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  1. Would quite like to give one of these a try, anyone thinking of parting with one?
  2. These are great budget cabs, just a bit overkill for lots of the smaller gigs I do so I've downsized. Comes with a high quality Hot Covers case, it took a couple of small dings before I got that sorted and there's a few round the bottom from tight car packs but nothing major. I stained the marks black so they're not very noticeable. Specs: 800 Watts, 8 ohm, 21.3 kgs, 29x906x906mm, Neo drivers, speakon and jack in, horn defeat switch. Ideally collection from York or I can deliver if you're not too far off.
  3. I'm after a small cab and I quite fancy trying a PJB, anyone got one they're thinking of moving on?
  4. I'm selling my David Gage Realist, it's probably about 10 years old but fully functional and I think I've still got the original packaging somewhere. There's a little nick in the foil where it joins the cable as shown in the photos; it's been like that for a few years and hasn't got any worse and still feels solid. I'm up for trades for other pickups with cash adjustment either way, let me know what you've got.
  5. Selling my Zoom B3n, it's a little bit scuffed on top from the plug rattling around on my pedal board but generally in good nick. Comes boxed with original power supply. £100 + p&p
  6. I tend to burn through strings pretty fast so I've been using them on and off for years, especially when I'm not gigging much or for festival weekends where I'm going to kill whatever set I put on so it might as well be a cheap one. They do the job and sound ok, don't feel as nice as the D'Addarios or Ernie Balls I'd rather be using but one can't be too picky when they're 20% of the price.
  7. Probably a long shot but I'm looking for a set of 5 string noiseless Aguilar jazz pickups with the radiused pole pieces. Anyone have any kicking about? Would also consider similar pickups from other makes.
  8. Posted on 15th June 2018. All good. Anyhoo, it's live, it's available, I'm happy to courier and it's this big: WIDTH 17.56 in. / 44.6 cm HEIGHT 23.17 in. / 58.85 cm DEPTH 16.61 in. / 42.2 cm
  9. Zoom MS-60B - also picked up on here after doing the rounds somewhat and picking up some battle scars, there's a fair few paint chips as you can see but it's in perfect working order. It's been a really useful 'catch all' single-unit sized box to have on my board. £55 + p&p MXR M82 (SOLD) - only picked this up on here a couple of weeks ago, it's great but I've bought too much stuff recently so I'll let it go before I get too attached to it. One small ding and a bit of rubbing round the sides but very good condition overall and comes with its box. £90 + p&p
  10. Just sold Mark some pickups, seamless transaction and really friendly comms. Deal with confidence.
  11. Sold - I'm selling my Darkglass B7K with original box, may well end up regretting it and getting another but I want to try out a few things. It's in great condition on the top and sides, there's a few small scratches on the bottom. £180 inc special delivery, would consider trades for other similar preamps with switchable drive.
  12. They run into a pre fine (as long as it's designed for active pickups). I guess it's just a bit of extra tone shaping they put in.
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