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  1. I have just purchased an orange terror 1000 watt amp from The Venerable Stewblack, Great guy to deal with, no issues whatsoever. would not hesitate to deal again, Cheers Stew.By the way, tried three times to enter this in previous feedback, kept failing.
  2. Thanks T-Bay, much appreciated
  3. Cool, cheers Dude, looking forward to tomorrow
  4. Not yet Stew, have been away since I collected it, just got home. Rehearsing tomorrow, which is why I wanted to know about using it with one cab, because won't have my own car so can only fit one cab in.
  5. Thanks guys, your input had been much appreciated, can't wait to pair it up with the two cabs, change the rotation of the planet 😁😎👍
  6. Cheers jack, got so many conflicting suggestions, as cab is 600 w 8 ohms and amp 1000 w at 8 ohms , even Alex at barefaced suggested amp at 4ohms. Apparently BF have had very few drivers blown but of the ones that have 20% have been with terror 1000 watt
  7. Cheers T bay, so, just to clarify for my small brain, one cab and amp set to 4 ohms?
  8. So basically, it's ok to do so for rehearsal where the full volume not required?
  9. Cheers Stew, what I have been told is, if its on 8 ohms, same as cab, it will deliver 1000 watts into the 600 watt cab, but if it's on 4 ohms, it will deliver less wattage therefore will be ok to do so.
  10. Greetings, I'm sure this has been done to death elsewhere, but please be gentle with me! I have recently obtained an Orange Terror 1000 from The Honourable Stew Black of this parish. I will be running it through two gen 2 compacts (600 w each 8 ohms) however. I have been informed that, with switch set to 4ohms, for rehearsal, I could play it through one cab without damaging cab, I will just get reduced output. I have also been told this is wrong ! Can anyone give me a definitive answer? Thanks chaps.
  11. I have just got access to the site. Just to add my thanks to both of you for your kind offers of assistance. Jakester, I will pm you. Best regards Ray
  12. Hi dude, yeah, tried the loop one, suggested by Jeff Genzler, no avail I am afraid.
  13. Have an gig Saturday, and will be using both compacts, will see how it goes. trying to purchase another amp from here, but not much luck so far. ill need another amp really by end of month.
  14. crackly gain knob and cutting out cured. (wd40 lol) however, with both gain volume and master at full, still need gain switch to 9 o'clock position to be heard above my admittedly loud guitarists.
  15. Lesson learned sadly, but would still love to know what may be causing the volume issues.
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