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  1. Up for sale my Fender Mustang, built in 1974 according to the serial number on the neckplate, the neck-heel number, the pickups stamp and the pots code. The reason for selling is that I’ve got too many P and this is not getting the attention it deserves. Apart from the nice Dakota red refinish, the rest seems to be original, though there could be a couple of screws which are not. Its overall condition is quite good for its age. All its components are in perfect working order, including its neck (dated 73) and truss rod, its massive pickups (dated 74), pots (dated 1973), and the pickup shieldings. As you can see in the pictures the body has suffered no mods, except for the paint job. The neck pocket and the pickguard still have sings of the original paint: competition blue. The neck has signs of use, specially on the back, but it doesn’t affect playability in any way. The fretboard is quite good for its age, specially the frets, which show little wear. So it plays beautiful and stays in tune. I guess the mutes on the bridge were removed, so I don’t have them. It’s had a really nice setup and has a quite comfy action (I would say medium-low action). Weight: 3,3kg Scale: 30,5 “ A good chance to grab a killer short-scale Fender Mustang from 1974 at an affordable price and ready to rock. Trade-wise, I’m only interested in modern vintage-sounding JBs: USA Lakland, Celinder, Moollon, you name it. Price: 1350€ .
  2. Hi. This is not a SR3000e. It's definitely a SR300e according to the back of headstock, which is a different range of products. I think the title should be changed to avoid misunderstandings. Good luck.
  3. OMG!!! I was born on the 4th March 1972, the previous day.
  4. Hi. Are you sure this is alder? It really looks like ash. It’s a really tempting nice looking bass: 2 humbuckers and a short scale.
  5. You're totally right. Geoff is an honest and remarkable chap. And the P ... my goodness!!!! 🤯
  6. Hi Basschatters, Up for sale my Yamaha PB400 built in Japan in 1977, according to its serial number (001313). The overall condition is quite good for its age (42 years). It has a few chips on the side between the bridge and the jack, but it doesn't affect playability or the looks. The bass is all original, except for the knobs (new quality ones I bought a few months ago). The body is ash and the neck is maple. It plays nicely, with a good low action with hardly no buzzing. The neck is comfy, smooth and straight. The truss rod works perfectly, as do the electronics and all the hardware, including the tuning pegs. It weights exactly 4kg, a tad below 9lb. In my opinion, it's as good as any Japanese Fender copy in the 70s - I'd dare say that they are even better, according to my experience with Squier JV. It's a really solid, trustworthy bass, which growls and grunts like a true P bass. These Yamahas are really amazing instruments. It has loads more personality than present Fender P to me. You won't be disappointed.
  7. I have just bought a Cutlass from him. Super easy deal. Shipping was amazingly fast and coms were excellent, giving constant feedback and worrying about the parcel. 100% trustworthy and a model BCer.
  8. Jordi is an amazing musician, but he's even a better person. You can trust him 100%.
  9. emilibass


    Love this basses: modern classics.
  10. Thanks, Jay. It is a really good instrument, very versatile and with a fantastic action, probably the best one I’ve ever tried in this sort of basses.
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