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  1. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    How did you id the jack cab from that pic?
  2. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    It combines well with an Eden Metro, other GK neo 12 inch cabs for bigger venues and great as a stand alone cab. Built by Discreet with an Eminence Kappa driver. Love it.
  3. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    What a great elderly (top half) little rig - punch and tone to die for.Perfect for small room gigs.
  4. Within Lincolnshire, we charge £300 for town pub gigs and private partys (not weddings). Village pubs, we do for £240 to help these venues out a little, what with them being out "in the sticks" and trying hard to make a decent living.
  5. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    Ive got cobalt flats one one bass and DR sunbeams on the other - use both pickups with the cobalts and just the bridge pickup with the sunbeams. Covers all bases.
  6. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    I find they give a really cutting tone. I boost mids to get heard through the mix. Just trust what our wireless guitarist says re balance out front at soundcheck and leave it at that level all night. Maybe raise your 410 up as I do with my two 112s to be more at ear level. Rigs a belter with 300 valve watts running through it.
  7. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    Twin Kasugas out for the evening
  8. Hi. Yes please. Will pm you when I get home tonight. Wont let you down. Paddy.
  9. Both used. Squier CV made in China _ jazz or p _ or a G&L Tribute L2000. Jobs a good un.
  10. Thank you - its an SVT 2 non-pro.
  11. Three x 300 watt 8 ohm cabs chained from the one output - head can run at 2 or 4 ohms. Which setting should I use for this 2.67 ohms load please or doesnt it matter? Thank you.
  12. Are these not similar in theory to Bill's Jack cabs, one of which I own (112 built by Discreet) with an Eminence Kappalite driver fitted. My son finds it fantastic for playing guitar through too.
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