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  1. The daylight photos are stunning. Never thought about one of these before. I’m not in the buying market just now...after a Christmas I will be but this doesn’t deserve to hang around till then. GLWTS
  2. I'd love one of these...
  3. Very interesting... https://equipboard.com/pros/john-deacon
  4. Went into Guitar Guitar...they have one. It is indeed beautiful and they have marker dots at the edge of the fretboard. I did, however, get a wee naughty feeling that I was playing my aunty’s coffee table.....
  5. Get a definite budget. Go to shop on quiet day. Sit for hours playing the same thing over and over again. (If possible -0 in the same type of amp as you have) Something will click.
  6. Beautiful! https://www.peachguitars.com/guitars/bass-guitars/4-string/music-man-bfr-stringray-sierra-fretless.htm No further comments!
  7. Cracking review. I had a ticket but realised late on I had a big game that evening!
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