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  1. still waiting for some cables, but here is my lockdown board. The Future compact and Proton will be on the HX’s fx loop. Tuner-Octabvre-Pork n Pickle-Stomp-(fx loop)-Future Compact-Proton-(loop return)-Becos-Noble
  2. with or without you, using my neighbor’s beaten up acoustic guitar stringed up like a bass using guitar strings. It was a fun summer.
  3. of course one will show up after I finally gave up waiting and bought one new. 😄 GLWTS. A very nice pedal indeed.
  4. ordep


    Sold a Mono strap to Larry, very quick payment and hassle free transaction overall. High recommended chap to deal with. Thanks again mate.
  5. I am just glad that if an ugly looking AC or a Moollon show up in the classifieds at a good price that I can afford I dont have to compete against Gianni for it.
  6. Selling this nice guitar/bass strap from Mono.Just tried on a guitar for a few minutes, then kept in the cupboard. Sold the guitar already so no need for this. Got two small “marks” as pictured but I dont think I will affect performance. Original price is £33, selling for £20 collected from WD6. can possibly post for extra £3.
  7. I like unlined too, but I think I will need the lines on a fanned fretless. 😀
  8. yes just for LED, will work unpowered.
  9. Selling this awesome switcher from Boss. Works very well with my HX stomp for the additional footswitch access. in very good condition aside from a small scratch near the A led. Will come with its own box. £40 posted within Mainland UK. £35 collected from WD6.
  10. Selling this excellent case by Mono. In very good condition. These usually sells for £130-150 new, Selling for £70. Can be collected from WD6. Can probably post at buyer’s risk and cost. RFS: I downsized so this is surplus to requirements. internal measurements: 14in x 17.5in x 5in (max height)
  11. Si bought ny DG pedals. excellent comms and swift payment. Deal with confidence. Thanks again mate.
  12. I ALWAYS pay using G&S if I am using FB marketplace, and insist in getting the seller’s PP email instead of getting sent a Paypal.me link. And have a quick look first with the person’s profile that you are dealing with. That guy have a friendslist that is as shady as himself.
  13. Selling this nice POG clone by Mooer. Bought this to try the octave up plus swell on my fretless and it didn’t disappoint. Have some marks in the paint from use. No original box but will be packed well. Trade wise, I am looking for a Pork and Pickle plus cash your way. £55 posted within UK.
  14. wow, exactly what I am looking for, and 25 frets! Wish I have the cash.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. will trade for a V2 3Leaf Audio Proton (black) or/and Way Huge Pork and Pickle!
  17. Selling this pedalboard from Temple Audio. Same size as a pedaltrain Jr, 17x12. I have some used plates (needs new adhesive) that I include if you want it. I might have some new ones as well if I can find it. Used condition, have some paint scratches but structurally in very good condition. Tradewise, I am looking for a Pedaltrain Metro 24. I realize I am more comfortable in that pedal arrangement. Note: Pedalboard only, no case included. £35 collected from WD6. Can post for extra.
  18. my new band’s first jam sesh pre lockdown. For incubus fans here.
  19. I use to do the VW overjoyed intro when my band use to play that song. Also tapped the keyboard part for everybody wants to rule the world when we have to play it on a gig. It is a technique; I use it when appropriate and needed. Although tap shredding as is not my thing as well. Mainly because I cant do it.
  20. Check Anaconda Basses. Their Essence line looks like a good value for money. Edit: Oopps, I missed the “made” part; the Essence line is made in Korea IIRC. But still supporting a small British company I suppose. Their J4 and PJ4 are currently on sale for £820.
  21. Not sure yet, but I might consider selling this amazing FRFR speaker. I bought this as I want single solution amp that I can use for guitar, bass and edrums and this fits the bill perfectly. Barely used and haven’t been used in a gig. Reason for selling is I am selling my guitar now (and now back to an acoustic drums) so I am considering getting back to an amp+cab or combo setup again. £500 collected from WD6 or I might be able to post at buyer’s risk and cost. No trades atm. Selling my very good condition Active speaker by QSC. Barely used. maybe turned on less than 10x since I got it. have 2 slight marks that are highlighted on the pic. great FRFR solution for guitar or for general musical application you can throw at it. Will include Tote bag, Kettle leads and manual. Might be able to post at buyer’s risk and cost. Can be collected at WD6. FEATURES •Best in class audio performance •2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module •Factory Presets and savable/recallable Scenes for commonly-used applications such as Stage Monitor, Dance Music, Musical Instrument Amplification, Hand-held Microphone and more •Multi-function digital display for control and selection of loudspeaker functions including cross-over, EQ, delay and frequency contours •Intrinsic Correction™ tuning and loudspeaker management •DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) design provides excellent power response and consistent performance across the listening area (75-, 90-, 105-degree, K12.2, K10.2, K8.2) •Refined, professional appearance looks great in any application •Rugged ABS enclosure for long life and lasting durability •Deployment in either main PA or floor monitor position •Dual pole cup mounts (straight-firing and 7.5 degree down-tilt) •M10 fittings for flown applications •Optional security panel prevents unauthorized tampering of controls •6-Year Warranty with product registration
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