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  1. I bought this brand new just a few months ago but its a bit of a luxury to hang onto right now, so it's up for sale. Absolutely gorgeous all-valve goodness in a compact package, with various cab and DI possibilities should you want to take it to a gig, or just play it in the house and annoy the neighbours! Most people should know what these are, but for those who don't, the Little Stubby is essentially a smaller version of the CTM30 head, details here: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/ctm-30-little-stubby Collection from Newton Abbot, Devon preferred, however can courier if you want, at your expense. Remember this is an all-valve amp, with all the courier risks that entails
  2. EDIT: Bass Direct have just got one of these in stock at "Special Offer" price of £899. The RRP is well over a grand... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Thru neck version of the Korean Spector. Really, very nice versatile bass. Aguilar pickups, OBP-2 preamp, Vol/Vol/Bass/Treble controls, very easy to get a wide range of tones. Brass nut, solid maple construction, good and growly when you want it to be, but also mellow and round if you need it. 35" scale, currently set up with Power Slinkys but I'd be willing set it up with your choice of strings if needed. Small pressure ding on the upper bout where your arm goes across the body (which you can't feel) otherwise superb condition. Comes with a Gator Transit gig bag which is excellent! Plush lining, neck support, lots of big pockets. Don't confuse this with the much cheaper bolt on version, this is a gorgeous bass for the money! I love this bass but unfortunately I've made a bit of a rash purchase of another guitar, so this has to go! I'd be happy to take this on any gig, from jazz and funk to full on metal without any issues or worries. Willing to courier within the UK at cost to you, but note this does not have a hard case! I'll box it and pack it best I can. No trades please
  3. Edit: one now reserved subject to collection One still available... ------------------- I put these up for sale a few months ago, then changed my mind and withdrew...however needs must and they're back up for grabs. One from Nov 2018, the other from Jan 2019. Both only seen about a dozen gigs and in immaculate condition. Both cabs come with plain black Roqsolid covers. Collection only from South Devon, or I can deliver within 50 miles for a little bit of fuel money my way.
  4. Bump... Now £450 each Will courier, get in touch to come to an arrangement.
  5. Aww excellent... We also have a Polly, 5 month old JRT. We lost Roobarb in May aged nearly 15😭 I'm still after a Harley, still nurturing my mid life crisis! Lovely to hear from you again!
  6. Hi M, No, not stopping permanently but need to free up some cash. Will have to get something smaller (crappier) and let the PA do the work. I'm keeping the Stingray, that'll have to be prised out of my cold, dead hands! 😆 How's things with you? You still playing and biking? (I haven't even got a bike any more! 😟) How's Bob?
  7. No longer for sale...an upturn in luck means I won't have to sell the cabs...:D Hugely reluctant sale of my gigging rig. Gear is from 2018/19 and has only seen about a dozen gigs in that time, all loaded in and out of venues carefully by me. ---------------------------------------------- 1. SOLD STC £400 £350 - Ashdown ABM600 EVO IV rackmounted in Gator 2U short case. Excellent condition, I'll even remove the stickers if they offend you! 😁 ---------------------------------------------- 2. £500 £450 each cab - 2 x Barefaced Super Compacts with unbranded Roqsolid covers (for anonymity in the pub car park!). Immaculate bar a couple of marks on top from the rubber feet where they stack. One cab from Nov 2018, the other Jan 2019. ---------------------------------------------- Sensible, very near offers considered. I feel this is fair for the age and condition of the gear. Have got some time off work so can courier now. I'll get a price on request unless you want to arrange your own. Collection available from Newton Abbot, Devon, or can meet/deliver within 50 miles. Any trial welcome (I'll warn the neighbours) 🤘
  8. Or go for vol/vol/tone and use the last hole for a series/parallel toggle switch. I think there's a diagram on the Seymour Duncan site somewhere IIRC.
  9. Bump again...I can't believe how hard it is to sell a modular 4X12" setup for a smidge over £300!!! That's what I get for living in the back of beyond... I gigged one of these again on Saturday night, great cabs! £300 (£150 each) cash or bank transfer takes them away. Could possibly courier (at your expense and risk) but I work long hours so it'll have to be a weekend dropoff at a depot.
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