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  1. Thanks - they are. I'm only selling as I don't really need/use the second 210; so I'll be using the funds to buy one of the new, single units.
  2. .... available...........
  3. BUMP (.... facility seems to have disappeared?)
  4. Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling 4 H S Bass - unique metal Pickguard. Excellent (new) condition. 1.8mm thick / 300g. Same specs as the WD version/s:- https://www.wdmusic.co.uk/pickguards-c62/musicman-c198/musicman-bass-c424/ernie-ball-music-man-sterling-4-hs-bass-c483/wd-music-m3
  5. Lakland ‘Skyline Japan Series’ 55-02 Deluxe in a deep Cherry-Burst finish over the choice quilt-maple top. The bass came to me via a ‘deal’ and required mainly aesthetic work to get it to where it is now. No issues with the neck, playability and electronics - it’s an easy playing and great sounding bass. A previous owner had fitted a pickguard and either 2x thumb-rests or a ramp, leaving a number of small holes in the body. These can be seen easily when close-up, but not from a distance, They’ve been filled, coloured and lacquered but remain quite obvious upon close inspection. There’s also quite significant damage to the rear/top-edge (c. 50mmx9mm) as can bee seen in the photos (also re-coloured/lacquered). There were only 2 knobs (wrong type), the battery compartment was damaged and had no top; this has been replaced, as have the old/odd (set) strings (new set are Warwick Ni’s 40-130. The B-string – only - is bridge mounted as due to the tapered core winding it sat too low in the nut when through-body, as per the E – G). A (Seymour) Duncan (design) Quad Coil hum bucker (bridge) and a ‘J’ s/coil (neck) are teamed with the 3-band active ME3 preamp to let you dial in an incredible range of tones. 3-way toggle splits bridge pickup coils for choice of humbucker, rear or front s/coil. Push/pull (active/true-passive) Volume, Pan, B – M – T (3EQ). 35” scale, 45mm (c. 1&7/8”) nut; 9 / 19mm string-spacing (nut/bridge), 22-fret. Weight: 4.1kg (9lb) which seems to be light for one of these. Generic gig bag. Courier delivery included. @ £749 for a limited offer period...............
  6. "..62cm tall, 52cm wide and 38cm deep..." (but no info on weight)
  7. DBE's required on this John. I'll add a photo. You might be able to fit a non-std./Hohner 'headstock' (?). It's currently fitted with DAddario Ni/RW's (45-100) + the original DBE strings (s/s RWs) are still in the side-pocket. There do seem to be plenty of DBE strings still available (ebay), though not so sure re. FW's :-
  8. Michael Kelly Guitars Club Custom 5NA from the limited edition (discontinued) Club Custom series. Jumbo single cutaway body with set neck joint. Back and side panels are made of figured (stained) ash (or maple), while the top is cedar. Regular shape bridge of rosewood. Neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. It features 22 frets with white dot position inlays, maple binding and an interesting ‘custom-CLUB’ inlay at f2-3. Chrome tuners. Fishman Sonicore under-saddle transducer pickup c/w Fishman Classic MKAB Bass preamp featuring 4-band EQ (B-M-T + Brilliance) volume control and low-battery indicator light. 34" scale length. 1.75”nut, 9/16mm string spacing (nut/bridge)/c. 6.25lbs. Excellent fitted hard case. Includes Courier
  9. Superb HOHNER B2A Active / HeadLess bass in the less common metallic/matt silver/gunmetal. D-tuner @ bridge. Basswood body with maple neck / rosewood 24-fret/board. 2X Volume (one per EMG / Select HB pickup/s) + Bass / Treble boost (+/-) when switched to active. The bass is ‘true-passive’ so will play in passive mode w/out battery. 34” scale, 1.5” (38mm) nut; 10/18mm string spacings (nut/bridge). The instrument is only 39” (99cm) overall and weighs only c. 6.5 lbs. There are (always) a few of these around, but very few in this colour / condition. C/w generic but correct (fitting) gig-bag.
  10. ... could be right, I was just quoting the Clover specs: ..." When the toggle switch is in towards the neck position the passive single coil mode is activated (full bodied early 60´s single coil characteristics with true hardware-bypass and passive tone control) ..."
  11. Great cab(s) _ I have the 1260 compact (Eminence Gamma 12". Eminence LA6cbmr 6.5" + Horn) 300/8 :-
  12. Had an early/original/fretless version of this years back. Loved it. Imagine yours might have looked like this (below) before the changes (?) :-
  13. Purchased a nice pickguard ( / scratchplate?) from Peter recently; excellent, prompt communication throughout folowed by a swift, safe delivery !
  14. there are some exceptional necks on the Classics. I have the coral/maple model, with some serious flame :-
  15. Might be possible. I did speak to a couple of respected UK luthiers and they were concerned re. the coin, the holly wood (difficult apparenly) and not knowing what epoxy/resin(s) might have been used to both fix and surround the coin.
  16. Thanks Jon ... sorry, I thought I'd included that. It's reading 9.1lbs on our digi-scales. You're right about the weight Q. Maybe it should be included with the required info (location, price etc.) ... just tried it on the alternative hand-held luggage digi-scales = 8.88 lbs (could be right as it matches the price?!). So probably somewhere in the 8.8 - 9.1 range..................
  17. ditto: rare colour & great condition
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