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  1. Yes. Former Marshall employees I believe.
  2. Was going to buy direct but nipped into Kennys Music in Glasgow....guy’s were great and it arrived few days later!
  3. Welcome! Well done on the Fender Rumble....great choice! In Feb/March, I had a few gigs lined up and so bought a Peavey Minimax from here and a Peavey Streamliner (Headliner) cab. Covid! Realised quickly that my mainly home playing and occasional gig didn’t need to go past 3 or 4 on that rig! Saw the Blackstar Unity 120W Deal a few weeks back and got one for £199! Managed to sell my Peavey rig for almost the same price on Gumtree....the wee Unity is more than adequate but if the deal hadn’t been on I’d also be sitting with a rumble!
  4. Schecter bass headstocks.....
  5. Not a single pic! It’s like finding a dazzle mag in a bush and it having no pages inside!
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