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  1. When you were young My Hero Sit Down - super easy!!! Commom People Song 2 Teen Spirit Should I stay or should I go Basically, most of our party setlist!!!!
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm73-8bGj3g This guy sets up loads of guitars and puts the videos up on Youtube - really informative.
  3. Swap the strings over bass to bass and if the tones remain the same, thats strings out of the equasion.
  4. Anyone own both a G&L L2500 and a 5 string Dimension or A/B'd them together to see the similarities/differences? Always thought this was Fenders take on one of Leos best bass designs.
  5. Very attractive. The only model bass needed for gigging. Tone king.
  6. We played all music styles for all types of people. With a Swiss Army knife doing all types of jobs, we decided that instead of calling ourselves Swiss Army, we would plump for Swiss Navy. We wished sometime later we hadnt!!!!!! Just google it!!!! Haha.
  7. My two basses with the best, cutting tones are an L2000 and a M/M PASSIVE USA SUB. This seems to have a similar pickup placement to the SUB and being passive, I imagine produces a similar tone with a slimmer neck. Prefered my passive USA SUB to the active SUB USA which I moved on.
  8. We have same setup as you - guitarist and vocalist/guitarist, drummer and bass. G and V/G go thru pa (micing their combos), drummer sometimes goes thru too if playing a larger room but I just play thru my combo with ext cab behind me Eden Metro and everyone says we sound fine - old school but fine.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. So I see. What a bargain!!!
  11. I owned an active USA Sub and a passive USA SUB version at the same time. Now only own the passive version and use it for every gig. Really growly without being over-harsh. Love it.
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