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  1. Had an old Horner Steinberger copy in a case. Was Stopped more than once by the police who thought it was a rifle?
  2. The description alone should be On the WHO list of things detrimental to health.
  3. Oh.....something I never knew about GP! Having a wee chat on twitter and he’s throws this in....
  4. Extra votes for JJB in the Stranglers...a particular fave is the intro to The Raven. (fender p bass) Bruce Foxton Too....Start and Elton Rifles Jaco on Shadows and Light by Joni.... wow. Tony Levin Sledgehammer..... MM..... Geddy Lee on Moving Pictures... Forget Me Nots....Freddie Washington... I Wish, Do ain’t Do and Sir Duke by Nathan Watts...
  5. Mandolin wire? Anyone in here tried that?
  6. Go straight to the boss.... https://tvjones.com/collections/bass-pickups
  7. And it’s goodnight from me, and goodnight from him.
  8. Beautiful. Dare one ask how much Bravewood charge for their services?
  9. No idea why it keeps quoting on here....
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