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  1. Or go for vol/vol/tone and use the last hole for a series/parallel toggle switch. I think there's a diagram on the Seymour Duncan site somewhere IIRC.
  2. Bump again...I can't believe how hard it is to sell a modular 4X12" setup for a smidge over £300!!! That's what I get for living in the back of beyond... I gigged one of these again on Saturday night, great cabs! £300 (£150 each) cash or bank transfer takes them away. Could possibly courier (at your expense and risk) but I work long hours so it'll have to be a weekend dropoff at a depot.
  3. Hi, I'm not sure TC ever did a "lightweight" range as such? I could be wrong... The K-212 cabs are 23kg each (the top of the range RS212 cabs are 24kg each...). I'd say they're comparable to the vast majority of cabs on the market. They're not the lightest things in the world, but I found it much easier to load in two 23kg cabs than one 40kg 4x10!
  4. For sale my two TC Electronic K-212 2X12" cabs. 8 ohm each, 400W. Very deep voiced cabs, as TC seem to do well. I bought these new and they have been my gig rig, however the band has been winding down so they've only been gigged about 20 times max. Always loaded in and out with care, no beer spills or drops. They've never been hammered or abused, the max my ABM 600 head has been through them is about 1/3 volume! Great, versatile setup and more than enough for pubs, clubs, functions and even the odd outdoor gig. 2X12" drivers plus 1" tweeter. Very smooth and with a fair amount of punch. I'd say they have a slightly "old-school" sound, but with a bit more definition and clarity. We play a variety of songs from funk to reggae to all-out rock, with effects like overdrive, fuzz, synth and envelope filter, and they've always done me proud. Vertical stacking means you need just a small corner of the stage to set up, or, as we've done many times, lay them horizontal and put the guitar amps on top. The cabs are in overall excellent condition, with just the odd very minor scratch here and there from being in the car. They're a fab setup, but I'm downsizing so I'd like to see these go to a good home. £150 each. Bank transfer or cash on collection. I'm in South Devon but could probably deliver within a reasonable distance for a contribution towards fuel.
  5. Hi all, I'm currently playing an old(ish) TC Electronic BH500 head which has served me well at many, many gigs over the last 4 years. I'm playing i through two K-212 cabs, which are nothing amazing but they have a deep, smooth sound which helps with the overall sound of the band, and is a nice, versatile configuration for various venues. We're playing a fair variety of songs (Uptown Funk, No One Knows, Hate To Say I Told You So, Get Lucky, Is This Love...you get the idea). We don't have a great PA, so the amp has to do all of the heavy lifting (as does my back...). I'm finding the rig has a big sound but is a bit flat and lacklustre. It does the overdriven wall-of-sound thing quite well, but lacks punch, dynamics and definition at times. I've tried the newer TC BH550 and 800 heads and have the same problem with them. Markbass isn't my thing, no matter how many times I want to like them. Currently playing a Stingray, and also have a Jazz. Looking for a sound that's kinda middle-of-the-road...not too old school thump, but not too hi-fi either. I'm toying with the idea of maybe an Ashdown ABM 600 EVO IV or a Gallien Krueger MB800. Any thoughts from people who've used these heads live? Any problems? Pros, cons? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. [quote name='Marc S' timestamp='1472566814' post='3122169'] Nice bass. You can get a cheap replacement scratchplate on ebay for about 4 quid - from China They're pretty good quality, and fairly tough, properly laminated.... Yes, some Fenders can be bad, but get a good one, and you'll know it. I've got a few, and love them all - but have had some not so good ones too. My Roadworn Jazz and P basses are absolutely stunning. Glad you like yours - I like the VVT controls on my Jazz. I prefer simple controls on the bass TBH. I set them to roughly mid-way, and do EQ'ing on the amp, to suit the venue. Then I've got room for manouvre either way, at hand, on the bass... But each to their own - I had active basses and a few that had loads of control knobs. I found I was forever fiddling then Enjoy your fab looking new toy [/quote] Thanks for the tip on the ebay scratchplates...I was a suspicious that they'd be a bit tacky and poor quality. I persevered with the VVT for all of about a day, lol. The pots were a little scratchy and they seemed to do nothing then surge in volume at the last 1/8 turn or so. I couldn't see myself adjusting on the fly at a gig with dodgy controls like that. Anyway, the preamp arrived today... [url="http://s1142.photobucket.com/user/nosnowking/media/20160901_154926_zpsrpj3jqor.jpg.html"][/url] The J Retro is very nice indeed. I bought the one with the preshape which does make the bass sound a bit hi-fi for my taste when flat, however a quick bump on the mid control and all that lovely bridge-pickup growl is back. I was a bit concerned that the sound would be too sterile, but the preamp is quite transparent and retains all the jazz bass goodness. Very happy Now i just need to get the frets dressed, there's a bit of wear causing some buzz here and there. Any recommendations for a good setup in Surrey anyone?
  7. Can't believe I've been playing nearly a quarter of a century and this is my first Fender! Mexican Jazz circa 2001. Kent Armstrongs and Badass II fitted already. [url="http://s1142.photobucket.com/user/nosnowking/media/20160830_0952151_zpsfxsrsz83.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1142.photobucket.com/user/nosnowking/media/20160830_0952331_zpshblxf6is.jpg.html"][/url] [url="http://s1142.photobucket.com/user/nosnowking/media/20160830_0952411_zpstaoztafb.jpg.html"][/url] I've been after a Fender for years, but have struggled to find one that I'd be willing to part with cash for (in fact, the majority have been dog-rough and not worth half the asking price...new or used!!!) Picked up this Mexican Jazz on ebay, well used and gigged, which to me is a sign that most of the problems will have been ironed out by now. If the last owner is reading this, Hi, and sorry for taking sandpaper to your bass Gave it a setup this morning, including neck shim, trussrod tweak and cleanup. Scratchplate is a little warped...I did the heatgun and stack of books trick but it's still a little squiffy, although not enough to bother me that much. Took a sheet of wet&dry to the horrible gloss finish on the back of the neck...nice smooth matte feel to it now I've got a J-Retro preamp on order which will hopefully arrive this week. I've always had active basses and never really got on with the VVT controls on a Jazz so they've got to go. Sounds great, plays great...as a second bass that I'm going to gig and play a lot it's perfect!
  8. Please let me know if this comes "off hold"... just seen the advert and am very interested
  9. My OH is a cellist, and she doesn't really understand the "need" for multiple guitars as well as the amps and paraphernalia that goes along with electric instruments. She tolerates them as long as they're neat and tidy. Once "man-corner" starts spreading itself across the lounge she gets a bit irate
  10. Recently I've started regretting never buying/collecting merch at all the gigs I've been to. However, that's usually because I've spent all my money on tickets and beer... This summer I saw Steve Vai, Neil Young and Jane's Addiction all within the space of a week. I made sure I had T-Shirts from all of them!
  11. Gigging on and off for many years I've never needed spare equipment. I know that's tempting fate... I do have a spare 250W head that I take to far flung gigs, such as weddings in a field or the like. Otherwise it's a DI box into our PA if the amp goes bang. As far as guitars, I never take a spare, and never had a failure. Only ever broke a string once, due to cr***y sharp bridge saddles on a Rickenbacker. Always carry spare leads, batteries, picks, patch cables, strings (usually my last dead set goes in the bag as spares, rather than unwrapping a new set, cos I'm a cheapskate )
  12. Hobbyist who gets paid beer money once in a while.
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