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  1. ordep

    Feedback for Steve Browning

    Steve bought my Metro 16. Fast, friendly and and overall hassle-free deal. Highly recommended and would gladly deal with him again.
  2. Selling this lovely envelope filter from Broughton Audio. A very versatile upsweep filter, just have a look with this demo: (starts around 8:48) In very good condition, velcro mounted underneath. Selling for £110 posted within mainland UK. No box but will be packed securely.
  3. Simplying my setup so selling those I can do without: Empress Compressor - have some very slight paint dings but otherwise in good condition. SOLD SSBS TAFM- sparkly hologram design- gigged once and still in very good condition. owned since new. with box - SOLD Broughton Josh Wah- A lovely filter but atm I need the downsweep option. a bit of paint marks on one side other wise in good condition. £120 now £110 posted mainland UK tradewise, I am interested in: Fredric effects Bug crusher, IE Frantabit, IE Subt, sadowsky preamp, 3leaf Pwnzor, or any other interesting items. all can be collected at WD6 and can post for an extra £5
  4. As title says, selling a good condition Metro 16 with hardcase. Still have the keys. Unfortunately all the male side of the included velcro has been used. Case have brand stickers but can be removed if they are not your thing. £40 collected from WD6 or can be posted at extra cost. board size is 8in x 16in tradewise, I’m looking for a Dunlop mini DVP volume pedal Pics to follow.
  5. Selling my Sansamp PBDDI. gigged condition so have its share of marks, and I dont have the battery cover but otherwise 100% working fine. These are reflected on the price. Selling some pedals as I just got a Helix stomp so these will be surplus. £110 posted mainland UK.
  6. ordep

    Boss OC2 “Octaver” -withdrawn

    alright. cant really handle so much peer pressure. keeping this. 😄
  7. Not entirely sure about this, as this is my YOB pedal 🙂 but I might consider selling my MIJ OC2. it has its share of marks and scratches and the power input is a bit loose, (never been an issue in the years that I have this, got it that way) but otherwise 100% working ok. Serial indicates its from Nov 1982. £115 posted mainland UK might get me to part with it. PM me before I change my mind.
  8. ordep

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    Thanks mate. 🙂
  9. ordep

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    not wired yet.
  10. ordep

    Tecamp Puma 900 *SOLD

    sorry it’s sold, forgot to update ad.
  11. Selling my all time favorite amp. Gigged condition, have some light marks but nothing major: The EQ section of these things are the best out there IMO. Although tbh most of the time I just use the Taste knob. Will come with a power lead and tecamp bag. Trying the FRFR route so cash sale only. £400 collected from WD6. Update: £380 collected till 26/11/18
  12. ordep

    Bands you think were better before they got big

    probably just down to my personal taste but I’d say Maroon 5 and Incubus.
  13. ordep

    FX help

    a used Line 6 M series/Helix HX maybe?
  14. Best: Probably my Noble preamp. Just an outstanding tube pre. Worst: Some Numark earphones that I really dont want to remember which model. Sounds so bland and muddy. Lucky that its cheap so not much of a loss in there.
  15. Thanks for the offer mate, all sorted Proton-wise though I’m afraid .
  16. ordep

    Feedback for Bearfist

    Bought a compressor from Jon, quick comms and a very lovely chap to deal with. Highly recommended and will gladly deal with him again in the future. Thanks mate!
  17. only the Josh Wah left, which is odd as I thought it will be the first one to go!
  18. ordep

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Currently I have a Noble preamp and a Sansamp BDDI. I am also saving up for a Helix but that will be mainly for my guitar setup.
  19. ordep

    Interesting FRFR story..

    Just got my QSC K10.2 last weekend. loving it so far. Got this as I want to simplify my gear setup and want something that I can use for guitar, bass and edrums. Missed that bargain K12 on andertons. Saw it before bedtime, slept on it, gone when I tried to buy the following day.
  20. ordep

    funkle's feedback

    Sold my BF110 to Pete, great comms and quick payment. Would gladly deal with him again. Highly recommended.
  21. ordep

    Tecamp Puma 900 *SOLD

    £380 collected till monday only.
  22. Selling this outstanding cab, In gigged condition so have light marks but nothing major. Pretty loud enough for small gigs and lightweight too. I’m sure you know how awesome they are. Only reason I am selling is I am really a tweeter guy and I am getting something which will work for both bass and guitar. (hint: a couple F’s and R’s) No trades pls. £280 collected from WD6. pics to follow.
  23. ordep

    Tecamp Puma 900 *SOLD

    Yes. volume never went past 9 o clock thou and I am always careful with the gain knob.
  24. ordep

    Post your pedal board - Basschat style!!

    nothing fancy, but really works well with my ampless alt rock band.