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  1. I wasn't actually aware of the Bolin basses until your post... With the piezo pickups rolled all the way in the bass sounds pretty acoustic (as you'd expect I guess)... If you really dig into the strings with a bit of the piezo blended in it produces a really nice growl which I guess would be great for heavier stuff
  2. Cheers chaps! I didn’t know these basses had so much respect in the community ...well I know I liked them but I thought they were a bit of an acquired taste!
  3. A little birdy told me that apparently a limited run 6-string version is on the way for later this year! Not sure if that’s still the case given all the disruption but it’s something to keep an eye on!
  4. Thanks for the interest everyone! I guess now is not the good time to try and sell a bass like this and I keep getting pretty low offers so I've decided to withdraw it for now, maybe I'll re-list later in the year if things start to return to normal. Up for sale is my mint condition NS Design CR5 Radius bass. This is a first class instrument which I've owned from new and probably the most 'pro' instument I've ever owned. Its light, balances perfectly and sounds amazing! Why the sale then? The bands I play with now need a more middle of the road aesthetic and this is definitely a very modern looking and sounding instrument so it doesn't really fit in with the vibe. As a consequence it spends most of its time in the gig bag these days which is breaking my heart so its time someone else had the benefit of it. Its a 35" inch scale bass and has a super tight low B, I believe the body is chambered so it really is very light but has a solidness about it which gives you absolute confidence in the build quality, this really is a bass which will go on forever! The pickups and electronics are the EMG-X system which was designed specifically for Ned Steinberger for this bass and mix traditional magnetic pickups with piezo to given them a bit of extra bit and growl and slightly more natural response. There are a couple of very minor marks on the back plus one on the back of the 'headstock' (shown in the pictures below), but the front of the bass is completely clean with no marks at all. The bass comes with a high quality fitted gig bag with shaped foam. You can find more information about the bass in general here: http://www.basscentre.com/ns-design-radius-bass-guitar/ns-design-cr5-radius-5-string-bass-charcoal-satin.html I'm happy to arrange shipping within mainland UK at additional cost (usually around £30 uninsured). I'm not currently interested in trades and the price is firm and already very reasonable so no offers please! There is a video demo I've put together below with direct recorded audio so you hear a little of how it sounds. NS Design-720p.mp4
  5. That's a pretty bass! Love Spectors.
  6. Yeah, it’s a really pretty looking bass with the high gloss finish
  7. I may consider a trade for a Fender Geddy Lee Jazz or similar style mid range Fender Jazz bass in good condition...
  8. Temporary Price drop to £650 for two weeks, get it whilst its cheap!! (will ship within mainland UK for additional £35) I'm somewhat reluctantly selling my Pro series Warwick Star Bass 5 string. This bass is the older model made in Korea (not the current Chinese made Rockbass model) and is 34" scale rather than the current 32" scale basses. The bass is in overall very good condition with a few belt buckle scratches on the back (pictured) but otherwise very clean (the 3/4 pic of the front shows finger-print smears, not scratches!). The bass is finished in high-gloss 'Nirvana black' with cream binding on front and back. The pickups are the standard Warwick chrome plated MEC (the logo has rubbed off the neck pickup a little bit) and the electronics are stock passive with pickup selector switch (neck, both, bridge). There are some minor finish imperfections such as some small marks on the side of the fret-board, etc but these have been present from new. The star bass is a semi hollow-body design with a centre sustain block and a set neck which is glued to the body. The frets on this model are brass (rather than the nickle frets on the newer model). Comes with original Warwick strap-locks (which are ok but not great quality) and original adjustment tools. The bass cost me about £1600 new from Thomann a few years back and has been a reliable workhorse, gigged mainly on relatively tame 60's cover band gigs where it fits perfectly in terms of style and tone. Comes with a sturdy Hiscox hardcase (shown in pictures) which on its own cost me well over £100. Buyer collects from Norwich (or will meet halfway if within 100 miles of Norwich). Payment on collection with either cash or bank transfer. EDIT: Added demo video with audio recorded directly with no compression or EQ. (video at bottom of images) bass demo-hardware.mp4
  9. Hello! Due to gigging a lot less just recently I've decided to downsize my rig to something a bit more portable, as such I'm selling my main rig which is my trusty TC Electronic RH750 amp and RS212 cab. I've owned both since new and both are in perfect working order with some cosmetic bumps and scratches (they've been gigged regularly). The cab has only ever been used with that amp and the amp has never been pusher higher that half volume (because its so bloody loud!). RH750 https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Head-Amplifiers/RH750/p/P0CIV#googtrans(en|en) 4 band EQ - semi parametric so the frequency centres can be adjusted for each band 3 programmable EQ presets Tube-tone emulation Built in spectra-comp compressor and chromatic tuner Aux-in (only for headphones), headphone out, DI out with pre/post EQ switch I'm also including the RC4 foot switch (see pictures attached) and gig bag which has a broken zip but is perfectly usable All cables (speakon, kettle lead, footswitch cable, etc) are included RS212 https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Bass/Cabinets/RS212/p/P0CJH#googtrans(en|en) 2x12 eminence drivers - very loud, loud enough to do medium to largish gigs with no FOH 400W power handling, 8 ohm Vertical speaker configuration for space saving and projection - fits in some very tight spaces with no problems Carry handles on the sides make it fairly easy to lug around although it is fairly heavy Built like a tank - seriously, both this and the amp both have very solid construction Would consider selling separately for £300 each but would rather sell together. Price includes gig bag with broken zipper (pictured) and RC4 pedal, and all cables. Will consider courier for the amp (within UK) if bought separately, but cab is collection only from Norwich given its weight and size (will consider meeting half way if within 100 miles). Will accept bank transfer or cash on collection.
  10. bump and price drop to £800 collected, go on, treat yourself...
  11. Bought new from Bass Direct in the UK last year, one year old and barely gigged. This is an excellent hand made German bass in very good condition. Only minor belt buckle scratches on the back but otherwise spotless (apart from a minor finish imperfection on inside of the top horn which has been there since new). Great tone and playability and looks very cool, ideal for anyone looking for something with the vibe of a high-end fender but wanting a more modern and versatile sound. Has onboard active electronics with passive bypass, tone controls still work in passive mode and the bass sounds good played either way. Comes with super high quality padded Sandberg gig bag. Only selling in order to make room for a new addition to the stable. Feel free to make me an offer but no trades I'm afraid! Ideally collection only but will consider shipping within mainland UK. I'm based in Norwich, UK. [attachment=226895:IMG_6580.JPG] [attachment=226896:IMG_6581.JPG] [attachment=226897:IMG_6582.JPG] [attachment=226894:IMG_6579.JPG] More pics available on request...
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