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  1. Good advice and yes sadly this be true for most instruments. I have used wanted section but was also curious to start general conversation to see how many female bass players were actually out there and peoples thoughts on this.
  2. band is all female! and band likes to get female musicians out touring the globe...
  3. yea you are right but reason i a asking as I am searching for female bass player for a certain project. May I ask who the female bass player was on this forum?
  4. Hey dood, any ideas where i can find them? I notice hard to find online so was starting to think it was mostly male dominated instrument but yes sure i am wrong.
  5. Wondering how many solid female bass players are there out there? Seems to be be a lot of male bass players but not so many woman. Hopefully I am wrong. Please post if you are a female bass player or know of any solid players in UK. Links, video/s would be ace. Thanks
  6. I work with an established (High Energy) touring act called The Red Paintings. (Orchestral alt art rock). On the lines of Mars Volta, Early Smashing Pumpkins meets Arcade Fire. Currently looking for a Female Bass player (mostly all girl band) to fill in on bass duties. For the right player tours across EU, USA and AU starting in June. Music can be really complicated at times so fast efficient finger playing is needed. We would like to work with a player that has knowledge on how to use Bass gear and pedals, touring or live show experience would be preferred and doesn't mind being apart of show. Band is based in London. Payment would be on per show basis, travel, accom, food on show nights would all be covered. For music, videos, tour history and more.. Epk: http://onepagelink.com/theredpaintings contact direct at [email protected] Kindly Alan Butler
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