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  1. Hi, glad you moved this on without asking for some outrageous price. Hope the next owner is as reasonable. Smiley face, Nigel
  2. Nigel Sleaford

    Zoom L-12

    Just a plus one for the L12. Brilliant for live recording and mixing...I’ve recorded a five piece band, the whole gig using the L12 for FOH mix as well. No problems working with recording the whole gig. Easy transfer to a computer, although you have to go via a memory card. Also a great interface for home recording, you can eq and hear reverb on your signal going in, say a vocal, but it goes dry to the computer.
  3. Just sold my BB1100s to Dan. Great transaction, would recommend dealing with him.
  4. Another vote for Roxy and Elsewhere. Tom Fowler’s excellent bass playing still gets me after 40:years of listening. Curtis Live would be another, with Lucky Scott on bass.
  5. I’ve had some mics which picked up a regular pulsing noise from a hard drive? I remember cheap Behringer, and a couple of AKG mikes as culprits.
  6. Just bought a lined Fretless bass from Chris. Great transaction, and an absolute bargain! A pleasure to deal with Chris.
  7. Thanks sir. Very close, as these things go. Great colour also!
  8. Thanks. The pickups are hot as hell. . I have a jazz bitsa with them, and I have to be very careful playing through my Zoom B1 Four. Everything overloads! Live is, or was, fine, but switching basses would be a pain. Good luck with the playing. I have a double bass which I’d love to be playing with a band, but up here in northern Scotland there are few bands, especially just now. And zero places to play.....
  9. Any developments on this? I keep swithering about a fretless, and missed buying Stewblack's Revelation during lockdown. I hope the pickup problem will be sorted by a new loom? And the rest is just set up things. Please keep us informed!
  10. That’s an Underwood on the bridge btw. I messed around last night playing the magnetic pickup through a Zoom A3, using their double bass ‘modelling’. Sounded very usable.
  11. From the front, unchanged. On the second photo you can just make out the shiny discs on the back of the poles.
  12. I tried all the in and out variations, and found that beyond a certain point the poles rattled. With the extra magnets I don’t have to go to either extreme.
  13. Just picked up an old magnetic pickup from eBay, and attached it to my Zeller bass, out of interest, and some nostalgia for the Framus Triumph I had years ago. Anyway, the G string output was much louder than the others. Output overall quite low. Removing the G pole balanced things up. So I ordered a bunch of 7mm diameter neodymium magnets, 2mm thickness, and tried carefully adding them to the poles. Result, louder overall output, balance achieved with the G pole back in place. Happy. Guess what, it sounds like a fretless bass! I’ll superglue the magnets on eventually, once I’ve played it through an amp, although I’ve done this mainly to record with. Total cost £30.
  14. Just been playing on my own bitsa, thin, wide seventies Japanese precision neck, plywood body, two JBXNs and Kiogon loom. Through headphones. The pickups are almost too hot for the settings I have in my Zoom B1Four, but immense variability and working well with tone off. I hope you’re going to continue posting here, and not let scale problems deter you from having a playable bass. My bass Neck has a 33 inch scale, and I had to move the bridge to get decent string break and intonation. And folk say very good things about the Revelation neck...keep the pics coming please!
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  16. Thanks for this. I’ve got a jazz bits a with JBXN pickups. Very hot, but very usable. A Kiogon loom as well. And I play an upright a bit, but it’s such a pain trying tohome record with a Double bass, hence the interest in fretless. I like the sound of the big neck as well. Time to take a chance I think. Thanks again, and GLWTS.
  17. Can I hijack your advert just to ask you about the Revelation fretless? They look so good for hardly any money. But how do they sound? Thanks.
  18. PMd you re the bridge which you are selling. Thanks NIgel
  19. Zoom A3 will definitely give 48V supply- Ive tried it with an Audio Technica ATM clip on mic. Not a huge amount of gain, but you can insert the mic after all the modelling stuff, and still have two effects, plus 3 band eq on the front and anti feedback. But it is fiddly as hell!
  20. I just bought a Zoom A3, to mess around with. At home I've tried playing my Zeller DB using an Underwood bridge pickup. With some careful use of the effects, using a virtual mic setting followed by the 'Air' ambience, I felt I got closer to an acoustic sound, monitoring on headphones. Haven't used it live or at volume, so I can't say yet whether the modelling introduces artefacts to the bass sound.
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