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  1. Reply to MoonBassAlpha Just came on the post the same - his chops in that last song were unbelievable! (Around 20:40 in iPlayer) EDIT: seems to be this guy... Tarron Crayton @TarronCrayton
  2. Macca, working at 80, something many will experience inThe near future…..😇 Personally thought the band and performance was excellent. No miming, odd wee wobble, but just magical. Noel Gallagher said something profound earlier along the likes of, “I’m just blown away seeing kids sing and rock out to songs I wrote years before they were born. Try being McCartney…..
  3. Correct. But ...silicone isn't.
  4. I think Ricky Gervais hinted at that recently. Asked why he tended to employ the same actors, "Cos I like them and they are fun to work with." He mentioned one big name who was a nightmare and swore never to do it again.
  5. Jings J! You did the right thing - up front and honest. I sacked my self from a wedding/covers band once because they treated rehearsal as a 'learning' space. I had learned about 10 songs during the week as requested, they popped up on a Sunday giving it, "What are the chords to...., does anyone have a recording of it etc" After 6 weeks the band had learned 2 songs. At that rate, it would be about 5 years till we'd learned the set.
  6. Molecular gold - 🙁 198 as an isotope - 2 days later it would decay to mercury 🙁 Silicone can't be atomically pure as it isn't an element. 🙁 Virgins - it's Basschat!😇 This place has gone to the scientific dogs!😄 (ps - get your drift. Once had a pal who AB'd his set up to show us all the difference in gold plated leads v Copper....not one person could hear the difference, meanwhile, he was pulling mega orgasm faces at every click!)
  7. I am jealous when I watch a player with a 'cheap' bass. Is it because of the bass? No - it is usually because they are a better player than me!😇
  8. From March but wowtastic! Especially love the first bass! NS-1 - Metallic Gold! Apology if this has been posted before...
  9. Wonder if they have learned - sent me a one side spec sheet to fill. Pics had to be sent too and a serial number. In the end, £300 for a neck when I can buy a second hand one for much the same price meant it wasn't really feasible.
  10. Oh well.... "Dear XXXXXXX, the cost for the neck is 345,00 Euro, plus the Just a Nut III Euro 17,50 and the shipping cost .. maybe 40 to 45 Euro.. If you like to Order it, we need from your side a picture from the cutted headstock.. after we would release the invoice to you and you have to pay it and if we received the payment from your side, with in 1 or 2 weeks we would send the New Neck to you.. I hope I was able to assist you.. with best regards Framus & Warwick GmbH & Co Music Equipment KG H.P.Wilfer 07.06.2022, 13:36 " Very rapid and professional response from Warwick. I provided all the required detail but £390 to replace the neck is too steep. Yikes!
  11. I was (ir)rationally drawn to this Molloon Bass.... https://youtu.be/yiPQzm9tXEk
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