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  1. i DID give him band info, and as I said, I headed my message ref Drummer availability. It is courteous to ask if he is still available, as he may have had lots of responses, with long drawn out messages , and JMB is notorious for out of date ads, Im glad you like to assume what you believe to be facts, My gripe is with the lack of repose, positive or otherwise, but I guess by the tone of your post, you are probably of the same ilk. (there I go, assuming things about you) Keep on shaking you head Dude.
  2. Im sure this has been discussed before, however....... After being 'off the circuit' for some months following me having major surgery, my band started rehearsing again last week,. However, our drummer is now unavailable, due to work commitments. So, I looked at ads on JMB. This one caught my eye. '' I’ve been drumming for 18years, would love to get back to gigging after taking a break for family. I have an eclectic taste in music and am happy to play anything from metal to country to pop to punk to jazz and anything in between. Please hit me up if you’re in need of a drummer who is versatile and picks things up quickly. Hes local, and appears open to various genres, so I sent a simple message, just asking if he is still available. This was the reply. Yes mate, still available. What’s it in regards to? Resisting replying it was in regards to flashing in the local park, ( the heading on the message said ref drummer available) )I replied it was in response to his ad as an available drummer, as my band is looking for one, Never heard another word from him, not even a f'@@k off! Asking around various band members I know, this appears to be quite normal on JMB! on the subject of drummers, how would you respond to this ad, also on JMB hi the names ####### im all the rage and i love to rage. especially on young children and drums, call me on ############ Name and number blanked to protect the lunacy! As for keys players, ( yes we have one, and hes very good), does anyone else find that the majority seem very 'flaky'?
  3. Maybe, will check over weekend
  4. Possibly different pots? The pickups sound like they have different outputs (er..obviously) same year? New or secondhand? Someone may have changed the pups? - edit.. you say they're both origional. Edited yesterday at 07:29 by skidder652003 Maybe some light? Just saw this from guy I bought it off pickups are from an American 60's reissue
  5. Just sold a pair of BF compacts to Oldman (Brian) terrific bloke, good communication, Thanks mate, first class.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys, looks like I'm going to have a busy weekend 👍😁
  7. No mate, both definitely passive
  8. There is a massive difference between them, one needs 2 on amp max with loud rock band, other needs 7
  9. Not done anything yet guys, will take your advice and have a look after work tonight
  10. No, They are the same height
  11. Not sure if this is the right place but, I play a 2004 MIM jazz. It's perfect for me, set up nice, plays well, so, I bought another ( because I wanted a white one 😁😁) playing it for first time last night a rehearsal, Orange Terror 1000 through gen 3 supertwin, I had to turn volume half way up to get a reasonable volume. Thought it was an amp issue, however, I plugged in my original bass, at same volume level and nearly blew the roof off! Both have original pups, only difference I can tell is new one had flats, old one rounds. Any ideas? BTW both are passive.
  12. Cheers Stew, recovery going well, back to work now on a phased return. Cant wait to get back gigging, Have picked up a BF Gen 3 Supertwin, looking forward to pairing it with the Orange terror I bought from you.
  13. Ok, finally managed to get someone to lift cabs out for me. Unpleasant surprise! BOTH handles plastic starting to come away! does not effect handling and cheap to replace but..............................☹️ also, on one of the cabs,2 of the side feet are missing! I have never used them on their sides, so never noticed, again, very cheap fix, however..... With this in mind, price reduced to £295 each or £ 500 for the pair.
  14. Yeh, will do when I can get someone to lift them down for me, recovering from major surgery. Should be tomorrow. In meantime, one has usual plastic broken on handle, but otherwise both have no issues with marks, damage etc
  15. Thanks sbrag, recovery doing well, hopefully will get pics of cabs up very soon, but I guess if someone wants one, they already know what they look like and these have no damage except the plastic on one handle.
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