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    I have tried a lot, and these three are my favorite: I mainly like clean preamps tho, I get my grit on separate pedals. And I am not trying to emulate amp sounds.
  2. OC5-SY1-FI-Mothership-B1-4 you said hardcore techno-trance pub band right? 😁😁😁
  3. As other’s say, great seller. Excellent comms throughout. highly recommended.
  4. Selling as now surplus to requirements. Older model with “Basslines” logo in front. Details from the web: -Strong pickup -Similar design to the vintage model but with more coil windings and therefore more output -Enhanced bass response and a fuller sound -Ideal for blues, classic rock and heavy rock -Hot pickup for P-bass -Alnico V magnets a little note, cable is a little bit on the shorter side but I have used it without any problems. £40. I’m located in Aylesbury HP18
  5. Matt bought a Blueberry clone from me. Fast comms and a very easy transaction. Highly recommended BC’er.
  6. Selling this fuzzdog PCB clone of the Blueberry bass Overdrive. Mad Professor version not the BJFE version. Dark sounding OD, same as the original but a bigger gain range. Selling as now surplus to requirements. £30 Aylesbury HP18 area.
  7. Having re-watched the Dream Theater drummer audition several days ago, I’d say make the band feel comfortable and at home by doing it exactly like it was. you can always suggest some improvements if needed afterwards.
  8. Currently three: 1) Ludwig black beauty snare 2) Early Parker Fly deluxe 3) Nord Stage 3 76
  9. now how to tell the missus that: 1. I “need” a stingray type bass 2. we need a bigger sofa.
  10. Status Eclipse, initially I thought I will not like it too (I got it installed already) but it actually makes sense for me as I use to always play on top of the pickups anyway.
  11. Nothing new, just a snap of the “big” and the nano board together.
  12. Ooohhh so want this!
  13. no intros needed for this, recently bought from @castlemaine22 to try, but as I have an OC2 and Octabvre, I am really covered -1 octave wise. In used condition with marks and signs of use. Velcro underneath. £35
  14. Its a blueberry bass od clone that I got from the classifieds. Sounds ok for always on low gain dirt. Haha Yeah it will be, but its always on and that setting on the pic is not how I run it. Usually 11 o clock-ish for tone. I think I tried before but iirc it will be dubby? Will try that again later tonight.
  15. Small board is constantly evolving.
  16. Bought a pedal from Rory, all good, well packed and fast delivery. Top guy!
  17. Selling this awesome drum pedal case from Mono. Very sturdy and will handle any abuse with almost hardcase-like protection. Mainly used to store my double pedal but as they are sold now this is surplus to requirements. Can be a good case for your custom pedalboard or other stuff too. (the divider on the middle is just held by velcro and can easily be removed) £50 collected from Aylesbury HP18 or can post at buyer’s cost.
  18. IMO if it have a P bass body and a Pbass pickup, then it is a P bass.
  19. Selling this compressor that I got from @paul_5 recently. Incoming impulse buy forces sale. Same condition as how I got it as it mainly sat on the board unused. £35 collected in HP18
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  21. Mini board for my Pbass. Engineer’s Thumb comp > OC10 > Ginger preamp > Peterson
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