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  1. Quote from the drummer when i told him about the thread- ‘They’re awesome for the money. The pads are same as higher spec but the box has limitations that Addictive drums takes care of’ I play drums a bit, my take on them is that they play (feel) really well. My drummer uses his ‘iron cobra’ bass pedal with his. The module is ok, not as good as the roland, but if you spend time tweaking all the settings, you can get it pretty good, certainly good enough for gigging/ jamming. Its made recording with the band a breeze.
  2. The drummer in my band uses https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-DD-ONE-XT-Simon-Phillips-E-Drum-Set/art-DRU0038567-000?campaign=GShopping/GB&ProgramUUID=5G_AqJarZwoAAAFl0FZyjI8V&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6Or_BRC_ARIsAPzuer9yqoqchJr9cOleZqv7FPYSCB7dv55CDO17fbOwtZ1DW6-QNUx72BEaAu_MEALw_wcB He runs it through the addictive drums software. I thought he was crazy to buy it, and thought it’ll never sound as good as an acoustic kit. How wrong i was! Unless you have some awesome mics ( and know how to use them!), and a fabulous space to record them, you will never get your drums sounding as professional as a set up similar to above see attachment for sound quality. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t know 😂 In A Hole - GW mix #2 - 21:09:2019, 17.04.m4a
  3. Agreed! It’s the cats pyjamas
  4. Great colour combo! Hope it sounds as good as it looks
  5. That looks great! And excellent service from the shop - which one was it?
  6. Really suits the bass. Great choice!
  7. Beautiful bass, super burst and wood grain. Love the new pick guard- don’t think it’ll be a problem to make a plug-There’s lots of pattern in the tort to hide it. Play in the best of health 👍
  8. Thats a proper gash! I wish you a speedy recovery too.
  9. Wow that’s the cats pyjamas! Great colour and the new bridge looks like a massive improvement. I have a 1980 4001. Great player, but the bridge is a complete derrière ache to adjust.
  10. I’d be interested too- 4 or 5 string. Sounds like a cool project
  11. Beautiful! That’s the cats pyjamas... play loud!
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