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  1. That is a nice looking pedalboard I am still loving the stomp, have started using some Ampeg IR's and i am digging the tone. Badically just like the SA, set it and leave it
  2. Thanks Paul, much appreciated mate! Hope the Sansamp is working well for you.
  3. Well, this was a rollercoaster of a read, i think somewhere some words got lost in translation, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, and considering this is a forum where people share interests, likes and dislikes, i think it is very ok for someone like OP to post something like this and say he didn't like it to see if there are others(like him) who share that opinion or others(videos) that are either better or worse, and expect a debate, or discussion on this. Again he did say it's his opinion, not the general consensus, as most things that have not been scientifically proven are(just someone's opinion). I, like many of you, have been playing bass for a while and not all of my youtube or and especially TV appearances were that good, i know it, and most people know it, but hey, also my music isn;t what everybody would call commercial or easy listen, or even music, so yeah, such is life in this era, the internet allows us to make public way too many things that, by others' standards, or even our own at one time or another, should not be made public. Anyway, in regards to the initial post, I personally think it was a very interesting idea but not necessarily with the best execution, but could i have done it better? Definitely not! Also Happy Birthday Mickey, to many more low end filled years!
  4. Hahahaha MB1 thanks mate, i'm telling you, there's some mighty tasty chips in Lewisham. I'll through in a homemade portion as well if you come and collect, obviously with social distancing and all that. 🍟🍟🍟
  5. So i'm clearing up some of my unused gear and up for grabs is my trusty TC Electronic BC212 Cab with Roqsolid cover(not pictured), in fully working condition. 250 W, 8 ohm, 2x12 inch speakers, it's punchy, it's bassy, does the job perfectly for small and medium gigs alike, or even for your own lock-up/practice sessions, never had an issue with it, and it has done a very good job making bass great again when i needded it, and i play in some really loud aggressive vocal instrumental outfits Not used much for gigging, currently just gathering dust and taking up space in my tiny flat .It's about 18-19kg, it has been used but not visually displeasing, check photos for scratches and such. Price is negotiable, so hit me with your best offers, not looking for trades, the only one i would consider is a TC RS112, mainly because it's small and i can use it at home for practising. The Roqsolid cover is black with green. *currently don't have an amp at home, will bring one later this week, if anyone wants to try it, i probably could do it after Saturday the 31st of October. I would prefer collection from either my building or around the Lewisham station area. Any questions hit me up.
  6. At the moment it seems to be 20mm, but it's adjustable higher or smaller, as warwick 3d bridge is almost fully adjustable. Cheers Alin
  7. Hi Dan, thank you, it is indeed, i just took it out of the case now to weigh it, and was just saying the same thing, honestly in any light, that red flamed maple just pops nicely. It is tuned ADGCF and on my bathroom scale it weighs around the 4.7kg-4.8kg mark, currently it is the heaviest beast i have.
  8. Thanks @Al Krow, it just depends if i can absorb the expense of my newest addition in the coming month/s before this sells but honestly it's not something i'm letting go without replacing with an equal caliber beast.
  9. Yup, it is the broad neck version, even though the specs on the warwick website don't say that.
  10. With a heavy heart i'm putting my 2001 Warwick SS1 5 string up for sale. When I got it 3 years ago it was in a dire situation in its original "finish", it was all scratched up and the previous owner just kept waxing without cleaning, so a lot of grime had built up, one of the original saddles was lost and had been replaced with a smaller one, and the jack plug only worked continuously in passive mode, active was interrupted. So i replaced the whole bridge, will provide the old one for parts, i think i still have the original knobs it came with but they were just a little more tarnished and had lost their shine. When i bought the bridge and measured everything I realized this is actually the broad neck version and not the normal one, i only had a rockbass to compare it to, and that's not a fair comparison. 2 years ago i had it professionally refinished by one of the Crimson Guitars tutors. It is now in a lovely semi satin finish, and a nice red which i think actually enhances the flamed maple, we managed to cover and clean most of the scratches but some can still be seen. I have also installed recessed Dunlop straplocks but i can provide the original ones should anyone endeavour to install them back, i am not very skilled in woodwork and didn't want to screw it up.(get it?!) The preamp and pickups are original, preamp is 3 band active/passive and honestly the tone out of it is unbelievable. The neck is beautiful, a little on the thicc side, but feels very comfortable and compliments the looks and sound of the bass. Only selling as the addition of a new bass will basically mean this will not be used at all anymore. Original specs as per warwick serial no. G 085969-01 2001 Streamer Stage 1 5 string Flamed maple AA body Flamed maple neck Natural oil finish(not any more) Gold hardware And i think the fretboard is Wenge but it's not mentioned on the specs. It has been my main war horse for the past 2 years so it has a few newer scars, all can be seen in the photos. I keep my action pretty high as i play in A tuning. It could do with a clean and maybe a setup. Strings are fairly recent D'Daddario nickels 135 and lower. Any questions let me know, not interested in trades, unless it's a 5 string fanned fret/headless/both. Offers welcome as price is not fixed. I prefer collection only from Lewisham, London or around the South East London area. Will come with a Hiscox Liteflite HSC. Price drop: £1400 ONO
  11. So I'm giving away my Gator Transit bass gig bag in black/grey as the stitching has come undone by the handle and as i use public transport and have got a Mono gig bag now, this is just gathering dust. Giving it away to whomever wants it for either storing their bass or carrying it for short distances, or who knows, maybe if you have the right skills or tools you can fix it, i, however, am not that handy. Check the photos for details. Collection only from South East London, Lewisham area.
  12. Just bought a gigbag from Dave, product as described, great communication and great guy overall, we ended up "basschat"ing for about half hour in the cold, would've stayed longer if we weren't on lunch break Highly recommend and hopefully will do more deals with him in the future
  13. Hey all, Not selling this anymore as it is unusable at this point, the material has come undone in quite a few places. Had this bag since August, have used it roughly 10-15 times, the material has come undone just by the handle, it isn't affecting the way it functions at all, full protection of the guitar, also no problems with the backstraps at all, and they are very comfy, which is one of the main attractions and uses for this type of gig bag. I paid just £80 quid for it, willing to sell for £35 ONO Selling as i think this type of gig bag is not for me, i had a Protection Racket for many years before this, only sold it because it was too bulky, but as i am gigging more actively, my hard case is best for protection, and as a backup i'm looking at getting something between this and a Protection Racket, but cheaper Pickup only, i can meetup almost anywhere in Central London, or in Lewisham. Any questions please fire away, Thanks for looking
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