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  1. i just went for a 4 string Ken Smith Burners from Bass Direct, then bought a separate Ken Smith high C from them as well.
  2. Hot weather really makes you do silly things so £80 posted to mainland UK. Hurry before I change my mind! 😁
  3. Bump, saw something I fancy so will consider selling for £1500 each. Collection preferred so you can try/check first.
  4. Hard, but I will go with Michael Manring. this video still give me chills. The way he used the natural reverb of the room is so good
  5. Selling my snare as I dont own an acoustic kit anymore. Would love to hang on to it but I mainly use an electronic kit nowadays. 14 x 5 . Very crisp and pronounced sounding snare. Perfect for rock, funk and everything in between. “The Pearl, Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum looks as good as it sounds, offering an exclusive 14" x5" black nickel plated steel shell, Pearl's CL-55 "Bridge Style" minimum contact lugs, 2.3mm SuperHoop II's, Pearl's "Gladstone Style" Vertical Pull Throw-Off and precision-fit, Stainless Steel tension rods and solid brass receives for super precise tuning.” will come with a gigbag/case. Collection from Aylesbury HP18. £140
  6. Selling this cab as it is surplus to requirements. Got this in a trade but I am kinda a tweeter guy so didnt use it as much. In gigged condition. Not really gigging atm so no real use for this. This version have 8ohm Faital Pros. very similar to Gen 1 Barefaced Compact. Loud and light. Collection only from Aylesbury HP18. Please bring your amp head as I currently dont own one. More pics to follow.
  7. Sold an amp head to Gerry. Straight up transaction and a good chap it seems. Highly recommended BCer.
  8. Selling this amp head from Harley Benton. Purchased as a backup/home setup but hasn’t been out of the cupboard for the last 6 months. No real use for it now that I am not gigging anymore. Specs/brand new price are here: https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_block_800b.htm?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1vP5n-Ws-AIVwoBQBh0jQAWtEAAYASAAEgIlOvD_BwE will include the original white knobs £130 posted mainland, £120 collected from Aylesbury HP18
  9. Love a blacked out board. that reason is what’s keeping me from changing anything from mine for almost two years now. 😅
  10. My initial thought when I saw this was “cool, incoming Darkglass pitchblack Ultra tuner. 😃”
  11. Or maybe Skjolds? 😅😅
  12. I play both drum and bass in different bands; not amazingly but probably enough to hold a groove. Understanding drums will make you a better bass player and vice versa.
  13. Selling this very nice Fuzz pedal from Darkglass. Can go from gated synth fuzz to Muff like with a twist of a knob. Made in the US by 3Leaf Audio so can be a collectible for some. Well used, as seen from photos. £95 collected from Aylesbury or can post for an extra £5.
  14. Selling this very good overdrive from Darkglass. This has been a staple for overdriven tones for years and is good from new metal tones to low gain grit sounds. one of the earlier (2011?) ones produced so might be a collectible for some. £90 collected from Aylesbury, add a fiver for postage. No box but will be packaged well.
  15. I am always thinking of reducing my collection, so I am tempted to do a 2 for 1 trade for 2 of my 5 strings. Specifically looking for a 5 string Smith, MTD 53524 or 53424 or an Alleva Standard 5, but try me. Its a feeler, so I wont loose sleep if they stay. I know its very unlikely to happen but let’s try. 😁 The basses that I am offering are: -Modulus Funk Unlimited JJ5 -Skjold Slayer (strung E-C) PM me for more details. Meetups highly preferred so we can try the basses.
  16. Fodera Monarch, Skjold Slayer (E-C) Modulus Funk Unlimited JJ5, Modulus VJ, 77 Fender, Warwick Corvette Std, Bitsa P.
  17. ordep


    77 Fender and 98 Modulus.
  18. Selling this excellent pedal from Max at SFX. Works very well as a low to mid gain overdrive. Only selling as I have another pedal that do the same thing. £50 collected from Aylesbury, £55 posted mainland UK. cheers.
  19. Selling this 90’s Status Eclipse 6 string bass. Very good bass for the money. In used condition as seen on the pics. Have been heavily gigged by previous owners so it have battle scars and the volume and balance knobs have a bit of worn feel (its almost 30 years old) otherwise it works nicely. All stock aside from the ramp, dunlop strap pins and added LEDs. Will come with a Status gig bag, Gruv gear fretwrap and a new set of MTD strings. £600 collected from Aylesbury. Might be able to post at buyer’s cost and risk. No trades as the only reason I am selling this is I got offered to buy back an old flame otherwise it is not going anywhere.
  20. selling this gig bag from Status. In good condition aside from a very small tear on the bottom, (pictured) I guess from the strap pin of my bass. Got it early this year and used for storage only. Selling as it is now surplus to requirements. * Heavy duty nylon materials * 20mm foam padding * Nylon webbing shoulder straps padded and shaped for a comfortable fit * Secure side grip with velcro locking and padded for comfort * Extra reinforcement / padding at bottom of bag * Large front pocket to take music / documents * Two extra front pockets for cables, strings, etc. * Soft, internal padding with scuff resistance panels * Internal velcro neck support * Status logo embroidered in red on top pocket Original price on last picture. selling for £40. can be collected from Aylesbury HP18.
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