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  1. Sham 69 at Cleethorpes Winter Garden around 1979. Pursey had vocal feedback problems, gave us just 2 and a half songs!!!! Told everyone to keep their tickets and they will return at a later date. They never did!!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I use both an L2000 and a JB2 (tributes). I get along fine with both neck widths. The anlico pickups in the jazz are quite hot sounding - for a jazz bass - while still being passive.
  4. Case/Gig Bag Deluxe Hardshell Taken from description on Fender site
  5. Scroll right to the botton of page in specs - deluxe hardshell https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-basses/jazz-bass/60th-anniversary-60s-jazz-bass-rosewood-fingerboard-arctic-pearl/0170269881.html
  6. Mine had been re-tubed with Mesas. Loved the tone, but disliked the weight in the end so she had to move on.
  7. Having GAS on a permenant basis, I have been through many basses during the last few years. From those bought and played, I would rate them as follows:- 1st - G&L L2000 and JB -2s 2nd - Chinese CVs - 50s and 60s P bass and a 60s Jazz 3rd - Revelation RPB 4th - Squier VM P bass Also have a 70s Kasuga Ric copy and a JV P from 1983 which are in a different league (in a good way) but both cost less than the £500 mark. Musicman SUBs are great but sold them on as prefered P basses in general.
  8. Bought Kier's G&L bass from him. Packaged perfectly and it arrived swiftly. Completely satisfied with it. Many thanks for a seamless deal. Paddy.
  9. Try a Revelation RPB in red, sub Squier CV price for a really well put together and great sounding bass. Tweaked, theyre a really fine instrument.
  10. Ronseal but I imagine all quality brands are very similar as its colourless.Use sparingly, wipe excess away after 10 mins and leave overnight.
  11. I use teak oil, meant to be used on outside garden furniture but is great for r/w fingerboards too. Leaves them really dark and sleek and smelling lovely.
  12. Hi, may I have these please. Will pay postage. Thanks and kind regards, Paddy.
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