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  1. can’t believe this hasn’t gone, looks like a beauty
  2. thanks for all the advice, I don’t mind the weight on my amp so I think I’ll just stick with it, cheers all
  3. so in my short time playing bass I’ve only ever used combos, I started with a small vox 15w practice amp which got me through my first gig, then I had an ashdown 50w combo which was alright but I wasn’t really digging the sound (I use a fender jazz bass mostly), but that made a horrific siren like noise when I used it so I traded it in for an ampeg rocket 50w, which I still have but hardly ever use as I was offered a trace Elliot gp7 300w combo by my drummers neighbour, which I absolutely adore and am a huge fan of, it’s my absolute favourite. Question is, am I better off with my current combo amp it would a head and cab maybe get me a better sound? Trace elliots are my favourite and I’m sure that other TE users will agree, so I’d maybe like a trace stack, but if anyone had any advice on what I should get please let me know! here’s my current amp, apologies for the rubbish photo cheers
  4. sorry I’m a noob, what exactly is tail lift? Absolute beauty btw!
  5. absolute beauty mate, watching with interest
  6. I've been using one of these for a few months now. its an absolute monster, easily the best sounding bass amp i've ever heard imo. The weight is less than ideal but luckily its manageable for me. Its a real looker too
  7. I’m absolutely buzzing for this bass, I’m a big fan of Gene’s playing and singing, not always his talking lol. Never expected him to release a thunderbird though
  8. another top notch gig, quite a small crowd but really good vibes got a few more coming up soon
  9. quite simple but it works for me, trace Elliot which I got for free off my drummers neighbour and a fender distortion pedal
  10. I’ve always been amazed at bassists who can sing and play at the same time, and there’s quite a few bass players with amazing voices, look at Randy Meisner for instance. So, who’s your favourite singing bass player?
  11. I’ve been eyeing up a lovely stack with a kustom de300 head and a kustom cab as I’m not totally happy with my ashdown studio 10 (it’s started beeping like a fire alarm?), just curious to see if anyone has one or has had one, I’ve heard some good things but I’m not sure if it’s better than my combo atm. Any info on it would be much appreciated. Cheers
  12. me and the two guitarists from my band turned up to an open mic night a few months ago, where we had pretty bad luck to say the least. During the first song the PA caught fire, which was promptly put out and I was simply told to plug back into, then the rhythm guitarists strap snapped in half which lead to us stopping our best song half way through, then the lead guitarist snapped 2 strings at once and ran off before the third song and left me awkwardly telling jokes to a not very impressed audience lol. Good night overall though
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