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  1. Hi I have one of these for sale, no trades thanks. It has some cosmetic marks and scratches, but functions perfectly. It’s a fantastic live tool. Can drive an amp or DI to desk or both. You can plug in two basses and have 3 preset sounds for each, or use one bass and have six presets. There’s an effects loop, 3 outputs including an XLR with pad switch and phantom power via the XLR feed. Has Velcro on the bottom from pedal board use. Copy of printed manual also included, no original box but I will pack securely and price includes postage to UK. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi Greg Thanks for putting this up. I would sometimes use my 3rd finger in a rolling technique (finger tip then finger pad) to play the fifth and the octave, before using the second finger to play the tenth. Works well when you're further up the neck. Down near the nut you might want to use the fourth finger for the roll. Maybe it's weird for some, I come from a guitar background and it's used a lot in that context.
  3. Just took delivery tonight of Clarky’s ACG Recurve 5er. Fantastic bass and a top man to deal with as expected, found it on FB and thought it might be him. Great comms and total integrity.
  4. I recently bought one of Marco’s latest creations - the Amani 5 string single cut fretless. Fantastic work by Marco and a superb guy to deal with during the sale, answering questions very quickly, including video demos. Absolutely trustworthy, you can deal with confidence.
  5. I use a Tech21 bass driver deluxe pedal, the one with six presets, into a (heavy) non-class D QSC stereo power amp, going into 2 cabs, one cab per channel. With a Seymour Duncan signal booster pedal and ebs multicomp before the tech 21, I think it’s quite a resilient set up. I can keep a set going if I lose 1 or 2 pedals, a cab or one of the amp channels during the night. Fingers crossed....😆
  6. The question about the hardware was a valid one, since you had just stated a change in hardware colour to black by a previous owner, along with a link to the original ACG web page spec. Other brands of black hardware are available so how are BC members to know what has been fitted? You also posted the previous owner’s sale thread, in which it states that there is buckle rash and a dent, so again it was a valid question. I don’t understand how valid questions on a sale thread for a bass costing £900 constitutes a “crap” of your thread? i am not a time waster as my feedback on BC will show. I was actually genuinely interested in buying this bass, but I’m sure I’ll find something suitable from a less rude member.
  7. Hi What brand is the later black hardware? The original chrome bridge was hipshot and chrome gotoh tuners. You also state that it has only light swirling and no dents or scratches but the previous owner stated that it had belt buckle rash and a dent, have you repaired this?
  8. Thanks for your views. I’m thinking of changing my 5er bass as the neck is quite wide so I did get down to bass direct for a good tryout of a few models and then left thinking about what I can and can’t afford as there are some beauties there! Saving my pennies up to go back!
  9. Hi do you still have the Ed Friedland book please?
  10. I didn’t know about the difference in dimensions at the time, so thought that the woods, hardware and electronics were similar, hence the overlapping viewpoint esp on premium models. The Ibanez name seems to be more prominent on the BTB headstocks down the years whereas it appears more subtle on the SDGR ones.
  11. Thanks for the insights. As a Cort Jeff Berlin 5er owner, I’d feel the similarities to a BTB in that case as SDGR have the thinner necks and narrower spacing?
  12. Ok thanks, The premium ones seem to be made in the same Indonesian factory so just marketed at a different playing aesthetic?
  13. It might be a daft question but both ranges have Premium models down to more budget ones. Seems to be a lot of overlap? Anyone clear my confusion please?
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