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  1. Just bought a gigbag from Dave, product as described, great communication and great guy overall, we ended up "basschat"ing for about half hour in the cold, would've stayed longer if we weren't on lunch break Highly recommend and hopefully will do more deals with him in the future
  2. Hey all, Not selling this anymore as it is unusable at this point, the material has come undone in quite a few places. Had this bag since August, have used it roughly 10-15 times, the material has come undone just by the handle, it isn't affecting the way it functions at all, full protection of the guitar, also no problems with the backstraps at all, and they are very comfy, which is one of the main attractions and uses for this type of gig bag. I paid just £80 quid for it, willing to sell for £35 ONO Selling as i think this type of gig bag is not for me, i had a Protection Racket for many years before this, only sold it because it was too bulky, but as i am gigging more actively, my hard case is best for protection, and as a backup i'm looking at getting something between this and a Protection Racket, but cheaper Pickup only, i can meetup almost anywhere in Central London, or in Lewisham. Any questions please fire away, Thanks for looking
  3. Has anyone tried these before? https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Fame-Soft-Case-Urban-Electric-Bass-/art-BAS0010065-000 I am seriously tempted as my latest endeavor in the softcase realm was unsatisfactory with quite a name brand, so now i'm looking at something cheaper of equal or better quality. Problem is the DV247 shop is in Romford and haven't heard many people talk about these, everyone still suggests Gator, Mono, or Fusion, the latter 2 i cannot justify paying that much money. Is it comparable to the Gator Transit? From the photos it looks like a mix of the Transit with the Protection racket, both of which i had and 1 was too bulky(but protection was equal to a moulded hard case) and the second i still have and am unhappy with. Would love to hear some opinions reviews if anyone has experience with these.
  4. I'm playing on a multiscale SR this weekend, always hated the normal SR neck, i found the slim neck not necessarily a problem, but the string spacing, a big issue, hence why i played BTB's and now Broad Neck Warwicks
  5. That's what i'm thinking as well, it might just be one model only, like they did with the single cut. The mono rails are cool, i had them in my prestige Ibanez BTB and loved them from a functional standpoint, cleaning and polishing was an entirely different thing. Honestly I think Gibson will probably jump on the fanned fret band wagon when frets and strings will be obsolete, (when we're all playing theremin type basses), or something similar to what you mentioned, add a 7kg body to that and the robotuners and we have....an "instrument" that nobody wants to buy for the price of a flat in London. Gibson custom shop be like: "Come at me bruh!, what're you talking about, we've already done the headless SG" Gibson bashing aside, i hope Warwick brings a couple more models on board.
  6. There are very few basses that retain that piano clarity that cost under £2K but I am sure it will sound good regardless, also Warwick always had a little more bite to their sound, and they were never a classic sounding bass company. In regards to the design, i've always had a love hate relationship with the Corvette body, i love the Streamer, Thumb and Dolphin body shapes though. I think if they did a Streamer double buck fanned fret 5 string, i would dip into that credit card faster than you can say...sh*t i'm in debt again Again i am curious why only Corvette announced, and why only Rockbass, and another interesting choice are the individual saddles a la Ibanez BTB compared to their iconic 2 piece bridge. All the questions, none of the answers 😄
  7. Has anyone seen this? https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2020/01/10/warwick-announces-rockbass-corvette-multi-scale-five-string-bass/ I'm curious to try one out, also i would love to see some German built fanned fret ones, especially in the Streamer or Thumb model, even though i assume the prices will rival the Dingwalls. While the scale extension doesn't seem to be that big, only 1.5 inch, it makes a difference in other real life situations, but will it enhance that B string Warwick growl we all look like? What do you guys think?
  8. Sounds...like an Orange nothing much has changed, just a smaller size with more control over compression, would be interested in trying it. it'll be available shortly on Thomann for around £550.Also @JPJ I totally agree.
  9. That is some nice wood there. If i didn't have 2 left feet instead of hands i would get this...
  10. Updated, pp2, little bear and noise killer sold. everything else is back up for grabs
  11. Just got a wee Rockboard from Paul, lovely guy, very patient. everything went smoothly. Cannot recommend him enough. All the best Alin
  12. Paul bought a pedal off me, we had great communication and all that, overall great guy! Cheers Alin
  13. Hi, based in Lewisham, right by the station. What pedal tickles your fancy
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