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  1. Joy, fun, connections to heroes and occasionally enough money to buy (or justify) new gear? My best times were playing in bands for sheer fun and not worrying about “making it”!
  2. That is a fantastic series. As is all of his documentaries! I remember similar situations in the past, the best example being Robbie Williams. His lost post TT period, the helping hands from Elton and George Michael then his debut album arriving and thinking, this has some real girth to it! Now people talk about incredible pop songs like Angels, Strong and Millenium. Good luck to the bold Harry. Cracking song.
  3. It’s a way of ID-ing a bass. Previous theft? (No slight on seller btw)
  4. Cheers HJ! I’ve only ever did small venues and always thought of the Sans Amp thing as an effects board....will defo be going lightweight combo or small head n cab.
  5. Seeing his thread, the small rig for jazz and the ampless thread gets me thinking. I’m looking for a small rig to replace my cracking but backbreaking Hartke 100w. Every time I think about it, I delay and wonder about going ampless but...I don’t always have a PA system. So, forgive my ignorance, would a SansAmp do it? (Flyrig?)
  6. Bass returned for a refund? If it’s described properly and any flaws pointed out, I’d assume the buyer would be stuffed and would have to sell it themself. I did that years ago on here, bought a Marcus Miller JB, didn’t like the weight or 7.25 fingerboard so put it up for sale with full explanation. Wasn’t the seller’s fault I’d bought something that didn’t suit me.
  7. Hand him the bass. “Show me.” Ask him “can you not play more like Michael Brecker and not Boris Becker.?” Set up gear. Plug in. “Oh I forgot...” place massive container of Durex Play on amp. “That’s to make it easier to stick your brass kazoo up your derrière mate.” Diplomatic corps 1981
  8. When I asked the sales assistant if I could get a discount on a fender bass in January...”everyone knows they don’t let us!”
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