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  1. Quite the line-up - hope they are more than just cameos. Been in the works a while... "Bass Relay" on Smiles & Grins - Tony Levin (Chapman stick), Billy Sheehan, Michael League, Mark King, Ron Carter, Marcus Miller, Nathan East, Geddy Lee Vocals - Sammy Hagar, Alex Ligertwood, Ron Hemby, John Cowan, Gabriela Sinagra, Michael Dearing, Gumbi Ortiz, Jeff Berlin Guitars - Alex Lifeson, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Johnny Hiland, Eric Johnson, Scott Henderson, John McCracken
  2. But not height adjustable by the looki of it? What's the gap between the ramp and the strings?
  3. Always struggled with 'stipend' as a term... Getting back to CS, he's a walking cathedral... Bass pedals on the sub-octaves, 16th notes in the tenor and wonderful alto in the backing vocals. I really miss him and his music.
  4. Oh dear Mikey... bad QA there. So EHB'ers please can you advise about the ramp. The pics I've seen suggest that it's a non-adjustable block? Can you raise the height?
  5. Crikey that's a beaut'. Get the action sorted though eh?
  6. Looks better in the flesh
  7. New vid on the 2022 EHBs
  8. Not sure Jeff is great salesman but he's a hell of a bass player - Bruford and Allan Holdsworth's 'Road Games' two highlights... I still lust after his Peavey Palladium bass... Once on sale at the Bass Centre for £299! Gah! missed a bargain! Saw him play his legendary precision with John McLaughlin at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Great show.
  9. Hmm pretty sure this catalogue is the most comprehensive bass portfolio any manufacturer has ever offered - period.
  10. I wonder what these sound like vs. the Nords and Barts in the other EHB models?
  11. Yes - Mikey D's covered them here:
  12. Thanks for the links Mikey. I've been hoping for new finishes on the EHBs. Here's a deep dive on the other new models: https://www.guitarworld.com/news/ibanez-sr-standard-sr-premium-btb-models
  13. So I'll bite in the spirit of the question, i.e. albums where I went crikey!... from bass perspective: Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, 'Flight of the Cosmic Hippo' Jaco - eponymous, Joni & WR +1 for Bruford Yes - all 70's albums Return to Forever, 'Romantic Warrior' Stanley, 'School Days' UK - eponymous Rush - 'Permanent Waves' & 'Moving Pictures' Mark King, 'Influences' Steve Khan, 'Modern Times' w/ Anthony Jackson Brand X, 'Masques' There you go... some crackers in there.
  14. I'm don't think there'll be one. Not sure there ever will be again? Do the financials still stack up as I believe it's hellishly expensive to exhibit. Just use YouTube no? I fear for my Bass Guitar Show ticket for April...
  15. I quite like the look. Sensing a Gibson tone from it.
  16. Oh how Lockdown and YouTube is shaping music. I'm seeing some astounding artists create unbelievable performances... but they get 10 seconds of my attention before I click away. Whilst being a bass player, I'm not a fan of a single instrument for an extended period whatever it is, even piano. However in parallel I find myself putting on a Steve Wilson Yes remix and shutting my eyes to bliss out for 40 minutes or so. Do you all think that our hyper-skilled creators will go on to create great ensemble music when our pandemic becomes endemic?
  17. I'm a no. Famously Eric Clapton played a gig layed out on some drug or other. Not for me. I want the artist to be present and delivering... Fine if they get wasted afterwards. So sad watching the Jaco vids where he's marred by drugs and alcohol. Such a contrast from when he's on and present and killing it. Same with Holdsworth...
  18. Crikey - they're a rare breed so a bit of travel is to be expected. With that in mind, I suggest Shuker about 1:30 hrs away from you in the Peak District.
  19. Anyone know if Ibanez are expanding the range for 2022? They seem to have gone down well - not sure how well they've sold? Wondering if they might introduce more options, colours or finishes?
  20. I remember this too. David L Burgh as I recall who looked a bit nerdy so they substituted him with this rocker! To my mind, he looks like he's celebrating an epic fart. Any who... you can't learn perfect pitch. Well, correction, you may have it and develop it but for most people, you don't have it and can't get it. Don't worry - pretty sure none of the Beatles had it and they won music. Also, people who do have it, can lose it in middle age. It can also be torture for people who have it as instruments aren't perfectly in tune. Relative pitch we can all develop and that is a very pragmatic skill.
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