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  1. Mine just arrived. Still trying to convice my bandmates to buy their own to replace our lost jamhub.
  2. argh. where's £1800 when you need them?
  3. I dont own one, but this is my current favorite
  4. had a sadowsky MS5 before, (in fact, I think it is the one on the Gallery atm) and I will confirm that it really shines in a band situation. That Sadowsky running into a Jule Monique is one of the best bass tone I ever heard.
  5. I’m using one for my Future Impact, which is a bit noisy when daisy chained to my preamp. so far so good.
  6. Lately its my Modulus VJ
  7. exactly what I am looking for but I dont have a 6 string to trade. 😞
  8. no change for the big board, but the nano board was “downgraded” as I replaced the Morningstar with a simple boss footswitch.
  9. website says 1.6in so about 40.6mm. Will double check later once I am home.
  10. price dropped to £1250 including postage to Mainland UK. cash sale only.
  11. Yes I have, the one I am looking for is not listed. 🙂
  12. Hi, maybe someone here can help me, I am looking for a luthier from Cardiff or from anywhere in Wales with a first name of Brian. Weird request, I know, but will be of great help. 😄 Anyone?
  13. We always get “Stop playing, you suck” on tissue papers so I think that is sort of a popular song or something. 😬😬😬
  14. https://guitar.com/news/neural-dsp-quad-cortex-modeller-multi-effects-namm-2020/ its a Kemplix. 😀
  15. owned 2, a medium scale 4 and a BN5. really regret selling the 4 string. They are great sounding basses that can easily adapt to any situation. Try one if you can.
  16. Hi tbh, I am not 100% sure, as Lakland’s directory isn’t clear after 2009. https://lakland.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/serial-numbers.pdf
  17. Bump. Will be out of the country from 25th Nov to 15th Dec so if you are interested get in touch asap. 🙂
  18. Tempted, and I have graphite goodies to offer! 🙂
  19. Selling this nice bass from Pedulla. In very good condition, no major scratch, dings, etc. Got this as part of a trade deal but I really need to sell not acquire new toys. Will come with its Hardcase and truss rod tool. £900 collected from WD6. can post at buyer’s risk and cost.
  20. Recently acquired this is a trade deal but i should really be selling not getting new stuff so I am offering this lovely bass. In good condition aside from a buckle rash/mark that has been home repaired by previous owner. Will come with its own Lakland hardcase. I haven’t weighted it so that one will have to follow once I sorted a scale. Selling for £1400 collected from Borehamwood WD6 or can post at buyer’s cost and risk.
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