bad
  10. Wow lovely looking top
  11. Oh no 🤦🏼‍♂️ now I can’t come back and look at it in awe again
  12. I bought a Sire V7 new in 2018 for £350 and I’ve gigged it a number of times since then. It’s easily as good as basses 2 or 3 times it’s value. The neck is great and super playable, the pre-amp is very useable but equally the passive tone is great too. As some have mentioned they can be on the heavy side mines 4.8kg (10.5lbs) but others aren’t as heavy. I’ve seen some advertised at 3.5 Kg’s. During lockdown I’ve been practicing a lot and the weight is adding up as I’ve got some upper back/shoulder stiffness. My only other gripe is the intonation went way out about 6 months ago but I’ve been able to adjust the setup to sort that out. Ive read that people have found the pickups to be ‘weak’ however I’ve not had noticed this myself. if anyone’s interested I can post up some recordings.
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