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  1. That's a thought - is he the musician with the lowest 'price of gear" to "earnings" ratio in history?
  2. Brilliant stuff! I read an article where he said he went to Rickenbacker/Yamaha/Wal because of the intonation and ability for it to stay in tune. Years later he got it 'Trigger's Broomed' by a Luthier in New York and went back to it! (EDIT - hadn't realised there was an article above!)
  3. Who qualifies? Pino? Geddy? I was listening to Spirit of Radio and the bass sound is just so distinctively Geddy. You also hear disparate 80s tunes and immediately go "Oh...That's Pino playing for Henley/Collins/Clapton..." Are there other examples of distinctive sounds? Tame studio version... Pino... Live version.... (Danger - may be someone else copying Pino!)
  4. Just spotted this after posting elsewhere! That's great to know! Always thought he should have been asked to do a totally politically incorrect Basschat Calendar...
  5. Lysdexia Great photos and advertise for any of his sales. Had two 'deals' with him - great guy, full of enthusiasm and humour. One deal he came to my house, the second he asked if I could approach his nuclear bunker due to health reasons. Was a lovely trip and great visit.
  6. Anyone got news about Lysdexia?
  7. merello

    NBD 70s P

    No neck dive I presume?😇
  8. Merry Christmas to you all. An incredible goldmine if a site and thank you for all the hard work setting it up, maintaining and moderating it!
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