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  1. Bump on this - still up for trades or part-Ex's - re: part-ex Could add some cash on top if your bass is a higher price e.g something on the following list - Moollon J or P - Vintage Ray or a six string TRB eg JP1 or TRB6p etc Hit me up ...who knows? Cheers, Nick
  2. Bumpity bump - any Stingray Classics out there looking for swaps? Or Geddy J basses? AVRI J or perhaps P basses?
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  4. Cheers all. It's a fabulous instrument and totally brings out the teenage thumb merchant in me (where's my sticky tape?)
  5. Hi all. Looking to trade my made in Japan VGC 1987 Yamaha BB3000A for a very specific list (see below). It's light around 9lbs, beautifully balanced and unmodded. It has a great condition starry night black finish that looks gorgeous, ebony board, MOP inlays. It's a top of the line late 80s beauty and has the BB3000 range skinny neck and great frets. - neck through construction maple neck with ebony board - gold hardware - original 2 band active EQ (vol/bal/bass/treb) - alder body - starry night finish - OHSC Would prefer a localish pickup/handover... Trade thoughts! - Stingray Classic, preferably with a maple fretboard - Fender AVRI 70s J bass, USA Geddy Lee - Fender AVRI P basses Cheers! PICS! VID!
  6. I would go for a Stingray classic with a maple board (as long as it's not a heavy one). Just a dream live and they sound incredible in the studio with old round wounds. Just the right amount of edge and endless thump. They tend to go for between 1 and 1.3K so you'll have change. I honestly don't think I would spend any more for a different model even if I could. I've used standard US Stingrays in the past and not got on with them. The three band version was always a struggle against 'clickiness'. 2 band preamps are my preferred option but I just find the necks feel uncomfortable. The classic neck (with the 7.25 inch radius) sits in the hand beautifully.
  7. Oooooohhh - next bass purchase will be a classic Ray. I miss my old white one SO MUCH...
  8. I love Victor Bailey. Pure musicality...
  9. Macprovideo courses are good in my experience. Some very good tutors and very well put together. Loads and loads of Logic and Ableton deep dive stuff in there.
  10. Ah I miss my XL2 transitional - these are thunderous basses with just a glorious feel and sound.
  11. When I'm in the lulls with my band, I dive into the world of Ableton Live and virtual modular stuff like VCV rack/Voltage Modular. Endless fun and very good for the synapses. Fantastic writing tools too.
  12. Ohhhh nice! Very Chic. One of my favourite basses. Thumpy GLWTS...
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