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  1. This was always my ‘Sunday Best’ outfit, that I used on special occasions. Now I need to free up some cash for another expensive Boy Hobby, so it needs to go to a new home. 100w doesn’t seem a lot these days, but these are Ampeg, full fat, all valve, watts, and this thing will fill any pub or club with that wonderful Ampeg tone. Everything you want from an SVT, apart from the hernia lifting the thing. Weighs about half as much as it’s big brother, so it’s no flimsy Class D cigarette packet amp. To save you the bother, the cab has heavy duty, lockable, castors, so it’s an easy roll into your venue. The head was revalved with new power tubes and PAT tested in March 2019, and it’s done no more than 10 hours on them since then. Comes with a wraparound padded cover for the head and a normal Roqsolid cover for the cab. Pretty much mint condition and full working order. I look after my stuff 🙂 On sale at Thomann today for £2039, excluding the covers https://www.thomann.de/gb/ampeg_v_4b_bass_head_bundle_bundle.htm Collection from near Truro, but could deliver/meet within 100 miles for a genuine buyer - this isn’t the time for tyrekickers and dreamers - sorry!
  2. davehux

    Oldman Feedback

    Bought a HandBox R400 from Brian. Couldn’t have been easier. Top bloke. Buy and sell with confidence.
  3. Sold a Hartke 3500 to Andrew No problems, and hopefully the start of a long career, here on BC 🙂
  4. *NOW SOLD* Picked up a V4B from here a couple of weeks ago, so my trusty PF500 needs to move on to a new home. Great little amp, with tons of poke and that warm Ampeg tone. Same size and weight as a laptop, which is why it lives in a nice padded laptop case. Pretty much mint condition and full working order. Done lots of gigs and rehearsals without even breaking into a sweat. £250 shipped to a UK mainland address. Bit cheaper if you can collect from Truro
  5. *Now sold* It’s a 500W, 4ohm cab, with adjustable tweeter. The cab is totally sound, and is quite compact for a 410. Has locking castors on the bottom to roll it about, but it’s an easy lift. It would cost serious money to courier this, so either come and try it at my house, just outside Truro, or we could meet up somewhere inside Cornwall
  6. Just bought an Ampeg V4B off Bob. As everyone says, no problems at all Cheers 🙂
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I’m a fully paid up member of the I love Ampeg Club - better make that clear at the start. I’ve had an SVT3 and it was OK on its own. Sounded much better with a BDI21 in front of it, but that sort of defeated the object - Ampegging an Ampeg to make it more Ampeggy. i currently have a PF500, which bought after owning an Orange OB1-300 for a while and hating the thing. The PF gets much closer to what I think of as the Ampeg sound, and I can carry it around in a laptop case. I’ve also got a Micro VR, which was for small gigs and a lightweight backup. I gave it a full band rehearsal last week, and it sounded absolutely amazing. Full, deep, well rounded. I’d forgotten how good it was. OK, it’s ‘only’ 200w into 4ohms, but every single one of them was just perfect. Yes, in an ideal world, I’d have an SVT and an 8x10, but we play small pubs and clubs, and it would make no sense at all. So, maybe give the SVT3 a miss and look at some others. They’re certainly not ‘meh’!!! 🙂
  9. Last chance before it goes to The Bay - £325 delivered to UK mainland address 300 watts of Old Skool Orange Goodness
  10. Hi Paul Good to see you on here. I imagine you’ll be hitting the For Sale threads soon ;-) Dave
  11. Selling this Orange OB1-300 bass amp. Fantastic, almost mint, condition. Works perfectly. It’s a sort of 2 channel amp (clean & overdrive) with a Blend function to mix the 2 together. Goes from pure clean to crazy bonkers fuzz overdrive at the turn of a knob. If you need a bit of grind in your tone, this is the lad to do it, without needing another pedal. All the official blurb from Orange here https://orangeamps.com/products/bass-guitar-amps/ob1-series/ob1-300/ Comes with a basic (non-Orange) footswitch for swapping between Clean and Blend Now Sold
  12. I have the OB1-300 - tons of power - I never have the volume even close the halfway with my 3 piece band, through an Eden 410 The totally clean channel is a bit meh! for me, but adding just a touch of the overdrive via the blend really adds some body to the sound. I've had 2 TB500s over the years, and bought the OB1 totally on-spec, as someone had a Make Me An Offer on the Bay, so I did ;-)
  13. I owned this very amp for about 3 weeks, until Geoff asked to buy it back again because he missed it ;-) Kind of regret selling it now, as it was a real cracker of an amp, and stupidly good value, but I’ve got a new plaything now (as you do) so I don’t need to get it back again. No I don’t No I don’t PS Geoff is a top notch seller. Buy this box of heft with confidence.
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