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  1. Hi mates! Up for sale my Quilter Bass Block 800. I purchased it in this very forum some time ago. As you can see in the pics, it's in mint condition and perfect working order. I've used very little since it's been my backup amp, the just-in-case saviour. It's 2 years old approx. Little can I say about it that may sound new to you, so I'll keep it simple: great vintage tone, very portable, very powerful, no-plastic-all-metal case, easy to dial in your sound. Comes with original semi-rigid bag. I'd like to try other brands and sounds, so I'm open to trades for class D amps. 430 euros
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  3. One of the best Ps on the market, growls like a mad lion. 🦁 GLWTS
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  5. Hi mikbass, Shipping is not a problem. I've done it before. The neck has NOT been modified in any way. It still retains the original lacquer. In fact, as you can see in the pictures, it has some small "vintage" dings, which don't affect playability at all.
  6. I have added some audios for you to hear what it sounds like. No compression or effects have been added, straight into garage band through iRig. For me, the Mustang has this natural growl (I'd say overdrive) to it and nice full round lows. There are four samples: 1. tone closed 2. tone half-closed 3. tone open 4. mixed with a backing track (tone half-closed)
  7. I could also consider a trade for a vintage semi hollow short scale bass: Fender Coronado, Guild Starfire, Gibson EB2, Yamaha SA70., etc. A more modern bass would also be interesting: Neuser, Ibanez SR, Cort A4, or even high-end ones.
  8. Up for sale my Fender Mustang, built in 1974 according to the serial number on the neckplate, the neck-heel number, the pickups stamp and the pots code. The reason for selling is that I’ve got too many P and this is not getting the attention it deserves. Apart from the nice Dakota red or candy apple refinish (never been sure about the difference), the rest seems to be original, though there could be a couple of screws which are not. Its overall condition is quite good for its age. All its components are in perfect working order, including its neck (dated 73) and truss rod, its massive pickups (dated 74), pots (dated 1973), and the pickup shieldings. As you can see in the pictures the body has suffered no mods, except for the paint job. The neck pocket and the pickguard still have sings of the original paint: competition blue. The neck has signs of use, specially on the back, but it doesn’t affect playability in any way. The fretboard is quite good for its age, specially the frets, which show little wear. So it plays beautiful and stays in tune. I guess the mutes on the bridge were removed, so I don’t have them. It’s had a really nice setup and has a quite comfy action (I would say medium-low action). Weight: 3,3kg Scale: 30,5 “ A good chance to grab a killer short-scale Fender Mustang from 1974 at an affordable price and ready to rock. .
  9. Hi. This is not a SR3000e. It's definitely a SR300e according to the back of headstock, which is a different range of products. I think the title should be changed to avoid misunderstandings. Good luck.
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