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  1. Great sounding setup, just not what I'm going for... They're both off my Jerry Barnes 4, which I bought brand new from Bass Direct in March. If I had to describe the pickups I'd say they have more in common with Model J's then a regular Jazz pickup. Very low mids kind of thing, although the high mids are still there, just not as prominent. They're definitely quite fat sounding! The preamp is really great, it's just I prefer the functionality of an East pre... This will come with the plate, fully assembled, so just drop it in. I will split these up, but the pickups need to go first... Pickups £100 Pre £120 Both together £180 Open to offers, not after any trades. Payment via PayPal Friends and Family please. Any questions, get in touch... Ta!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I bought the FEA OPTI-FET from Henrik... Great comms, quick delivery, packaged securely, amazing pedal! Thanks mate!
  4. I have an East stacked mid pot which was a replacement John sent me but I no longer need it... It is boost/cut and sweepable mids, unused.
  5. Not particularly after a trade/partial trade... looking for a straight sale really. By all means PM me with an offer though... Thanks.
  6. Alright Tankdave, It balances really nicely on the strap, like all the OW’s I’ve tried... as I mentioned before, it is a little heavier than my Atelier but there’s no neck dive to speak of. I’ll get a more precise weight measurement done and add it to the post later on... Cheers!
  7. I'm selling my brand new Overwater Classic J4. I only got this bass today, having driven up to OWHQ to pick it up from Chris, but due to me getting an Atelier Z JB4 whilst waiting for the OW, this one has now got to go. I've already got quite accustomed to the Z and I'm just preferring the 70's style J, not that the OW isn't fantastic (because it is!), it's just subjective... as we all know. Specs - Swamp Ash body Maple neck and fingerboard East custom OW pre with 3 band eq OW noiseless J pickups OW bridge Hipshot tuners 21 frets 34" scale length Satin finish all over 9lbs (rough estimate, although my Z is lighter at 8lbs) I don't have an OW hard case but I will ship it in my Protec Contego, inside another double-walled cardboard box along with plenty of padding. You can either buy this case as well or pay a deposit for it, which I will refund upon return of the case. Not particularly looking for trades, the only thing I would consider is a 70's style Jazz, Japan or USA built. Thanks!
  8. Bought a 3 Leaf GR2 off Monica... Great price, great communication, item as described... all good! Buy with confidence!
  9. Greetings Bassists! Thanks for your feedback! Max.
  10. Alright Tony, I’m in St. Annes, just near Blackpool... I presume you’re in Burnley...? 😂
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