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  1. Bought a BB from Nigel. Plain sailing all the way
  2. We only went ahead and recorded it ... Recorded with a Fender Aerodyne.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. I think this was one of the first we recorded remotely. I think we spiced the original up a bit, in a good way. I think I'm running a little too hot and the improvisation at the end is a bit off the tempo, but hey 🤷‍♂️ Recored with my trusty Yamaha BB1024 with Elixir strings.
  5. She went 😥 what a sad affair. I tried the wide strap which did help a little, but not enough for me. I still couldn't face drilling the holes for Ultralite tuners! I hastily bought a 434 which is great value as others have said, not at all comparable to the BBP34 of course. I put some Dr Fat-Beams on, I'll see what it's like when they settle in. Perhaps you or others can advise. Is the 734/5a really the same build quality as the 434/5? I've seen some 734a reported as 4Kg, which would be good with some Ultralites on. The BB1024 is a step up. I wouldn't hesistate on another MIJ yam, as long as it was sub 4Kg. I'm interested to see if there is something suitable from the previous series from previous decades! I have the bug now. Oh and thanks! Much appreciated.
  6. £40 delivered. I bought these a while back but they were the wrong diameter. Completely unused.
  7. It was a pleasure dealing with Jason. As others have said, an easy going transaction. Cheers
  8. As part of the many tracks we've recorded with our lockdown project. The bass track was recorded on a Yamaha BBP34 with Dr Lo-Rider nickel strings. I tried to give enough room frequency wise for the guitar tracks. (Apologies for the image 😛 )
  9. Nice! Got to be done with a blue Precision and maple fretboard I'm working on a few Maiden tracks at the moment, I'll see if I can get any consistent as this. I've always found the intro so elusive on The Trooper.
  10. Just made a purchase from Gerry. Very easy and straightforward. He was very generous with throwing a few things in with the sale
  11. Apologies all. I'm afraid you've convinced me @Al Krow. I'm going to withdraw, (assuming that is allowed per Marketplace rules) and try your suggestions out. I'd love to hear a link of the P35 in action at any time.
  12. Doh! I just bought Springbreak III, I didn't see there was a B-Stock section, oh well, the price wasn't too bad.
  13. You've definitely given me food for thought, along with lighter tuners! I've currently got a 9cm strap, but you've inspired me to order a 11cm wide strap, albeit non-leather
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