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  1. Hi All, For sale is my EBMM Sterling HP4, USA made 2001. Natural finish. This bass is really clean, Ive had it about 6/7 years, and played it very little as I'm more of a Stingray/ Precision type, but it truly is a joy to play, and is absolutely unmarked, It's just got to the stage where it's a shame for it not to be played and enjoyed as it deserves. This model has single humbucker, and piezo bridge, which are handled by a blend control, and has overall 3 band EQ. This particular body is a bit of a rarity, as it is a one peice body. you can see this from the picture of the bottom of the bass at the strap button, where the grain of a join would be noticeable. It comes with its original hard shell case, which is also unmarked. I'd estimate postage costs at £35.00, and if you need any more info or pictures, PM and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking Paul
  2. Bought couple of leads from Lozz,, arrived next day ,, thanks again Paul
  3. Tyler is a great man to deal with, faultless transaction on his MM Bongo Thanks again Paul
  4. Bought Spector Q6 from Mat,( and a Stage 1 Streamer a couple of years ago, which I should have left feedback for), all as described and super well packed for delivery. A real gent, and as good as his word on both ocassions. Thanks again Mat.... Paul
  5. Apologies to anyone who asked a question about this, yes its still for sale, drop me a PM if your interested..
  6. [quote name='Steff' post='958365' date='Sep 16 2010, 02:35 PM']Photos?[/quote] Sorry, cant seem to get this attachment thing sorted at all.....
  7. Another bit of clearout. East MMSR 3 knob 3 band preamp. Volume, bass, treble and sweepable mid. Good condition, not plate mounted, but you can buy Stingray type plates readily and cheaply if you need one. [attachment=58850:east_pre_small.jpg]
  8. Another bit of clearout Chrome Badass V , five string bridge. This has had its saddles cut for 5 string stingray, but probobly suit other 5 string with 17/ 18mm string spacing. Very good condition c/w fixing screws ..... £50.00 plus postage. Thanks. Paul [attachment=58836:badass_front_small.jpg][attachment=58835:badass_back_small.jpg] [attachment=58835:badass_back_small.jpg][attachment=58836:badass_front_small.jpg]
  9. Another part of my clearout. Status graphite neck for 5 String Musicman Stingray, in very good condition, with no knocks or dings, and vitually no fret wear. i had this on a Black SR5 (black/ black guard/ graphite neck.... very cool), but i havn't used it in a while and i'm trying to fund some new amplification without hurting the bank balance too much, so maple neck back on the Stingray, and i'm using my bongo mostly. The only thing to note is, the neck came to me with a mixture of tuners, and a detuner at the 'B' position, which i didnt like, so i installed a set of matching hipshot ultralites, which needed the detuner hole opened from 14mm to 17mm. When being drilled a bit of laquer about 1mm square chipped off the front, and 2mm square off the back., but you wouldn't notice it unless you know its there, and in no way effects performance. The neck has 6 bolt fixing. So if your 5 String stingray needs a facelift, this could be for you! These are currently about £350.00 from Status, and about £80.00 for the machines, so bound to be a bargain at £285.00.. plus postage Thanks... Paul Having bother with my attachments.. bridge for sale in another post [attachment=58840:neckhead_small.jpg][attachment=58839:neck_head_back_sm.jpg][attachment=58838:neck_ front_small.jpg]
  10. I'd been toying with buying a Warwick for a while, but didnt want to spend a fortune and be dissapointed... So a Corvette Std presented itself last week at the right money, c/w Bartolini 2 band pre where the tone pot was...... not sure if its the preamp or whatever, but it sounds and feels fantastic.... GAS for a jazzman now
  11. [quote name='Higgie' post='956776' date='Sep 15 2010, 12:32 AM']Are the covers the block version or do they have ears for the screws like an SR4?[/quote] They are the block version.... no ears.
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