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  1. Sorry bud, just saw this, unfortunately cannot post, no box for it, prefer collection, keeps costs low for everyone as well
  2. @lemmywinks i am too surprised, how are people protecting their babies, surely not everyone can afford a mono ;))) @JPJ I never tried a tbird, but it should be big enough, drop me some dimensions and i can check end to end and body width
  3. Selling my old and trusty Protection Racket Gig Bag, it is not the deluxe version, it's the classic one, now retails at around £100, i've had it for a lot of years, gigged and toured, and it has a few scars to show for that. Reason for sale is that i find it too bulky, has nothing to do with its functionality. The scars i mentioned are some scratches on the front and back, pictured, the thread on one of the zippers had gone, just on the top, and i sewed it back with blue thread, has held ever since, this was over 3 years ago. In regards to actual protection this is basically a hardcase that doesn't weigh as much and that you can carry on your back. it does weigh a little, but that's because the construction is with soft padding (20mm, if i'm not mistaken) on both inside and outside and it has a frame made of polycarbonate. on the inside it also has what they call velvetex, so your guitar will n ot get any scratches. It has a neck support, fully adjustable, as well as a straps to keep the guitar in place so it does not dangle, i've never really had to use them unless i was travelling a lot. The handle has some wear and you can feel it but it's not a problem and with some needle and thread you can sort it and give it at least a few more years of wear. There are 2 more scars that can't be seen and those are in the actual frame, and basically that broke on top and underneath, where the strap button would be, don't get me wrong, it does not affect the structural integrity of the case whatsoever, but instead of offering you a *insert generic case name* hardcase level protection, it now is somewhere around the Gator transit level protection, but with more padding. I have never spilled anything inside or outside it, it is a bit grubby in places from usage, but it does not affect it's functionality. I would prefer collection from Lewisham-Deptford area in London and price is negotiable, but no silly offers, even with all it's issues it still is miles above in regards to protection and durability any gig bag you would find at the £40 price mark. You can find more details on it here: https://www.protectionracket.com/products/item/bass-guitar-case-std
  4. Chord foldable 5 way guitar stand, used, the blue padding can be taken off, only added to make it a little snug on the necks as i only used it for electric guitars. It has some scratches(pictures and on the back) from the a bungee chord i put on to keep my guitars properly in place(i have a cat). There are no scratches to the padding or anything like that, on ebay they retail for about 20-30 quid. Item is exactly this one. So full specs and more photos in the link. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015E6SO5W/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_w4TvDbCKZD94Z Collection or local meetup only
  5. Hey guys, so up for sale is another one of my basses, this one is a very old Godman(?) electro acoustic bass, it's in a bit of a state, i got it in far worse state tbh, cleaned it up and had an attempt to make it a fretless, only to realize i am not great at this, also never got round to learning so i just left it like that. I think the fretboard is rosewood, i don;t know what strings those are on it, it was very long ago and they might be electric bass strings. So with the exception of the frets being taken off, the neck is, obviously, a little bent because of the lack of frets, also it was way more bent when i got it, managed to straighten it a bit. Initially i think who had it first either spilled something on itor tried to clean it and it was quite tarnished, so i cleaned it up a bit and also sanded off the godman logo on the headstock, so looks like a no-name. The piezo under the bridge only works for 2 of 4 strings, if i remember correctly it's for the top 2, someone recommended i shove something under the piezo for those 2 strings that don;t work and the pressure would help, never tried it, but the preamp works otherwise. I think i might have a gig bag for it, but i don;t think it's usable, or it might just be it's for an acoustic guitar. so comes as is, for £15 you do get a semi usable acoustic bass, if you have the time to put into this you might actually make it usable. Basically it's taking up space, i'm not using it and i think someone else could benefit from this, even if you just fix it and give it to charity, still a good idea, i just don't have the time to do that. I have a few snaps of this
  6. Bas just bought a Spector off me and i he's a top guy, came and collected as agreed, chatted low end and GAS as we all do, as well as gave me a few really helpful tips. Will definitely keep in touch with him as i am sure we will do more business in the future. @Al Krow I hope you play that bass to the extent it deserves as in my possession it was kind'of gathering dust and it was a pity.
