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  1. Yes I have, the one I am looking for is not listed. 🙂
  2. Hi, maybe someone here can help me, I am looking for a luthier from Cardiff or from anywhere in Wales with a first name of Brian. Weird request, I know, but will be of great help. 😄 Anyone?
  3. We always get “Stop playing, you suck” on tissue papers so I think that is sort of a popular song or something. 😬😬😬
  4. https://guitar.com/news/neural-dsp-quad-cortex-modeller-multi-effects-namm-2020/ its a Kemplix. 😀
  5. owned 2, a medium scale 4 and a BN5. really regret selling the 4 string. They are great sounding basses that can easily adapt to any situation. Try one if you can.
  6. Hi tbh, I am not 100% sure, as Lakland’s directory isn’t clear after 2009. https://lakland.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/serial-numbers.pdf
  7. Bump. Will be out of the country from 25th Nov to 15th Dec so if you are interested get in touch asap. 🙂
  8. Tempted, and I have graphite goodies to offer! 🙂
  9. Selling this nice bass from Pedulla. In very good condition, no major scratch, dings, etc. Got this as part of a trade deal but I really need to sell not acquire new toys. Will come with its Hardcase and truss rod tool. £900 collected from WD6. can post at buyer’s risk and cost.
  10. Recently acquired this is a trade deal but i should really be selling not getting new stuff so I am offering this lovely bass. In good condition aside from a buckle rash/mark that has been home repaired by previous owner. Will come with its own Lakland hardcase. I haven’t weighted it so that one will have to follow once I sorted a scale. Selling for £1400 collected from Borehamwood WD6 or can post at buyer’s cost and risk.
  11. Selling this awesome Midi switcher from Morningstar. Never gigged and condition is almost new. Will come with the box, USB cable plus free Midi cables x2. Selling as I realized that it is just too much for my needs and it will be better with someone who can use it to its full potential. I paid about £230 posted for this, selling it for £180 posted mainland UK.
  12. Sold a jazz body to Greg, and as the others have mentioned, dealing with him was top experience. Would gladly do it again. Deal with confidence.
  13. I wish I know what bass are you guys describing as “beautiful”. 😄
  14. Got this from @hooky_lowdown last June and it has been on storage ever since. It is exactly how I received it. Will come with the bridge and guard as per original ad. here is the original thread: Got it for £45 plus postage, will sell for £30 plus postage. pics to follow later, but as i mentioned it is exact condition as in the pics from original ad. Thanks for looking.
  15. now for sale for £35 plus postage, and I found a pickguard that I can include for free
  16. its 63.5mm and according to my cheap kitchen scale the weight is about 2.4kgs
  17. 1. any mumble rap 2. Vitas 3. mumble rapper feat. Vitas
  18. Acquired this body through an incomplete parts bass deal, but I have since decided to go the P route instead. Wood is ash, have a thin coat of oil applied according to the previous owner. Tort binding. Neck pocket measurement is to follow, but if it helps it fits a Status Jazz neck just fine. Aside from the marks, the hole for the input jack has been badly enlarged. I didnt initially notice it as it came with a jazz plate and pickguard installed. there is also a weird round routing on one of the neck bolt hole. I dont have the backplate as well. Looking to trade for a Fender shape and sized P body in similar condition and quality. Alder preferred, Ash is fine too, other woods just message me.
  19. I own 5, (Jazz, Pbass, 5string, Fretless, Fodera) and I just take whatever is needed for that gig. I usually do short sets though.
  20. as everybody says, Tony is a top gent. Sold my preamp to him and everything is so easy and smooth that I now have seller’s remorse. 😜 enjoy the preamp mate. 🙂
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