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  1. Squier Japanese Silver Series 40mm at the nut, very playable necks.
  2. Hi there and welcome. I live south of you in Sutton-on-Sea. Play in a local band called Revelry and we sometimes play in Louth. We are on Facebook (Revelrybandlincolnshire) where we publish our gig dates. May see you around somewhere. Paddy.
  3. I picked up a lightly played set second hand, cut for 2 + 2 and strung my Kasuga 4001 "Tribute" with them - really pleased with the results and for only £15. With flats on my P aswell, it feels alien to use my M/M with rounds on now. May have to get a set put on that next. Anyone got a set cut for 3 + 1 haha!!!
  4. Some folk over in the States have replaced their standard issue neos in their GK112 cabs with Italian Faital neos and really liked the results. I have bought two unloaded ex-neo GK112 cabs and wondered if anyone here has experience of Faital drivers and how they may compare with the GK originals. Thanks for reading.
  5. Used mine at practice this week - burst through the mix with great tone, even just as a 210 and without the extra 210 cab.
  6. Bought a GK212 cab from Simon who had to courier it to me. Arrived in near-perfect condition and was really well protected within a sturdy carton and a mile of tape!!!. Easy completion of sale and would heartily recommend you deal with him. Thank you, Paddy515.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hi - anyone have any experience of running an Ampeg SVT 2 all valve head with an Aguilat GS212 4 ohm cab or similar Aguilar/Ampeg combination? How did the rig perform overall? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Bill. Even if the tweeter is disengaged?
  10. I already own this Bill F. designed Jack12 cab built by Mr Discreet, a 112 with an Eminence Kappalite driver and would like another cab to run with it. Might a Fender Rumble 112 driven by an Eminence Neodymium speaker and having the same dimensions be a good match? As this Smith cab is a one-off, I cant get an exact match to pair up with it. Thanks all.
  11. How many do you want? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_power_trios
  12. Got DR Sunbeams on my L2000. Anyone tried flats on theirs and how did you find they sat with the active pickups? Liking the LB-100 Tributes. Must try to resist!!!
  13. Eden Metro 210 combo. Fit some castors and away you go. You wont regret it!!!
  14. Strange that a B stock RS212 is 449 quid, a perfect one 299!!!
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