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  1. I play in a similar band and at similar venues. Neither myself nor the drummer go through our pa. Both our guitarists mic up their combos and go through pa together with vocals. We use a Yamaha powered mixer, tthree 15" tops and 2 monitors, one top on the floor and turned towards the crowd centre stage for the mixer to sit on. Does a fine job and no need for anything more.
  2. Were Encores made in Korea?
  3. Yes I found that but together with the Gretsch Falcon guitar, thats all I came up with.
  4. Not mine - yet. IF I end up with it, I will de-neck and find out. Thanks Bassfinger.
  5. Hi - can anyone shed any light on this brand please? Were they produced in the Samick factory. How was the quality? Thanks.
  6. I have an empty GK 212 Neo cab if of interest. You can then load it with two 8 ohm drivers of your choice or fit two GK Neos.
  7. Still for sale please? 38mm or 42 mm nut width? Thank you.
  8. WOW!!! Neck was being built as I was waiting to be born the month after!!! Why the four holes between bridge and pick up?
  9. Passive models are mighty fine too. I had both at one time, both 2 eq models, prefered the thump of the passive, so sold the active. Not regretted it one iota.
  10. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    How did you id the jack cab from that pic?
  11. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    It combines well with an Eden Metro, other GK neo 12 inch cabs for bigger venues and great as a stand alone cab. Built by Discreet with an Eminence Kappa driver. Love it.
  12. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    What a great elderly (top half) little rig - punch and tone to die for.Perfect for small room gigs.
  13. Within Lincolnshire, we charge £300 for town pub gigs and private partys (not weddings). Village pubs, we do for £240 to help these venues out a little, what with them being out "in the sticks" and trying hard to make a decent living.
  14. Paddy515

    Show us your rig!

    Ive got cobalt flats one one bass and DR sunbeams on the other - use both pickups with the cobalts and just the bridge pickup with the sunbeams. Covers all bases.
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