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  1. Thanks, Jay. It is a really good instrument, very versatile and with a fantastic action, probably the best one I’ve ever tried in this sort of basses.
  2. Hi. Some more info and pictures would be lovely. It will certainly help you sell this amazing Jazz. I could also be interested.
  3. Hi! Beautiful bass! But I think there's little information in the initial post about the bass, especially when it's this old. You're going to get lots of questions. Just one from me: Are the pickups rewound? In the pictures, the wiring doesn't seem right for the period. Thanks and good luck.
  4. Hi everyone, Up for sale my EBS NeoLine 410 (Professional Neodynium Cabinet). I bought it secondhand a year and a half ago and it's in perfect working condition. It has no issues, knocks or dents. I've only used in a handful of gigs and several rehearsals, it's been well looked after. With this cab, you won't need anything else: you'll find the punch, the high, mid and lows you need, all in one pack. As you may know, this is a top-notch cabinet, one of the best of the market, because of its power, its robustness, its lightweight, and its definition. It features a knob on the back to regulate the tweeter. It was completely built in Sweden. Features: - 4 10" speakers - Range: 50 - 18khz - Power: 1000W RMS - Impedance: 4 ohms - Volume: 69 cm / 27" + 58 cm / 23" + 44 cm / 17" - Weight: 25kg / 55 lbs I'll throw in the cover. I had it made for this cab specifically. I can ship anywhere in Europe. I can get you a quote privately, but I can tell it's not that expensive. Trades: small and powerful class D amp, ideally a Quilter Bass Block 800, but I'll listen to any proposals.
  5. Great bloke to deal with. We had an important issue with a BF cab which got a harsh knock on one of its corners in transit from the UK to Barcelona. He sorted everything out with the insurance company, getting me constant feedback, help and counselling for about a month. Simply the BCer I’ve come across.
  6. The retail price hasn’t helped at all: from £1700 / 2000€. Fender P retails at £1300 / 1500€. That’s quite a difference for standard American-made basses. I would have no doubs whatsover if it retailed at the same price: for me, the Cutlass wins clearly.
  7. Hi there, Somebody informed me that Musicman has removed Cutlass and Caprice models form their webpage. I don't know if that means they ahve stopped producing them or that they are going to updated the models in some way. Does anybody have more info? The truth is that they are really interesting models, specially the Cutlass with a Precision sound that, in my opinion, Fender has failed to nail in their recent P models, and all the improvements in playability and adjustment.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. It’s been a pleasure to deal with Andy: easy to agree on details, quick to send the parcel, and constant with feedback. 100% trustworthy.
  10. Get yourself a MINT semi-hollow of quality, very versatile.
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