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  1. It appears that someone is selling a combo that you might say is a light weight reincarnation of those trace 715s in the marketplace. Pm me if you need further signposting
  2. Could be good news if G4M start making decent amps using the Eden brand. Hope so.
  3. Surely this deserves a prize! Almost too BC to be true. Asking myself some serious questions now 🤦‍♂️
  4. Thanks Bill. With that combination of 2nd and 4th order, do I need to reverse the polarity of the woofer to avoid phase problems?
  5. Yep I will do. It currently has a simple 1st order filter on the tweeter, with nothing on the woofer side. Will start to look at filters and crossovers now, starting by revisiting the BC cab threads. Suggestions from you learned lot will be much appreciated.
  6. Quite a bit more bottom end in a pleasing way. Happy with the result. WinISD suggests that is tuned to about 57 hz with the current port length but is very close to Agedhorse and Stevie's suggested dimensions. If they'd be happy then I'm happy:) Probably going to swap the cheap tweeter for an APT80 or a BGH25-8 and will no doubt spend the next month agonising over that 🤦‍♂️
  7. Thanks to all who have given their advice on this. I added to 100mm port today. Also lined it and changed the speaker for a very good 16ohm SICA that I picked up on ebay for £40. It is ideal. The idea is to run this as a 16ohm small combo that I can hook up to an 8ohm 210 with two of the same drivers and with the same tuning. Very happy with the result. Next job is to upgrade the tweeter. It is certainly a fun project
  8. In the effects loop, which I'm pretty sure is after the front panel stuff. I've asked about whether there is a HPF built into ABMs a few times and have read directly contradictory replies from different people at Ashdown. As a result , if I need an HPF on an ABM I take matters into my own hands.
  9. Bill is if course right here but players have used octavers for decades so don't let this very sensible advice stop you making music! Good good bass cabs are pretty robust in reality. If in doubt a good HPF will help, even with an octaver / sub.
  10. Looks like the perfect size, and a quick Google suggests it's great value too. Thanks, you might have just sold me on a TTPB4
  11. That looks brilliant, bet it sounds even better. Is the board a PT classic Jr?
  12. Hi folks, this is a G3n (guitar multi fx) pedal that has been digitally tinkered with so that it currently includes *most* of the B3n models / effects / amps as well as *most* of the G3n ones. I am happy to sell it either: as it is return it to factory G3n add all the B3n models (leaving in a few G3n ones too, why not?). whatever combination you want. I'll load it up before shipping. Of course the most important thing is that it is black! Immaculate condition, sold with the box and power supply. Will add a pic or two soon. £115 including postage.
  13. very cool indeed. I love the actual board itself (wooden case with lifty-up bit) and noticed another post in this thread looks as if it uses a similar one. Would you mind sharing what it is?? I'm sure it is explained somewhere but I have managed to miss it. Thanks
  14. Probably not to be honest ... but you can try me! Send me a pm, I don't think trades are supposed to be negotiated in the sale thread. cheers
  15. Thanks Stevie. I'm tempted to ask why it is so component specific, but I guess it's because of how all the different properties of a cab design interact in reality 'on the bench' rather than in the software? The tailoring analogy is great. It is of course possible to buy a perfectly decent suit off the peg from M&S (dare I say Asda or is that a 'bodge' too far!?). I guess the difference is that making it bespoke means it is a perfect fit rather than 'good enough'. Cheers, I'm learning loads from this ... mainly about how much there is to learn
  16. Is this a 2nd order LPF and 3rd order HPF design? Testing myself here... In case you haven't seen it, blue aran has a crossover configuration thing on their website. It is interesting and maybe even useful in this case.
  17. Sorry to hear you are struggling @KbD. For what it is worth, I think a big part of the reason many of play is about identity. Do you think of yourself as a bass player? Or would you like to? Everything that comes with it - the sense of having an identity, membership of some kind of group (whether thats a band or a internet forum!) etc is important to lots of us. If you have that, or want it, keep playing. The good thing is that it is a very easy club to join and no one can kick you out. I spend more time reading about bloody speaker excursion than playing bass at the moment, but I still think of myself as a bass player and it is actually part of how I see myself. I have pretty crappy technique and a very bad ear but it doesn't mean I should quit. If you're not bothered about that - or just don't get what I mean - then maybe let your gut be your guide my friend. That said, I do believe there is something inherently beneficial about playing music os I'd say stick with it unless it is making you miserable. Learn a new line, or a new scale and you will soon get a little hit of dopamine Wishing you well, Doug
  18. Making it so that the baffle can be swapped is a genius idea
  19. great to see Tech21 on BC It doesn't seem to be available here yet ... any idea when it'll arrive on these shores?
  20. thanks @JohnDaBass , it is ordered!
  21. Just noticed it this afternoon, very cool: https://www.tech21nyc.com/products/flyrig/bass-fly-rig-v2/
  22. hi, a while back I put a Groove Tubes valve / tube in my ABM head and it is brilliant. Clean glassy tubeness without much breakup. If I want to go the other way and get a really thick dirt sound, can anyone recommend a tube? Cheers, Doug
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