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  1. Lovely looking thing that there ray definitely giving me some gas
  2. Nice digging couldn’t find that page when I had a look! 6ohms eh
  3. Hello do you happen to know the dimensions and resistance? I’m assuming 4ohm? Ohmmmmmmmmm 🙏
  4. Ooof shiver me timbers Batman that sure looks like one swell piece of bass
  5. Purchase patch cables, excellent communication and speedy delivery. Nice
  6. Well used but working fine only selling as I’ve replaced with TC polytune. Grab a bargain! Includes postage.
  7. Quick sale of Ampeg Scrambler pedal, easy transaction. Hope it serves you well Anth.
  8. Bargain! Not had the pleasure but having watched Michael League demo one it always makes me think “I’ll sound like Michael with one of those”. Be like Mike. sensible head says pay tax bill
  9. Hey folks eyeing up some pedals on here so need this gone !
  10. Based on this thread I bought some Dunlop flats 105/45. They were extremely playable straight away a, had a nice brightness with tone pot open and super mellow with the tone rolled off. Lower tension than the Daddario Chromes I had on before and a very smooth feel. I’ve not tried Labella LTF’s yet, maybe next time 😁
  11. Also to me ! Very timely delivery and excellent price for a couple of patch cables thanks @Chienmortbb Andy
  12. Fresh set played for 30 mins. 45-100 I have realised I now prefer full flats. Postage inc. if you’ve not tried half wound(semi-flats) before they’re great for having a smooth playing feel with less finger noise but yet maintaining the brightness of a round wound string. I’ve been using this type of string for 3/4 years but my tastes have changed and I’m feeling full flats at the mo.
  13. Useful little pedal but not needed anymore I’ve had it 12 months and used on one gig comes boxed and is mint! Postage of course but add £5.
  14. I tried one of these out a while back at a shop I really loved it, like the previous post says; punchy, playable and versatile 👍
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