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  1. Ron Mathewson upright basses - where are they? I am seeking information following Ron's death on 3rd December 2020. Any lead appreciated. Tim Pharoah
  2. Ron Mathewson (d December 2020) Does anyone have information as to what happened to the upright basses owned by the late and (very) great jazz player Ron Mathewson? He owned a German and a Gand. Would be grateful for any leads I could follow up. Thanks, Tim
  3. Hello bass community, I'm new here, I play jazz, and have done since the mid 1960s, all styles. For the past 20 years mostly big bands in London. Pre Covid I was a regular member of 4 London based 16 piece bands, and an occasional player with 2 other bands. I'm missing it all terribly. I play a mid-19th century German 3/4 flat back (originally a 3 string). Not great, but does the job. Even better since care and attention at Laurence Dixon's Bass Place (Sam Wells did the job). I bought it for £12 in 1963! Amplified via full circle bridge pick-up and a Polytone amp. Looking forward to live gigs again... Tim
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