  7. So up for sale is my black Warwick RockBass Streamer 5 fretless with Glockenklang 2 band active/passive preamp The bass has an ebony fretboard, quite beautiful tbh, plays really well, and is not too heavy, with the exception of the mark on the fretboard, which does not influence playing, and can barely be seen it plays really well. I don’t have the original “preamp” as it was rubbish, the Glockenglang pushes the pickups a little more, Glock is 2 band preamp, with active/passive volume, also has a Switchcraft barrell jack socket. The bass was bought as a B-stock from Gak a couple of years ago hence the bumps, I have since also changed the dreaded cheap Warwick tuning pegs, which i still have as spares should you want them as well, and put in some black Wilkinsons which are actually much better, and more accurate, also it stays in tune quite well. There is a crack showed in the pictures which is a surface/finish crack, I have taken out the pickups to see how deep it goes, and it’s really only a crack in the finish, that was probably caused by the chip on the bottom The strings on it are Rotosound Flats, I’ve had them for a while but not really used them much, the bass initially came with roundwound strings from warwick which is what caused the signs on the fretboard, I took them off after 1 hour…horrible strings. Also has Schaller Straplocks installed, and comes with a very tatty Warwick gigbag. Selling as realized i don't use it at all, and someone else could make better use of it, also have my eyes on something different so at the moment it's for sale only. £250 OVNO Collection or meet-up only in South East London(Greenwich-Deptford area) or Central London(London Bridge-Farringdon)
  8. hey dude, it's pretty cool what you did there, i personally think that the tone could have a little more definition, add some compression and work the mids but other than that, 👍
  9. Spector Legend Custom 5 Bubinga neck through 5 string Korean Spector, has a pair of EMG HZ and the EMG B30 3 band preamp. Currently the hardware installed is a mixture of black and gold, black bridge and pot covers with gold keys, I also have the spare gold bridge and gold pot covers. The bass sounds beautifully, very clean and punchy, with the exception of some minor imperfections on the back of the neck, which you can barely feel, and would come out if they were buffed, and some lines(also pictured) just before the fretboard starts on the body, which, again, can not even be seen, it is in very good condition. Action is a bit high but that’s how I keep it on all my basses. It has had one professional setup done when I got it and I was told that the truss rod is untouched. I’ve had it for about a year and a half Only selling as it is quite heavy and I am thinning the heard. It will come with a very used Protection Racket soft case, it’s still very usable but I just use a case for my main bass and this just gathers dust, like the Spector. Strings are Rotosound Swing Bass RS665LD, can’t remember the gauge, but most likely 125 Currently has Schaller Straplocks installed but I can install original strap buttons on it, should you want that. £450 OVNO Collection or meet-up only in South East London(Greenwich-Deptford area) or Central London(London Bridge-Farringdon) Weight is at about 4.6 KG and i'm not really interested in trades, but try me out, i only play 5 string, so keep that in mind
  10. That Hoffnine looks sexy a.f.! GLWTS!
  11. mate that is a bargain, way way cheaper than what you can find anywhere, i have one and love it, very versatile preamp and DI, GLWTS!
  12. Considering it's a custom bass, i assume, someone has requested this, and if so, is that someone a more tasteless metal version of Gene Simmons? Also in regards to the same assumption, why would anyone request this? ever, i can see how some BC RIch basses or weird shaped basses appear, but they at least retain a decent shape, that does not look like the cut down the thickest sequoia ever to make an ugly uncomfortable to hold stringed thing that i cannot call a bass.
  13. i think their internet explorer got stuck when they dragged the image and they were like: "Are you sure this is what you want, flipit, let's do this, whatever....it's metal" :)) https://www.ebay.com/itm/ESP-ILLUSION-BASS-Custom-Order-Model/183598968648?_trkparms=aid%3D777003%26algo%3DDISCL.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131223091518%26meid%3Dd443aded85e54a6f9c685cc828e82ce7%26pid%3D100013%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D7%26sd%3D292904880000%26itm%3D183598968648&_trksid=p2047675.c100013.m1986
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