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  1. Mike bought my Okto Nøjs... Instant payment, smooth deal! Cheers Mike!
  2. Ok, back up to original asking price... Open to offers...
  3. Definitely not stolen... 100% legit, real deal, outrageous bargain! Feel free to PM me for any more details surrounding this crazy bargain...
  4. Ok, brand new Overwater Jazz for £1500 over here...! That's as low as I'm gonna go, ridiculous bargain!
  5. Ok, now priced at £1700!!! That's £1000 off a brand new Overwater... crazy, outrageous, bargain price!!!
  6. This is an amazing bit of drum software, but I'm just not using it as I'm more into Superior Drummer... I spoke to Dan at Wave Alchemy and it's just a case of swapping the registration at his end... so download, install, enter serial, and you're away! No physical items to ship, it's all on t'interweb. It retails at £149. Ta!
  7. I bought this new in early July... Second time I've tried Fuzz and Filter, thought I'd give it another go... but I just end up not using much of either. Boxed, as new. UK shipping included.
  8. Price back up to £1850... I'm no longer in a rush to sell, and £1850 is a very fair price on a brand new Overwater.
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