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  1. Thanks Bill. Even if the tweeter is disengaged?
  2. I already own this Bill F. designed Jack12 cab built by Mr Discreet, a 112 with an Eminence Kappalite driver and would like another cab to run with it. Might a Fender Rumble 112 driven by an Eminence Neodymium speaker and having the same dimensions be a good match? As this Smith cab is a one-off, I cant get an exact match to pair up with it. Thanks all.
  3. How many do you want? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_power_trios
  4. Got DR Sunbeams on my L2000. Anyone tried flats on theirs and how did you find they sat with the active pickups? Liking the LB-100 Tributes. Must try to resist!!!
  5. Eden Metro 210 combo. Fit some castors and away you go. You wont regret it!!!
  6. Strange that a B stock RS212 is 449 quid, a perfect one 299!!!
  7. Four basses, four straps - all straplocked and colour co-ordinated to the body colours!!!
  8. Ive an old Ampeg combo, converted to a 210, 8 ohm cab using the drivers from a Portaflex cab. Sounds great for a small set up with a class D head or as part of my SVT 2 full stack. Using the small set up tonight for a 60 people party gig in a small bar.
  9. Nothing beats 25 years natural wear on a 25 year old bass - my Squier Japenese Silver Series.
  10. Not MFD pick ups in the LB-100 - alnico v-split coils.
  11. G&L say "same spec but made overseas" - unfortunate!!!
  12. Ive asked G&L directly re Tribute pick ups
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