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  1. One of the greatest song serving bass lines ever. Brill!
  2. Saturday night boost for a good guy!
  3. Cracking! Saw one up close in GG last week and I kept going back to it! Then I went home and watched Bill and Ted....
  4. Came on to post similar. Just ordered. https://ashdownmusic.com/products/aa-pre-amp-acoustic-pedal
  5. You always get your money back on a second hand Fender. For playability? Spector.
  6. Can we extend our micro concern to Ted Nugent?
  7. Stunner Jezza!
  8. Suddenly hit me that Fender’s budget brand missed a trick not getting the bold Chris on board with a tribute bass....
  9. Cheers ~Andy! Never seen one before!
  10. I know its a bass... Yes 2004
  11. My mission in life is to sew threads together that sow confusion!
  12. Ignore below! Cheers admin for bumping this thread! ”Ampeg have revamped their Rocket Bass Combos. Now available on pre order. Look pretty smart. https://ampeg.com/rocket-bass/ Thoughts? “
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