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  1. Top bass chatter. I bought a pedal from Paul / Thunderbird which the courier (Hermes) lost. Paul gave me a full refund despite having lost his pedal and my offer to split the loss with him. True gent and trusted trader. Thanks Paul.
  2. Ah right, sorry I misread your earlier comment. I thought you meant you could scroll through your signal chain bringing the effects into the ‘footswitch positions’ as on the B3n. Guess not on the B6
  3. Can the B6 do this? I thought not, but it’d be cool if it can
  4. £130 inc postage, barganacious!
  5. Mircobass SOLD Tubescreamer still available
  6. I’ve never had the pleasure of a 3Leaf so a temporary swapsy might be fun at some point… but not yet! Having too much fun with it
  7. I’ve tried a few, including the much celebrated OC5 but I’ve now found the absolute beast that is the Foxrox Octron. It is, to my humble ears, the best out there by a mile. It has 2 flavours of octave down and a really musical octave up fuzzy side. To be honest I think it is basically an expertly executed analogue version of the OC3: an OC2 sound plus a dirt tone. Sounds epic and needs no tweaking. I know I sound very gushing here but having bought and sold lot of pedals in the last few years I’ve become very picky, so it was such a treat to find this.
  8. EBS Microbass 2 in mint condition, SOLD Ibanez TS9B, £75posted
  9. This is intriguing, what does the F.S input do?? A foot switch I guess, but what does it switch?
  10. I don’t have one of these anymore but I’m curious… could the dry signal alone be used as a booster? Would be interested to know if it can be used either as intended (as a great filter) or when the gig requires it could it just be a level / gain booster?? I guess what it comes down to is, is the dry-only pot capable of adding a few db ? cheers, Doug
  11. Hi @Nosupervision, From memory you’ll need to download three things: 1. the V2 firmware for the G3n 2. the editor software 3. the zoom effect blocks. once you have them, make sure your unit has the v2 firmware. Then open the software editor on a windows PC. What it does is allow you to create a customised version of V2 firmware in which you can delete unwanted effects and add other ones (including bass ones) . Once you are happy with your custom list of fx you save it as a new file and then use the firmware update process to load it onto your machine as a custom version of the firmware. This is what I did, happy to give you more detail if you want but please proceed with caution and of course if you’re not comfortable with doing this probably leave it to someone familiar with computers! I am not a computer genius by any stretch but it worked for me… but of course I can offer you no guarantees, just sharing my experience
  12. Got this earlier in the autumn for a bit of fun. Not often available on these shores. the box has a few minor dings but the pedal is mint. pic to follow. Withdrawn
  13. Hi mate, probably not but you never know! Send me a pm?
  14. Selling this lovely preamp. Mint condition in the box. Price includes UK shipping. Pics to follow
  15. Lovely take on the classic mutron filter with modern build quality. Mint with all the box candy. £150 posted in the GB https://mojohandfx.com/products/mojo-hand-fx-little-wonder-filter
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