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  1. I honestly didn't expect to get a track in this month, but as luck would have it, I managed to knock one out (ooh, err Mrs... etc). I loved the Negative space in the image, which gave me my title, and that sent me down the wormhole of my own reflections while waiting for the tube, and my wondering at the perceptions of others there, surrounded by people, and yet alone. It's a bit about how the city will consume you if you let it. Tech Wise - It's my first attempt at recording double bass, hence the heavy percussive sound that I don't yet know to moderate, I should know better... I have had it a couple of weeks now!🤣 I went straight into the interface from the piezo, which may have been an error, I'll try the Fishman preamp next time. The whole tune started out much lighter than this, but as it started to suggest big guitars I was reluctant to lose the Upright in favour of Bass Guitar, so it's a bit experimental. Otherwise, it's MT Power Drums, The old Westbury Standard through the Helix, and the VSTs that come bundled with Cubase Elephants 10, a sample and hold thing and a new age tinkly thing. Vocals done over with CLA Vocals.
  2. Really pushed for time this month, holidays/festivals/kids stuff, but I'm hoping I get a little time to sit with this, it's a really cool image.
  3. More Mwah was a bit of a red flag. Mine are the contemporaries, and the Ninomute brings the mwah down to acceptable levels, but I wouldn't want any more. I suppose the string breakage can happen, but it's pretty poor form.
  4. I don't much like the sound of that!
  5. I bought a double bass from Graeme. The whole deal couldn't have been an easier more friendly experience. Great communication throughout, great advice and a warm welcome. We could have stayed and chatted all day had we not been staring down the barrel of a 450 mile journey home. A great fella to deal with, proceed with confidence!
  6. Here is my contribution to the Basschat Composition Challenge, inspired by the picture chosen by one of last month's winners Nail Soup (with hearty congratulations to the rest of the winners circle too... Dad3353, Leonard Smalls and Skankdelvar). The image spoke to me of circus tricks, which in turn tickled my sinister bone. There's always been something about circuses that makes me uneasy, and I've always had a sense that behind the thin veneer of spectacular glitz and glamour there's probably rampant animal cruelty, violent, alcoholic clowns, and all sorts of dodginess. ... this idea of the sideshows distracting us from hideous goings on, naturally led me to draw comparisons with dodginess going on behind the curtain while we watch amazed at the current shitshow. Tech wise... Recorded in Cubase Elephants 10. MT Drums. EUB straight into the interface, and an old Westbury Standard through the Helix. All additional instruments are the bundled Cubase VSTs, and the samples came from Looperman. Vocals treated with Waves Audio CLA Vocals.
  7. It's getting harder and harder to choose. Well done everyone!
  8. Another fine crop!😎
  9. It's a done deal, I picked up a pretty tidy 2008 Megane Estate, FSH, , flat load in, and really clean. I took a tape measure with me, not sure what the seller thought I was planning. Hopefully that's us sorted for a few years!
  10. Yeah, I'm not looking too new. I'd hate to have a car I'm precious about around here, that would be asking trouble. 2007/2008 ish. I've kinda excluded the people carriers (although I've run 2 Grand Scenics before) as they're not particularly economical and most I've seen have been pretty neglected. Current faves are the Focus and Astra estates, plenty of load room and low tax/good mpg. Off to look at a Megane Estate later too.
  11. Bass and Drums would be the ideal, the Mrs is our drummer.
  12. Zafiras of that kind of vintage are on my list. I assume they're comparable to the Grand Scenic I used to have, and I could get full drums in hard cases, bass and amp in that without an issue.
  13. Thanks chaps! If I can keep it a bit smaller than the last one that would be great, as it's pretty heavy around here. As long as I can get all our stuff in it that would be enough.
  14. Useful stuff, Thanks!
  15. .... Yeah, I know, wrong forum! So I scrapped my big ol' dirty diesel yesterday, and I'm looking around for something more ULEZ friendly.... and I think in the not too distant future double bass friendly. I'm looking at older stuff, 2006-2009, and my options are limited. The estate I got rid of would do camping trips with the kids easily, and when we needed to, a full drum kit, my bass and amp (seats down obviously. I'm finding it hard to envisage the dimensions of a DB, but want to make sure that when I finally succumb, I have a car that will handle it. I'm sure a Zafira will be fine, and the Astra/Mondeo Estates, not sure about the C/Max, there's a lot of bargains about and they look pretty roomy with the seats down... So, what's everyone driving?
  16. Same! Really impressive stuff, and yet it never feels like a novelty act.
  17. Pat Metheny just now. Some quality stuff with great sound, and no talking inbetween... Well over 2 hours of great performance. For all that folks bang on about Jaco, the keys player managed a good approximation of his lines with his left hand, while simultaneously doing keys stuff with his right hand 😂
  18. That sounds slick as hell! Just the weather for it too!
  19. I've always used superglue (carefully). I read about it in an article about Stevie Ray Vaughan when I was a kid, who had a hideous action and really heavy gauge strings. The first few days of a tour were always tough, playing much harder than I would in practice, so I'd carefully puncture the blister and flatten it, then I'd apply superglue over the top. It's suggested that you rough it up gently with an emery board or similar, but I never bothered.
  20. Pat Metheny on Sunday night. Cheeky git hasn't got a bass player on this tour, so we've got Adam Ben Ezra on Monday night to rebalance things.
  21. Selling my Fuji XF1.4 TC WR Teleconverter. I've had it a fair while but it's seen very little use as I don't really do much long lens photography and for my purposes the 70-300 is enough by itself. As a result it's in excellent condition as shown in the pics, and comes with both protective caps in its original box. £275 including RMSD to your UK mainland door.
  22. I'm not sure. We saw a picture of his years ago while touring in Germany. Looked him up when we got back to find he was a fellow Yorkshireman. I don't think he was lauded at the time, as he was completely self-taught, and I get the impression the establishment looked down on that and his relatively humble roots
  23. Got to love a bit of Grimshaw, We have his 'Two figures in a moonlit lane' on our bedroom wall. It'll be at least mid-month until I get to sit down with this though... fingers crossed!
  24. Damn, I'd hoped this had gone, but it's back to taunt me! I get a bit excited, then I remember it's all the way across the county, then over the border into another one. 😖
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