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  1. I've decided I want to keep it, as it's such a nice bass. Thanks to all for their comments and parting-out enquiries.
  2. Thanks, I’m off to Greece on holiday tomorrow for a week so will sort something when I get back.
  3. Thanks Raslee, I’ll come back to you if I do part it out.
  4. Thanks bubinga5. Parting it out is an option definitely, but if someone wants it complete, then now’s the time to get in touch. 😀
  5. No love so far? Offers invited on this versatile bass assembled using good quality components. PM me. If folks are not interested in the complete bass I could part it out.
  6. haysy

    Feedback for willgatesbass

    I just bought his GK 212 cab, great guy to deal with, cab sounds great, completes my new set up, thanks a lot.
  7. Hi This bass started life as an all black Lakland Skyline Korean DJ 4 string, rosewood board. I bought it off an Italian guy in London and he showed me a video of him playing it in a band on a cable tv show in London. He’d then changed the body to a great quality 2 piece tobacco burst jazz style and added EMG pickups and pre amp. I kept the pups but swapped the pre for a John East J Retro Deluxe, fitted by John himself while I waited. So now it is a great quality parts bass and was my main gigging bass for 4 years. A few marks here and there but it’s in good nick. SPEC: Original Lakland DJ Skyline neck with signature logo , tuners and bridge  Emg pups  East preamp 9v 2 piece tobacco burst jazz body I’ve added the thumb rest and rear battery compartment. The screw holes next to the bridge are from when I had a Roland GK3B synth pickup fitted. Comes with a used black ABS hard case. I’m in Wirral, NW England. Thanks for looking.
  8. Yes I’ve seen ones like that, it’s good to have them extra option I think, for when you need it.
  9. Hi I’m selling my gigging rig as I’m going down the pre/power amp route. This 550 Touring combo was made in UK. It has a valve driven preamp and puts out 600w rms into 4 ohms when using the internal speakers plus the 8 ohm 300w ext ABM speaker, about half that if using just the internal 8 ohm speakers. Simple passive EQ controls with frequency shift switches for bass and middle, a bright switch and a mute switch. Pre/post DI option, effects send and return with inputs for passive and active basses.Weight 37kg. Serviced by Dave Lunt in Stockport at Xmas 2017. Ext cab is a lightweight 15 inch ABM. Cosmetically the combo and cab have scuffs and nicks to the tolex, but it is a robust and reliable set up and has never let me down, gigged 2-3 times per month. Cash on collection only, I live in Wirral NW England. I have feedback on here.
  10. haysy

    feedback for eubassix

    Bought some new labellas from David, great price and dispatched first class instantly. Top bloke to deal with.
  11. haysy

    feedback for eubassix

    Bought a Cort Jeff Berlin from David, arrived this afternoon extremely well packed and prepped for shipping. Great communication , good price and a pleasure to deal with. His reputation speaks for itself.
  12. haysy

    Dating Ashdown Gear

    Got the cab and gigged it on Saturday. Really lightweight compared to the 550 touring combo but a great sound when hooked together with the 2x10s in the amp. Thanks for all the input, much appreciated.
  13. haysy

    Dating Ashdown Gear

    [quote name='drake' timestamp='1493051147' post='3285204'] I'm not sure about the PRC heads as all of mine have been older UK built ones. Do you know what the 'variable quality' is? Or is this a forum rumour/speculation because manufacture has switched overseas?? [/quote] I suppose I'm just repeating rumours and speculation about Chinese Ashdown amps I suppose. I have a Chinese TC BG250 that blew a few weeks after buying new. The shop replaced it and it's worked fine ever since (nearly 4 years) although the Toneprint software now doesn't seem to want to update. Give a dog a bad name I suppose. You watch, my UK made Ashdown Touring will die on me next week