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  1. Bridge pickup surround now brass and sprayed black. Not so intrusive, blends in well now.
  2. Seller claims he bought it as such. Do the photos give you experts any clues please? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Japan-Precision-Bass-Body-loaded-Bareknuckle-Sunburst/184695661441 Some photos he also sent me
  3. Tech21 VT500 at 8 ohms will give you the required 300 watts output and has the built in Sansamp pre-amp too. Used, £250ish - a no-brainer. http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/amplifiers/vtbass-500/
  4. How about an LB100. Mine measures 43mm v my L2000 at 44mm. Both are a delight to play and the LB100 sounds like a full fat P, as it should of course.
  5. Thought of a used G&L Tribute JB? Message me, I am moving one on, only due to prefering a P width neck.
  6. If the E/A side of the pup measures 8/64ths from string to pup when E string is pressed down on the last fret, and the D/G side when pressing down the last fret on the G measures 6/64ths, then sound should be balanced across all strings.
  7. The Fall in 1980. Wish I had left before the end. A friend dragged me along and I thought we were watching the support band playing so watched till the end. Shocking!!!
  8. See hes also selling these flats too. Anyone used these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Adagio-FLATWOUND-Bass-Guitar-Strings-Set-45-100-RRP-29-99-Fretless-And-Jazz/332636490116?hash=item4d72ae0984:g:I9gAAOSwmVdbeoyp
  9. As I said!!! Even have the same suite🤣
  10. Kasuga? Looks just like mine, less the tug bar. 😜
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/307690297191283/ Newly-formed Fbk group. Will ask there too.
  12. Exactly like that one, same model, different colour. Thank you.
  13. Anyone owned or noodled on a "History" P bass made in the Fujigen factory? Wondering about the quality of the original pickups, pots and loom and the overall tone. Im sure the overall feel will be fine due to the factory's reputation for quality instruments. Thanks and regards.
  14. Used to see him live back in the day and he was just as good about 7 years ago live too. Came down to breakfast in a hotel in Harrogate one morning and in he strolled having played the theatre there the night before, still looking like a cuddly owl in his thick, home knitted multi coloured jumper!! We were amazed to see him but let him be.
  15. My L2000 covers the most ground of the basses I own, so thats the one Id go with.
  16. and huge queues at the washrooms!!
  17. As my SVT 2 non pro made £600 last year, this is at a bargain price for a Pro Premier.GLWS.
  18. Capo on the 1st fret, hold E string down on the fret where the neck and body meet, you then need 12 thou at the 7th fret using a feeler guage. Adjust truss rod to acheive this. Set the string height to 5/64ths at the 17th fret for each string by adjusting the bridge saddles.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3729971067063526/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined Not come across DooDad basses before - see where Squier got their Paranormal idea from.
  20. Happy birthday. I was 60 at the end of last month too - its just a number!!! I live in Sutton-on-Sea so quite a close neighbour of yours!! Small world.
  21. Thought of giving it to a charity for them to auction off ?
  22. The contact button on that website reveals the scammers mobile number if anyone wants to let him know what they think of him in person!!
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