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  1. Halfway thru reading the original post on this thread a shuffle rhythm started in my head.....then four defocussed bodies walked on.....the tune started....it was.....BUCK’S FIZZ! What was that tune....I don’t recognise it.....but then it came to me....Making Your Mind Up! Some list! Chapeau! From Memory... Columbus EB copy Ibanez Blazer Fender P in a big case...sick of carrying so... Hohner B (Steinberger type) 15 year gap then.... Purple Squire P bass (wasn’t great until live where it growled thru the mix!) Warwick Streamer (never took to it) Fender Marcus Miller (beaut but heavy and radius too small) Yamaha BB 414 (cracker) ESP surveyor jazz ESP vintage P J reliced.... Musicman Sub (black/maple) Spector Legend (Tobacco) I may have missed some!
  2. If ur are really worried, ask for photos with some white card or photocopy paper beside or behind the bass.
  3. Oh mama....that green bass!
  4. Stunner. I only hav3 a legend, hardly played it but we recorded some Xmas songs in school in the most rudimentary way and I was extremely surprised at the cut!
  5. Bought 1. Peavey mini max 2. Peavey 15 inch bass cab n speaker 3. Spector Legend (tobacco) Sold 4. Musicman Sub 5. 1 and 2 above Then bought 6. Blackstar Unity 120 7. TC Electrinics Octaver 8. Focusrite 2 Home Studio/IO Current status....reasonably happy and not heading for divorce over a big bass cab in the living room!
  6. merello

    Alnus Bass

    Interesting? These popped up on Twitter....
  7. Still there.... https://www.cashconverters.co.uk/Bristol-Bedminster/products
  8. Some grain and finish on that! Amazing!
  9. Ouch! Lovely! What was the watch btw?
  10. Yes. Former Marshall employees I believe.
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